How to Beat the Freshmen Fifteen

We’ve all heard the horror stories of the famed “Freshman Fifteen.” It’s the tale of too much late-night pizza or dining hall goodness, too much time cramming and stressing over that history final and not enough time spent in the gym.

How to Beat the Freshman Fifteen

So how can you escape this seemingly unavoidable pitfall? All it takes is a little bit of planning, a few fun, new gadgets (all available at Bed Bath & Beyond) and a focus on these four areas of your life:


eating freshman 15

Oster MyBlend Blender

Make breakfast in your room with a personal sized blender like this Oster MyBlend Blender. Pick up frozen fruit, bananas, spinach and orange juice at the grocery store and pack your smoothies with protein powder for a delicious, healthy jumpstart to your morning.

Splurge on healthy snacks at the grocery store or you’ll be spending all that cash on a midnight run to Taco Bell. Pick up some Chip Clips to keep your bags of snacks fresh and help them last longer.

Eat your veggies

Eat your veggies—at least one serving at each meal. A well-rounded diet made up of more than just Ramen or Easy Mac will help you in the long run.

drink water

Drink water. Staying hydrated throughout the day will keep you alert, keep your body cool and cleanse your body inside and out. Pick up a Tervis Tumbler  to keep your water cold all day long.



Make sleep a priority. As much as it depends on you, try to create some kind of nighttime rhythm or routine. Wash your face, brush your teeth, drink a glass of water and start unwinding.

BBB Bedding

Comfortable bedding can make a huge difference in the way you sleep. A Memory Foam Topper  can make your bed a haven to come back to every night and you’ll be excited to get to sleep!

sound machine

There will be nights when your routine seems impossible. There’s a raging dance party down the hall or a video game competition happening right next door. Invest in a sound machine  that will train your body that  it’s time to fall asleep, no matter how loud or distracting it is.


With this Oscillating Fan you get two benefits in one product: drowning out the noise around you and keeping you cool through the night. Pick up a tower one like this and enjoy a restful night’s sleep

alarm clock

Try to limit your screen time before bed. Buy an alarm clock and charge your phone on the other end of your room. Change your settings to “do not disturb” at night so you won’t wake up from that 1am group text the night before your big presentation.



The key to success in exercise in college is to keep it simple. You don’t have to have a complicated or long fitness regimen to be effective. Keep your room stocked with a pair of 5 lb. weights  and a yoga mat and you’ll be prepared for a set of crunches before bed.

Kill two birds with one stone and go to the gym to clear some headspace. After all, the gym is usually included in your tuition price so take advantage of it! Save the studying for later and plug your wireless ear buds into your favorite Spotify playlist or podcast and decompress for 30 minutes on the elliptical.


If the gym isn’t for you, find a YouTube exercise channel you like for the cold days you don’t feel like huffing it across campus to the gym. Blogilates  and PopSugar Fitness are two of my favorites.

Walk to class instead of grabbing a ride or fighting for a parking spot before your 8am Biology lecture.

Take a hike. Find a nature preserve or state park near campus. It’s the perfect spot to breathe in some fresh air and get away from the stresses of school for a while and—bonus—it’s free!


oil diffuser

Create a calming environment in your room. Living with another person may make this more of a challenge, but lay the groundwork from the beginning. Have set cleaning days or promise to make your beds every morning. At the very least, make sure your room smells good. Since most dorms don’t allow candles, an easy hack is investing in an essential oil diffuser

Even the most extreme extroverts need some alone time. Find a quiet place on or near campus where you can get away if you need to. Search out a big shady tree, a less crowded corner of the library or a local coffee shop.

wall calendar

Feeling a little bit of syllabus shock after that first week of classes? Get organized with a planner or wall calendar . List out all your due dates and assignments for the entire semester and then get to work! Remember: everything seems impossible until it’s done.


Get your thoughts out in a journal. Not every problem or predicament you face will be solved instantly. You’ll need a healthy and safe space to process it all. If you’re agonizing over a decision, write out a pro/con list. If you’re struggling with homesickness, write your feelings out. If you’re anxious or nervous for a test, start the day by listing five things you’re thankful for.

Self-care is a huge part of beating the Freshman Fifteen

Self-care is a huge part of beating the Freshman Fifteen. So, in the midst of studying, making new friends and cheering wildly at the first home football game, don’t forget to make time for you. It’s the best investment you’ll make in college!

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