5 Things Your Wedding Guests Wish You Knew

May 16, 2024

If you’re engaged and in the thick of wedding planning, chances are you’ve experienced some decision fatigue: between flowers, food options, vendors, and venues, the choices can quickly become overwhelming. But what if I told you that to your guests, there are only a few things that really matter? That after you drive off to […]

12 Travel Accessories Your Wedding Registry Needs

April 2, 2024

Traveling is fun…once you arrive at your destination. But as far as I’m concerned, getting from point A to point B is an uncomfortable situation that I just try to get through the best I can. That means having all the right travel accessories to make the trip go by with less stress. Clearly, you […]

5 Things We Love from Brock Purdy’s Wedding Registry

March 13, 2024

We’re still swooning over Super Bowl quarterback Brock Purdy and Jenna Brandt’s wedding–from the stunning florals to the bride’s show-stopping gowns (she wore two!), every detail of their big day is fairytale-worthy! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jenna Purdy (@jennapurdyy) And thanks to their Crate & Barrel registry, we have an […]

Wedding Registry Gifts that Will Excite Your Groom

March 12, 2024

Looking for some outside-the-box wedding gift ideas? Discover our top registry picks that grooms love. If you plan on getting married without involving your future husband in the registry decisions, you’re making a big mistake. While it’s easy to assume that most grooms aren’t interested in the task of building out a wedding gift wish […]

12 Things You Might Not Think Of Adding to Your Wedding Gift Registry

February 27, 2024

Once upon a time, wedding registries were limited to items for the home– a necessary starting point for many couples today (here’s our handy wedding registry checklist if you need one). But those registry limits no longer exist! Forget any “rules” you may have heard about what you should or shouldn’t be adding to your […]

Top Bathroom & Kitchen Products for Getting (and Staying) Organized

February 20, 2024

Getting organized can feel overwhelming: from those ingredients you bought for that one recipe to those nail polish colors you haven’t used in years, it’s incredible how quickly our kitchen pantries and bathroom shelves can spiral out of control. If you’ve been itching to tidy up, you’re in luck: we’re sharing our favorite bathroom and […]

12 Wedding Registry Dos and Don’ts

February 6, 2024

When you’re planning a wedding, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Here are some tips for building a stress-free wedding registry. If you’re getting married for the first time, there’s a good chance you don’t know much about building your wedding registry — aside from the fact that you get a personal scanner to […]

10 Perfect Items for Your Healthy Wedding Gift Registry

January 30, 2024

“Living a healthy lifestyle is not an extreme “all or nothing” approach. It’s about making small, little changes that over time, will all add up.”  –Karalynne Call, Certified Nutritionist When it comes to life changes, there’s no bigger one than marriage. Not only are you beginning a new chapter of life with your partner–you also […]

The Best Places to Create Your Wedding Gift Registry

January 2, 2024

Congrats on your recent engagement! Now, the fun really begins as you start planning your wedding- and that includes creating your wedding gift registries. Registering can be so much fun but also overwhelming as there are so many choices to make. So, we’re here to help with these 3 easy steps: Feeling overwhelmed at all […]

Top Must-Haves for Holiday Entertaining

October 10, 2023

When my husband proposed to me, he did so in the living room of our first home.  He had a small area decorated with balloons that spelled out “Welcome Home” and champagne for us to toast with afterward.  Since then, we have continued creating many beautiful memories together as a family in that exact home, […]

– Creating a Master Bedroom You Love – Building the Perfect Bed

October 5, 2023

Your day starts and ends in the same place every day: your bed. When it’s time to create your wedding registry, spend some time thinking about the look and feel you want for your new bedroom. Shopping for sheets and pillows and all the other bedding accessories can feel overwhelming: so many choices in a […]

Top 6 Wedding Gift Registry Splurges

September 7, 2023

Adding to your wedding gift registry? Be sure to include these splurges that will stand the test of time. Wedding registries can be surprisingly tricky. What should conceivably be a wish list for the new couple inevitably gets tangled with questions and concerns, asking for traditions, rules, and all the guidance available. While a handy […]

12 Tailgating Essentials for Your Wedding Registry

August 3, 2023

Tailgating is one of my favorite activities. Ever since being introduced to the concept at six years old, I’ve found any excuse available to open up the trunk and eat in the car with my feet swinging over the asphalt. There’s a lot at play during a tailgate. You’ve got the anticipation of the game […]

5 Tips for Creating Your Best Wedding Gift Registry

June 3, 2023

We partnered with our friends at Macy’s to bring you 5 helpful tips for setting up your wedding gift registry. Follow these steps to build a successful registry full of beautiful, practical housewares that both you and your fiancé love! One of my favorite parts of planning my wedding was setting up my gift registry. […]

I Registered at Bed Bath and Beyond (or BuyBuy Baby)… What Do I Do Now?

May 3, 2023

Updated 5/11/23 Creating a gift registry can be very time-consuming, between research and in-store appointments required to nail it all down. If you registered at Bed Bath & Beyond or buybuy BABY, you might feel a bit overwhelmed about what will happen with your registry account.  You may be asking yourself:  “Is my registry still […]

Wedding Gifts that Will Change Your Life

March 16, 2023

These gifts will prove their value over and over throughout the course of your marriage There are some wedding gifts that just end up standing out among the rest. These are what we call the life-changers. You may be wondering just how life-changing a wedding gift can be. As someone who owns a fair amount […]

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