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RegistryFinder.com is a gift registry locator designed to make it EASY for you to search by name to find gift registries online. We created this website to solve the slightly annoying problem of not knowing where someone you want to buy a gift for is registered.

How the site got started

The idea came about when our founder received a wedding invitation from her friend’s son. While wanting to send a gift, the couple lived in another state and she had no idea what they wanted or where they might be registered.

After researching stores in their area and checking the online gift registries at each of those stores, she finally found their gift registry, but thought, “There has to be an easier way!” She couldn’t believe there was no easy way to search online to find where someone is registered.

Knowing there were other busy people who could benefit from such a simple service, she decided to develop a website to fill that void.

Bride and groom wedding portrait
Love, Marriage, and the Baby Carriage: Who Gets Invited?

Here’s How it Works

Anytime you need to buy wedding gifts, bridal shower gifts, baby gifts, baby shower gifts, or a gift from any other type of gift registry, just visit our gift registry locator at RegistryFinder.com.

All you have to do is enter the recipient’s name and you will be directly linked to their gift registries. It’s that simple!

What started out as the ultimate wedding & baby registry search engine…

has grown to encompass just about everything that comes with life’s big moments.

Beyond helping you find out where someone is registered for their wedding, bridal shower, or any other milestone event, RegistryFinder.com is your one stop for all things gifting—and more!

Our stellar team of bloggers help take the guesswork out of your most popular concerns with original, unique, and curated ideas that you and your recipients will love.

When you choose RegistryFinder.com, you’re getting the best of what we have to offer!

When you start getting creative, there’s no shortage of beautiful minimony venues out there for you to choose from.

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Easily search for and find out where someone is registered

RegistryFinder.com makes a once-painful process unbelievably simple. Searching for a loved one’s wedding or baby registry is as easy as typing their name into our convenient search—you’ll be able to view every store and website they’ve registered at on a single page. Who knows what you’ll discover!

Get inspired with ideas for your own registry​

Nowadays, there is no one way to go when it comes to building your own gift registry, which can make the process a bit daunting at the onset. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of experience as mothers, wedding guests and brides ourselves, and we’re always on the lookout for the perfect items for any couple. From finding the most popular items at your favorite retailers to out-of-the-box ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Champagne Brunch Bridal Shower

Become the party host(ess) you always dreamed you could be

With life’s milestones and holidays come the associated celebrations. Make your next celebratory gathering a great one with our complete party planning guides for everything from a zodiac-themed bridal shower to a co-ed baby shower to breaking down a graduation party step by step. You’ll get the confidence that comes with being a truly prepared host, and the guest(s) of honor will feel so special.

Receive real tips and advice from real people—just Ask Cheryl, Ask a Real Bride or Ask a Real Mom!​

Taking the guesswork and confusion out of milestone celebrations is as easy. Our resident etiquette expert, Cheryl, has answered the most complicated conundrums. Check out her “Ask Cheryl” column to see if she’s covered your concerns, or submit your own inquiry! Our bloggers also pose questions to actual brides and moms to get their best advice in our “Ask a Real Bride” and “Ask a Real Mom” series.

Gain confidence in sending your graduate off to college​

It’s nearly impossible to feel completely content dropping your new college student off at their dorm, but RegistryFinder.com makes it possible to feel confident knowing they’re fully prepared for any dorm dilemma. We’ve compiled everything from essentials for any dormtips for better organization, and staying warm in the winter for students living in colder climates. You may not be ready to let go, but they’ll be ready for just about anything—and there’s peace of mind in knowing that!

Guarantee great gift giving​

No matter what or whom you’re celebrating, RegistryFinder.com is here for you! Find gifts for any occasion and age with total confidence using our handy gifting guides on the blog, or print out our convenient checklists for dorm must-haves, wedding to-dos, and everything in between.

Should You Have a Baby Shower for a Second or Even Third Child?

Conquer every task with ease and confidence with tips from our bloggers

Doing something you’ve never done can be fun—with the proper instruction! The RegistryFinder.com blog has a ton of posts that will guide you through any task like a pro. We get it, we’ve been there; from sharing your engagement on social media and having a stress-free wedding morning to planning your first baby shower and finding no-fail hostess gifts.​

Meet our Team

Cheryl Seidel - Founder & President, Etiquette Advisor

Cheryl Seidel

Founder & President, Etiquette Advisor

Cheryl is a happily married mom to two adult children and recently enjoyed being a mother-of-the-bride. Her background in product development and marketing led Cheryl to create RegistryFinder.com, a search engine for gift registries, in 2012. Long considered a gift-giving and gift etiquette expert, her firm belief is that gifting should be fun, easy, and stress-free! Readers regularly write to Cheryl about their etiquette questions and she answers them here on our blog. Got a question or need a tip? Get in touch here!

