Unique Wedding Registry Items from Food52

Featuring unique, handmade and artisanal home goods, the Shop at Food52 is a wedding registry gold mine!

Have you ever found yourself mid-task thinking, there has got to be a better/more fun/easier way to do this? If your answer was yes, I want you to know that you, my friend, are not alone! When you’re planning your registry, think about those tasks or items you’d change if you could, then visit the Shop at Food52. When I tell you they’ve got the perfect tool for every task, I really mean it. There is something for everything you have ever thought about—a solution to any problem in the world—right there in that online store.

Specializing in handmade, artisanal everyday items—some more obscure than others—Food52’s shop features one-of-a-kind gifts you’ll love for years to come. They even have a handy registry creation tool so you can get started as soon as you find something you can’t live without! It’s at once brilliant and intimidating, and completely fascinating. That’s why I combed through the entire shop to share their must-haves, from the shop’s greatest hits to their best hidden gems—so you don’t have to!

Without further ado, get ready to register, because the items you’re about to see are everything you never knew you needed.

Everyday Upgrades

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: register for items you already own, just better versions of them. Every product below is unique to Food52, so you won’t find them anywhere else!

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Salt Cellar
A handmade salt cellar that won’t upstage your decor is just the registry item you didn’t know you needed!

Salt Cellar

If you don’t already own a salt cellar, you’re losing out on so much kitchen convenience. If you do, I’d venture to bet it’s not as cute as this one from Food52. This simple stone design won’t compete with your existing setup, and the open mouth makes it easy to grab a tiny pinch or a hefty scoop.

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Steak Knives
Feast like a Frenchman when you register for Laiton Steak Knives.

Steak Knives

If you’re going to eat a steak, use the right knives. If you’re going to register for steak knives, make them French. Made in France by Laiton, this unique handmade set comes neatly packed in a convenient storage box. From the wood and brass handle to the serrated state-of-the-art blade, these knives will never do you (or your steak) wrong.

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Ultimate BBQ Set
Master every meat with a complete set of tools that’ll have you in the professional leagues before you know it!

Ultimate BBQ Set

Considering everything you get in this high-quality BBQ kit, it’s one of the best values you’ll find in the Food52 shop—it has everything you could possibly need, even if you’re a seasoned griller. The six-piece collection includes everything you see here (yeah, that’s a marinade injector), so if you add it to your registry, plan on wearing the official pit master name with pride.

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Handcrafted Wood Bowls
Serve your dinner guests with understated yet luxurious handcrafted wood bowls.

Handcrafted Wood Bowls

I love that these handmade bowls are at once rustic as they are versatile. Their smooth finishes and neutral color options complement just about any dining set, and with plenty of sizes to choose from, you can upgrade your entire presentation from dips to salads.

Your next cheese board will put your favorite restaurant’s display to shame with this complete set from Food52.

Cheese Board Set

For those of you still using a cutting board as a cheese board (myself included), it’s time to upgrade. You can finally build the charcuterie board of your dreams with this handy all-in-one kit from Food52’s shop, which includes the slate board, a hand-carved serving knife and a soapstone pencil to fill all your guests in on those exotic cheeses you picked up at the farmers market.

Set the Vibe to Imbibe

Hosting at-home happy hour is one of life’s greatest pleasures. So is stocking your house with the right tools to get it started.

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Monogram Leather Coasters
There’s always a drink with your name on it when you register for monogrammed coasters!

Monogram Leather Coasters

Put your new initials to work on these elegant but unfussy monogrammed leather coasters and make a gorgeous statement with any drink. The long-lasting Florida-made goods will age just as nicely as your Scotch, picking up flecks of coloration over time.

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Wedding Wine Box
Register for a wedding wine box and you’ll set yourself up for proper anniversary cheers for years to come!

Wedding Wine Box

There’s something romantic about having a bottle of wine tucked away for a special occasion years down the road. With this personalized wedding wine box, you’ve got three celebrations to look forward to long after you’ve said your I do’s. Cheers to built-in date nights that remind you of your special day!

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Collapsible Wine Rack
When it comes to finding the perfect wine rack for your registry, less is more—think sleek and collapsible.

Collapsible Wine Rack

If you’ve got a wine at the ready for any dinner party, it’s time to give those bottles the proper showcase. This sturdy, modern countertop-friendly wine rack isn’t just collapsible—it’s versatile! When you’re not using it to hold up to three bottles of your current favorites, put your kitchen literature on display or disassemble it and store it flat just about anywhere.

Fearless Foodies

If you fancy yourself an adventurous home cook, you’ll be able to picture yourself using just about all of these next items—you’ve been warned!

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Pasta Machine & Drying Rack
Arrivederci, Italian takeout! Register for an at-home Pasta Machine & Drying rack from Food52—that’s amore!

Pasta Machine & Drying Rack

When the wedding’s over, it’s time for pasta! What better way to enjoy homemade noodles than by making them completely from scratch? This handy pasta machine is as traditional as it gets, equipped with a hand crank and attachments for any shape you’re craving. Complete with a bamboo drying rack, this kit makes pasta making a breeze.

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | 1pt Liquor Infusion Set
You don’t have to be a professional to create your own personal liquor infusion when you register for a DIY Infusion Set.

