Top 10 Things You Need to Do After Getting Engaged

Here’s your to-do list for everything that should happen after you get engaged and before you start wedding planning.

It finally happened — you’re engaged! Congratulations! Pop the bubbly and let the celebrations begin! You’re about to enter an entirely new and exciting chapter of life, and there’s a lot to get done between now and your wedding day.

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a list of ten things to do after your engagement, from announcing it to your family and the rest of the world to starting to plan your wedding. Pull out your to-do list — let’s get started!

celebrate engagement

1. Soak it in and celebrate together

Getting engaged is so exciting that it’s easy to forget to simply savor the moment. Before you share the big news with the world, take some time to enjoy it with each other first. This is such a uniquely beautiful time for couples that will never happen again — once you’re married, you’re married! Soak it in!

Need some ideas? Book a dinner at your favorite fancy restaurant. Buy that bottle of champagne you’ve always wanted to try. Go on a mini staycation and enjoy all the perks of being newly engaged.

2. Tell people in person…

When you’re ready to break out of your bubble of post-engagement bliss, do not reach for Instagram. I repeat: do. NOT. Reach. For. Instagram. Your family and close friends should not be finding out about your engagement on social media. Tell people in person if possible; otherwise, a phone call or FaceTime is perfectly acceptable. Believe me, you’ll want to see their faces when you give them the news!

Want to tell everyone at once? Plan a small party or use your next family gathering (obviously not a wedding!) to share your engagement with loved ones.

3. …then post on social media

Once you’ve told your parents, siblings, grandparents, best friends, and whoever else is important enough to get a phone call, you can tell everyone else. Your first social media post announcing your engagement can even be a great soft launch for your wedding hashtag. The important part is to post something that feels right for you — including not posting at all!

Not sure what to post? Check out our blog with tips for sharing your engagement on social media!

4. Get your ring sized, appraised, and insured

If you’d be upset if your ring were ever lost, stolen, or damaged, get it appraised and insured. Many brides even have replicas made of their engagement rings so they can travel and do other activities without worrying about their fine jewelry. This is also the time to make sure your ring fits you correctly — your finger shouldn’t bulge around the band, and you should be able to slide it off, but not too easily.

engagement photo shoot

5. Book an engagement photoshoot

An engagement photo shoot isn’t 100% necessary, but it is fun! It can also be a nice way to test out a potential wedding photographer and work out any posing jitters with your partner. You can use the photos for your social media posts, engagement announcements, wedding guest book, or make a commemorative photo book.

In need of inspiration? We’ve got you covered with tips and photos from real brides. Also, use Pinterest, Instagram, and wedding photographers’ websites to create a mood board filled with images you want to recreate or borrow from so your photographer can direct you accordingly.

6. Think about your wedding guest list

If the idea of figuring out your guest list stresses you out, that’s your sign to start thinking about it sooner than later. Your parents and future in-laws may also want to input on the list or may request a certain number of invites to allot to guests of their choice. As you add people to your list, make sure to get their addresses for your save the dates, invitations, and any other wedding-related mail.

Not sure where to start? Go through your phone’s address book, then your Facebook friends list. It’s not a completely fail-safe method, but it’s a great way to get a solid start on building out your guest list.

7. Plan an engagement party

An engagement party is one of many (optional) events leading up to your wedding. The bride’s parents typically host it, but if someone else offers to host or help with hosting, that’s completely fine! Keep in mind that your guest list for the engagement party should overlap with your wedding guest list — so don’t invite anyone you won’t want there on your big day.

wedding registry
Image via Macy’s

8. Start thinking about your wedding registry

Your registry is one element of your wedding that can easily fall to the wayside or be completely forgotten in the excitement of your engagement. Start thinking about what you might need as you move into your next chapter as a couple. Beyond the things like dishes and cookware, don’t forget about any big purchases that could use some extra funding, like paying for your honeymoon.

Overwhelmed by all the possibilities? Our wedding registry checklist can be a great starting point for curating your perfect gift wishlist when it’s time to start building your registry.

9. Talk wedding inspo and start a Pinterest board

Now is the time to start getting a general idea of your wedding vision. What season do you want to get married in? Will you have a bridal party? Take some time to talk about what you really want to include in your big day, and things you don’t want, and set up a shared Pinterest board to gather and sort through your ideas.

Other factors to consider include your wedding colors, venue type, and the vendors you’ll need to contact. Even if you won’t be planning your wedding for a bit, it can help you narrow in on a vision when the time comes.

10. Set your wedding budget

I know, I know — budgets are the antithesis of romance. But your wedding is not something you should plan without making sure you can afford it. Discussing your budget early on can save you from headaches and difficult conversations down the line. Believe me, you’ll be happy you did it.

Your caterer, florist, and venue will likely be the most expensive aspects of your wedding, but the smaller items can add up fast! Setting your expectations can keep you realistic about what’s possible for your wedding day.

Your engagement is a special time

Your engagement is a special time filled with romance, excitement, and anticipation. You get to share in your love with the people you care about most and plan the most important party of your life as a couple. With this guide, you can stay on track while enjoying every moment together before your wedding.

Featured image courtesy of Adena Rose Photography

Featured image courtesy of Adena Rose Photography


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