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Katie Barbar

Katie Barbar

Blogger & Customer Service Manager

Katie, with her amazing husband and 4 enthusiastic children, lives in the land of controlled chaos. While she might not know how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie-Roll center of a Tootsie-Pop, she does know the best thing to remove diaper paste from every inch of a child’s bedroom (and their younger brother). When she’s not carting kids to and from school, practice, or a game, Katie loves a delicious cup of coffee with a good book or preferably a great friend (which is a nice way of saying she locks herself in the bathroom for 45 seconds to guzzle down coffee she made two hours ago, in peace).

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Rebecca Haar

Blog Editor

Rebecca is mom to three young children and married to Jordan who she met on MySpace long before online dating became popular. She comes from a tight-knit Lebanese family who instilled in her a love of food, family, and celebrations. She loves to host a good party—whether it’s an intimate dinner party with a close group of friends or her annual Chili Cook-off or Easter Egg Hunt. She also enjoys cooking with her children (it’s messy!), relaxing at the beach, and hitting the barre.

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Rebecca Haar

Nicki Hayes

Brand Partnerships & Digital Marketing

Nicki is no stranger to the gifting world. Starting her career at GiftCertificates.com and Hayneedle, she also owned and operated an independent gift store, featuring invitations, greeting cards, and heartwarming gifts. Prior to working with RegistryFinder, she headed up digital programming and strategy for a variety of clients as vice president of Content & Performance Marketing for a digital marketing agency. Hailing from Denver, Nicki is married and the mom of two amazing kids. Together they enjoy the outdoor lifestyle Colorado offers.

Christina Peterson

12 years and 3 kids later, Christina still counts her wedding day as the best day of her life. Maybe that’s why she loves connecting with brides, mothers of the bride and groom, and bridesmaids: she wants everyone to love their wedding season! Over the past year, Christina has cultivated an active, helpful Instagram community called @askarealbride, filled with daily etiquette Q+As, planning tips, and some occasional humor. Though planning can be stressful, Christina enjoys helping brides find joy and face etiquette dilemmas with kindness, clarity, and grace.

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Emily Rodriguez

Accounting, Assistant Blog Editor & Blogger

Emily, a native-born and raised Floridian, recently moved to North Georgia to start a new life chapter with her fiancé. Her 3 teenagers would describe her as  “a very cool mom and the best cook in the world!” She loves to curl up with a good book or explore Pinterest for new recipes and home decor inspiration in her free time, and she’s always ready for family and friends to stop by for a quiet heart-to-heart or a good hearty laugh.

Brittney Winters-Gullo

Brittney Winters-Gullo


Brittney spent the majority of her teenage and college years swearing she’d never get married. Then she met a man who changed all of that, and they’ve been happily sharing their lives since 2011. She and her husband Grant got married in 2018, which has given her a whole new perspective on this whole wedding business. If she’s not writing, you can find her shopping online (very guilty), baking cookies, or running in the Florida sunshine.

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Emilee Viner


As a born and raised Floridian, Emilee is excited to be raising a family just a short drive away from her childhood home!  She married her high school sweetheart in 2020 and welcomed their first child at the end of 2021.  When Emilee is not at home chasing her busy toddler she loves a nice glass of wine with her girlfriends, baking sweet treats for her loved ones and creating beautiful memories as a family of three!

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Monet Sandoval


Monet Sandoval is mom to 3 boys, and has been married to her husband Sam for 15 years. Her boys (including Sam) always bring out the adventure in her and stretch her to try new things: that’s what happens when a self-proclaimed girly-girl is blessed with sons! Though home schooling keeps her busy, Monet loves opening her home to family and friends, decorating, trying new recipes, enjoying coffee with her girlfriends and spending the weekends with her toes in the sand.

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Giving Back

RegistryFinder.com® is committed to giving back and helping those in need. 10% of all profits are donated to charities that help children. Before each holiday season, we donate to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. In 2023, we also supported Best Food Forward, Lauren’s Kids, and Ride4Orphans, and plan to continue this support in 2024. We urge you to check out each of these worthy charities.

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Meet our registry affiliates.

The following companies are our affiliate partners, allowing us to bring you this convenient service. If your company has an online gift registry and you would like your registries to be shown in our search results, please contact us at [email protected].

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