1pt Liquor Infusion Set

It’s important to keep a well-stocked home bar, and there’s no better way to set yourself up than with a homemade liquor infusion that sets you up for the perfect cocktail. Put on your best stand-in for a lab coat, register for this 1pt Liquor Infusion Set and you’ll have everything you need for a totally custom spirit!

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | DIY Grow Your Own Mushroom Log
Channel your inner farmer and grow your own mushrooms with a DIY log from the Food52 shop.

DIY Grow Your Own Mushroom Log

Anyone can buy mushrooms, but how many people do you know who can say they grow their own? With this easy DIY Grow Your Own Mushroom Log, you’ll reap the benefits of your own harvest for two full years, not to mention a great conversation starter at every dinner party. Time to start recipe planning!

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Baking Steel
Register for a Baking Steel and you’ll have the only cooking surface you’ll ever need.

Baking Steel

Speaking from experience, a Baking Steel is one of the greatest gifts you could ever ask for. Designed to make a crispy crust whether you’re using it in the oven or on the grill, this flat slab of Massachusetts steel is any home cook’s secret weapon! Make everything from a perfect pizza to crispy fries, a full breakfast spread and more—the steel can do it all.

For Snackers & Sweets Lovers

When you snack, you snack hard on the best snacks. Give your taste buds the treats they deserve and upgrade your between-meals game for life with these next items from the Food52 shop.

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Layer Cake Slicing Kit
Making a layer cake will never be easier once you register for a slicing kit that takes all the wobbly measuring out of the equation.

Layer Cake Slicing Kit

Full disclosure: my jaw literally dropped when I saw this Layer Cake Slicing Kit. Just imagining all the possible combinations of fluffy cake layered with every filling imaginable had my head spinning in the most wonderful way, and I know you sweets-craving couples out there will find plenty to enjoy if you add this to your registry!

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Metal Popsicle Mold
You’re never too old for a popsicle, so why not upgrade to an adult version of a childhood favorite?

Metal Popsicle Mold

With every year of marriage comes a full season of summer—make sure you’re ready with chilled snacks in a pinch when you register for these gorgeous, grown-up Metal Popsicle Molds. It brings you back to childhood with that classic pop shape, but in a more controlled sort of way, since you can easily grab a cool treat and go without jumbling up the whole bunch.

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Cheese Vault
Once you store your refrigerated cheeses in a totally-necessary Cheese Vault, there’s no going back.

Cheese Vault

If your couple motto is “do it for the cheese” (or something similar), then this treasure box from the Food52 shop has your name on it! Equipped with a moveable divider, this contraption is specifically designed to keep your cheeses breathing easy—which means they last longer—so fresh fromage is never far from reach!

There aren’t many sounds more satisfying than the slow pop of stove-cooked popcorn from a Whirley Pop!

Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker

From movie nights in to soundtrack-studded road trips or an afternoon in the backyard, popcorn makes everything a little more magical. Add this Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker to your registry, and making the popcorn gets its own magic! Ready to go with two bags of non-GMO kernels, this trusty old school gadget works over the stove, grill or campfire so you’ll never go without!

For The Couple That Gets Invited Everywhere

There’s no shame in a jam-packed social calendar—just in showing up empty handed! Put your best guest foot forward with these no-fail entertainment enhancers.

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Table in a Bag
Picnic in a pinch? Register for the Table in a Bag from Food52!

Table in a Bag

Your next party trick? Transforming any old space into an elegant picnic spread! When I spotted this table, I knew it had to be on our list of must-haves because of its ease of setup. I mean, look at how quickly it’s put together, and how impossibly tiny of a size it collapses into! It’s practically begging to be added to your registry.

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Cocktail Tote Kit
Taking your cocktail making skills on the go? It’s in the (tote) bag!

Cocktail Tote Kit

On the go cocktails are as classic as they come when you pack all your go-tos in this neat Cocktail Tote Kit. There are small pockets and compartments for tools or small ingredients, and your spirits and other mix-ins are tucked away for happy hour anywhere. If you’re the go-to home bartender of your group, it’s time to register like you are!

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Nylon & Leather Travel Coolers
Add Nylon & Leather Travel Coolers to your wedding registry and you’ll be the coolest kid at the tailgate.

Nylon & Leather Travel Coolers

If you’ve ever participated in a beach picnic, backyard barbecue or even a parking lot tailgate, you know how helpful the proper cooler can be in the grand scheme of packing. These sturdy Nylon & Leather Travel Coolers take that idea to an entirely new level, made from durable water-resistant fabric and come in five different sizes to suit your social pursuits.

Unique Registry Items From Food52 | Recycled Bamboo Picnic Set
Bye-bye, paper plates—hello, bamboo! Bring a recycled retro vibe to your next picnic with this set from Food52.

Recycled Bamboo Picnic Set

Don’t you just feel happy looking at this retro-toned set? If you tend to find yourselves hosting outdoor gatherings more often than the average couple, it’s time to invest in a sturdy set of servingware. This Recycled Bamboo Picnic Set doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it’s solid enough to hold up against your heaviest potato salad and do it all over again next weekend. Register for this and say goodbye to paper plates forever!

Now that you’ve seen the highlights, it’s time to start your Food52 and make the wish list of your dreams! Don’t forget to check out the fun GIFs that show the products in action—it helps to wrap your head around some of the more confusing contraptions!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. We may be compensated if you make a purchase by clicking on one of the links. Thanks for your support!

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