How to Be the Perfect Mother of the Bride (MOB) or Mother of the Groom (MOG)

June 20, 2023

Every wedding year comes with a classic list of “dos” and “don’ts,” and the Mother of the Bride (MOB) and Mother of the Groom (MOG) have their own, too. If you’re unsure how to handle the wedding year of your soon-to-be-wed son or daughter, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We’ve even tapped our resident wedding […]

Bridal Shower Etiquette for All Involved

March 8, 2022

As with all things “wedding year,” throwing a bridal shower comes with certain rules of etiquette—and we don’t just mean for the host. Whether you’re the host, a guest, or even the bride herself, follow the rules below to find out what you should and should not do. Bridal Shower Etiquette for the Bride It’s […]

10 Expert Tips for Hosting Your First Baby Shower

August 12, 2021

If you’re a 30-something year-old like me, you’re probably very familiar with the wedding circuit. There’s at least one bridal shower, a bachelorette weekend, sometimes a lingerie shower, and of course, the wedding weekend itself. But if you think you’re done celebrating the couple after the wedding, think again. As the old adage goes: First […]

How to Give the Perfect Wedding Gift

November 5, 2019

So, you’re invited to a wedding and you need to bring a gift. Don’t sweat! Giving a wedding gift can be both easy and inexpensive. Here are some sure-fire ways to give a gift the couple will love: Pick one off the registry. Most couples do a gift registry prior to their wedding, where they […]

How to Be the Perfect Destination Wedding Guest

October 1, 2019

Your friend is getting married, and he or she has decided to have a destination wedding somewhere fabulous. That’s great! But in your mind, you know that comes with an added to-do list just to attend. If you’ve never been to a destination wedding before, get excited. (They are lots of fun!) But if you […]

How to Be the Perfect Wedding Guest

September 3, 2019

Attending a wedding comes with its fair share of rules. (Don’t worry. They don’t get in the way of a good time!) From what to wear to who you can bring, there are plenty of questions to ask when you’ve been invited to a wedding. Read our guide below—we may just answer them for you. […]

Pros and Cons of Having Your Bridal Shower on Your Bachelorette Weekend

August 15, 2019

When it comes to planning a bachelorette weekend or a bridal shower, there are lots of things to consider. One of those things is the date! Can’t decide if you should have your bridal shower on your bachelorette weekend? We’re here to help—read below for the pros and cons of each. PROS  Your friends will […]

How to Be the Perfect Bridal Shower Hostess

July 16, 2019

Planning a bridal shower for one of your closest friends, relatives or coworkers can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Hosting a bridal shower, and wondering how it all works? Follow our tips below and you’ll be a pro in no time. Make sure everyone invited to the shower is also on the […]

How to Be the Perfect Bridesmaid or Groomsman

June 4, 2019

Being part of someone’s wedding is definitely an honor. But it’s also a big responsibility. Don’t know what to do when you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid or groomsmen? Follow our guide below and find out how to be the best one yet. As a general rule… Be a good friend: This might be […]

Top Honeymoon Destinations of 2019

April 4, 2019

Planning your honeymoon? How exciting! A honeymoon is easily one of the most memorable trips you’ll ever take. As exciting as it is, with so many enviable travel destinations in the world, it can be hard to decide where to go. If you need help narrowing down your options, browse our list of the top […]

A Step-by-Step Honeymoon Planning Guide

March 21, 2019

Planning a honeymoon can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Today, we’ve teamed up with our friends from Macy’s to bring you 8 simple steps for planning your dream honeymoon. Follow our guide below to know what to do. Step 1: Figure out what you want from your honeymoon. Obviously, newlyweds look to […]

U.S. Honeymoon Destinations You Might Not Expect

November 8, 2018

You’ve just gotten engaged, and now it’s time to plan the wedding of your dreams. And with that, comes an exciting trip for you and your new bride or groom to plan: a honeymoon! From the Caribbean and Bora Bora to a romantic adventure in the Italian countryside, the world is filled with far-off destinations […]

– The Maid of Honor Knows – Bridal Shower Themes That Are Actually Fun

August 7, 2018

Planning a bridal shower should be as easy as possible. One way to make it easier? Come up with a theme to help give the décor, food, drinks, favors, and invitations some direction. That said, with so many themes to choose from (some of which are so overdone), picking one that’s just right for your […]

Honeymoon Destinations You’ll Fall in Love with This Fall

August 2, 2018

Trying to plan a fall honeymoon? Consider one of our top fall destinations below. They’re sure to make you fall deeper in love with each other… and where you are. Vermont Few places scream “fall” like the Green Mountains. Go during September, October and November, and you’re likely to see the foliage painted in glowing […]

– Travel with Kids, Part 2 – How to Fly with a Newborn and Live to Tell the Tale

June 28, 2018

This post is part 2 of a new summer series here at RegistryFinder: Travel with Kids. We’re covering all the necessary details (and realness) of hitting the road, flying the skies, and conquering the theme parks. Today we tackle flying with a newborn! For some people, flying can be stressful. And when you add a […]

Fact or Fiction? The Wedding Plus One Debate

May 2, 2018

Ask any bride and groom and they’ll tell you—making the guest list is the hardest part of planning a wedding. Between rising wedding costs, venue space restrictions and trying to plan a small wedding (if that’s what you’re into), there are so many factors that go into deciding the exclusive list of wedding invitees. And […]

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