Our Top Hostess Gifts for 2022

Heading out to celebrate the holidays this year? Don’t forget a special gift to show your thanks to the hostess with the most-est!

Our Top Hostess Gifts

It’s official — the pumpkin spice is front and center, leaves are lining the sidewalks, and sweaters are coming out of storage. Yep, the holidays are finally upon us. There’s always so much to look forward to this time of year, from the delicious goodies and heartwarming traditions to the extra time we get to spend surrounded by friends and loved ones.

And of course, with every opportunity to celebrate comes the opportunity to show your gratitude for the person who made it all happen: your host or hostess. Even in today’s modern age of apps and digital communication, the tradition of not showing up empty-handed stands firm.

For those of you eyeing your events calendars and breaking a sweat, we’re here for you — don’t panic! With so many great hostess gift ideas out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and throw in the towel, so we’re sharing our top ideas for the 2022 holiday season to make it truly effortless and enjoyable.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener & Glass Markers

If your hostess is anything like me, they may tend to lose track of essential kitchen gadgets while entertaining. When you come to the party with a new electric wine bottle opener, you’re basically a savior. Add a set of fun glass markers in a magnetic tin? Party. Hero.

Mocktail Recipe Book
Help your hostess elevate her non-alcoholic drink game with a book full of delicious mocktail recipes.

Mocktail Recipe Book

It’s easy for the calories to add up during the holidays, between all the sweets and libations — but it doesn’t have to be that way! This mocktail recipe book includes more than 100 non-alcoholic beverage ideas, so whether your hostess is throwing a baby shower or just in the mood for a delicious spirit-free drink, she’s covered.

whiskey spheres
Cheers to your favorite hostess with a set of polished whiskey stones.

Whiskey Spheres

A great hostess understands the importance of a quality drink, and she’s also always one step ahead of the trends. She’ll love a set of whiskey spheres to level up her home bar game and impress future guests. This set of two stainless steel spheres comes with a convenient freezer-safe storage box — totally fool-proof!

Our Top Hostess Gifts for 2020 | Handmade Seasonal Wreath
Just like a great hostess, a wreath is a wonderful warm welcome — and a perfect hostess gift.

Handmade Seasonal Wreath

If you really want to help your hostess make a holiday statement, consider showing up with a gorgeous, fresh, handmade seasonal wreath. This elegant option is made from boxwood leaves, matches with everything, and comes in 16-, 20-, and 24-inch diameter options.

Best Hostess Gifts: Marble Trivet
A versatile, handmade gift is always a good idea when showing your appreciation for a hostess

Marble Trivet

I love a gift that serves a dual purpose. Your hostess can use this handcrafted marble trivet to hold hot dishes, serve cheeses, or even pop it in the fridge to keep an ice cream cake nice and cold. You can’t go wrong!

Best Hostess Gifts: Cookie Stamps
Cookies are synonymous with the holidays — show up to your next gathering with a set of beautiful cookie stamps your hostess will use for years to come.


Heirloom Cookie Stamps

You can’t help but think of fresh cookies when you think of the holidays, and if your hostess is the same, she needs these heirloom cookie stamps. Outfitted with wooden handles for easy use, they add design and dimension to holiday staples like sugar, gingerbread, and shortbread cookies.

As much a statement kitchen piece as it is a legitimate cooking ingredient, a Himalayan salt block is a unique hostess gift for the holidays.

Himalayan Salt Block

I don’t know about you, but I was a little surprised when I found out that you can use a salt block to not only present and season food, but also cook it. Needless to say, any hostess will love the unique presentation that can be used for hot and cold serving.

Our Top Hostess Gifts  | Electric Tea Kettle
An electric tea kettle will do more than just warm water — it’ll warm your hostess’s heart.

Electric Tea Kettle

It’s always nice to end an evening with guests with a round of coffees for everyone. An electric kettle makes it easy to brew with a French press or pour over tea leaves, and shuts off automatically so your hostess can spend her time enjoying company.

holiday coasters
Keep your hostess’s surfaces protected with a set of 4 modern handmade coasters.

Holiday Coasters

A good guest always leaves the space better than they found it. Show just how much you appreciate the hospitality by gifting your hostess with a set of handmade coasters. Made from white marble, this set is backed with foam to keep surfaces protected and scratch-free.

Our Top Hostess Gifts  | Tabletopics Ice Breaker Game
Meeting your host for the first time? Break the ice with a fun game!

Tabletopics Ice Breaker Game

As the #1 best-selling ice breaker game, you can’t go wrong gifting your holiday hostess with this 10-year anniversary deck of Tabletopics conversation cards. Break the ice, learn new things about your friends, and even discover new things about yourself!

Maple Syrup
This artisanal maple syrup is a one-of-a-kind sweet treat that your hostess will be able to use in a variety of holiday recipes.

Artisanal Maple Syrup

Maple syrup might just be the most holiday-appropriate ingredient out there — and this duo of bourbon- and vanilla-infused syrups is no exception. From topping a fresh stack of flapjacks to mixing into a batch of sweet potatoes, to a splash of the sweet stuff in a holiday cocktail, it really can’t be beat.

Top Hostess Gifts  | Ice Bucket
The only thing that should be frosty between you and your hostess is this copper ice bucket.

Ice Bucket

Make room-temperature drinks a thing of the past when you gift your hostess with an ice bucket to use while entertaining. This hammered copper option doubles as a wine cooler, able to hold up to 3 quarts, and comes with a set of classic brass tongs for easy service.

Our Top Hostess Gifts| Coffee Table Book

Coffee Table Book

Who doesn’t have a favorite album? A coffee table book is a hostess’s equivalent of home decor: a crowd-pleasing entertainer with something for everyone. I love this book featuring 1,000 of the most memorable record covers — and I know your hostess will too.

peppermint bark
Say “thank you” to your holiday hostess with a tin of Williams-Sonoma’s famous peppermint bark — it’ll guarantee an invitation back!

Peppermint Bark

When in doubt, Peppermint Bark is a classic holiday treat that doubles as a perfect hostess gift. Plus, since it’s only available for a limited time each year, it makes it even more special when you show up to a holiday shindig with this chocolatey goodness!

A Few More Gifting Tips

  • If you bring flowers, make sure to put them in a vase beforehand — you don’t want to make your hostess run around looking for somewhere to put a bouquet!
  • Don’t know your hostess very well? Stick to non-personal items like food or cooking ingredients.
  • Unless it’s a potluck or the hostess specifically asked you to, avoid bringing food to be served at the gathering — instead, let your hostess’s menu take the spotlight (and fridge space)!
  • If you are asked to bring a dish, it’s not necessary to bring an additional gift for your hostess.

Now that you’ve got a gift for every hostess on your calendar, get ready to enjoy the holidays to the fullest. And if you’re entertaining this holiday season, be sure to read through our Simple and Delicious Holiday Recipes blog complete with all the essentials for impressing your guests.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. The ideas are ours, but we may be compensated if you make a purchase by clicking on one of the links. Thanks for your support!

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