Tips For Sharing Your Engagement On Social Media

In today’s social media world, it’s normal to assume you’ll be sharing your engagement with the World Wide Web sooner than later.

Before my own engagement, I was reasonably convinced that I’d keep the news between myself and my fiancé and that we would share our excitement personally with select friends and family—and that was it. My long-held belief to keep personal things personal completely shifted once the ring was on my finger, and I was making phone call after phone call in an excited fury. I wanted to share our news with the world, and I wanted to do it yesterday.

It took a few days for us to call and text the people we wanted to find out from us personally, and once we had exhausted our lists, we decided it was safe to post a photo to announce our new chapter. Needless to say, we were met with incredible support from all angles, and we felt the best knowing we’d shared the news personally before posting for the world to see.

There is no single way to go about sharing your own engagement in person, over the phone, or on social media. That said, there are a few ways to go about showing off your new bling (and your new permanently plastered fiancée face) to the digital world:

Tips For Sharing Your Engagement on Social Media
Kind strangers can help document your exciting moment. (Image via Brittney Winters/Instagram)
Your friends will cherish seeing your engagement ring selfie!

No Photographer? No problem!

Grab a friend or even a stranger to help you document one of the most memorable moments of your life. Or choose a selfie. We’ve all seen it, but the engagement ring selfie never gets old, and it’s an endearing way to share the news.

Engagement Session - Photo for Social Media
Share the emotion of the moment in your engagement announcement. (Image via From the Hip Photo)

Proposal in Action

You’re in a lucky group of wives-to-be if your fiancé planned for your engagement to be captured on camera—it’s a once-in-a-lifetime shot to look back on for the rest of your forever. If there’s a particular shot that captures the moment’s pure emotion, I say post it!

Engagement photos at the farm | Cute engagement photo poses
Hold out for that perfect shot, and your engagement announcement is as good as gold. Photo courtesy of Forage and Film, Raleigh, North Carolina

Engagement Session

Who says you have to share your engagement right after it happens? If you wait until you get your oh-so-perfect engagement photos back to make your big announcement, you’ll have plenty of beautiful images to choose from! (Just be sure to give your photographer some credit!)

Best Ways to Share Your Engagement on Social Media
Cheers to finding the love of your life! Time to announce it to the world! (Image via B. Loved)

Make a Toast

There’s never a bad excuse to pop open a bottle of bubbly in my book, and your engagement is one of the best out there. Snap a shot of you and your other half making your first toast as fiancés—bonus points if it’s a Boomerang.

Social Media Engagement Photos - Keep it Simple
You can never go wrong with a casual ring-on-the-chest engagement announcement. (Image via Leanne Vice Photography @leannevicephoto)

Keep it Simple

As much as I love a good original engagement announcement, there’s something to be said for classic poses; after all, they’re used (sometimes overused) for a good reason. Check out our Pinterest board for fail-proof announcements that never fall out of style.

Write It Out - Social Media Proposal Image
If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a picture of words is priceless. Add your new bling to the layout if you want to show it off! (Image courtesy of @britt_lennartsson)

Write It Out

Sometimes, you just don’t want to pose for another picture—I get it. Using an old-fashioned letterboard or chalkboard to make your announcement sends the message loud and clear, and it’ll definitely stand out from the crowd.

Or Don’t Post

If you are a bride-to-be who truly can’t bring yourself to bring any attention to your pending nuptials, you’re not obligated to post a thing! Tell those you care about in person (or on the phone) and just let the word spread the old-fashioned way.

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Tips for Sharing Your Engagement on Social Media

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