4 Reasons Why You Should Book an Engagement Shoot

As a soon-to-be bride, your to-do list might feel a mile long. But one item I’d encourage you to add to the list: a professional engagement photography session!

Yes, there might be a financial investment, and it will require a few hours of your time. But the results are well worth the effort! Followers of our @askarealbride Instagram page enthusiastically shared the reasons why they booked an engagement shoot and shared their gorgeous photos, too! Read on for four reasons why you should say “yes” to an engagement shoot and get inspired by their beautiful images!

Real Bride: Hannah Sherman
Real Bride: Hannah Sherman
Photography: Ariel K Photography, Salt Lake City, Utah

1. Get comfortable in front of the camera

The most popular reason our real brides say they scheduled an engagement shoot: to feel comfortable and confident posing! Why wait until the wedding day to work through feeling “camera shy?” Use the engagement shoot to practice so that you (or your partner) are ready to go.

Our real brides say:

“I’m not super comfortable in front of the camera, so we wanted to feel at ease and practice for the wedding.”

“My partner is a little nervous about having his picture taken, so the engagement shoot was a great way for him to feel better about it!”

“10% for the cute pics, 90% to ensure my fiance was comfortable in front of the camera!”

Real Bride: Kendall Bailey
Real Bride: Kendall Bailey
Photography: Hello Blue Photo, Newport Beach, California

2. Get to know your photographer

Believe it or not, the person you’ll spend the most time with on the wedding day isn’t your fiance–it’s your photographer! That’s why building a bond in the months leading up to the wedding day is vital; the engagement shoot is one of the best steps you can take toward that goal!

“We wanted to meet our photographer and see her work in action.”

“I thought of it as an ‘ice breaker’ with our photographer.”

“The engagement shoot helped us to build a rapport with our photographer so we all felt great going into the wedding day.”

Real Bride: Ebony Alexander
Real Bride: Ebony Alexander
Photography: Prime Visuals, New York, New York

3. Use pictures for wedding-related correspondence and projects

There’s no doubt you’ll find many ways to use your engagement photos. Check out these ideas from future brides:

“We wanted to have good pictures to use for the wedding: the save the date, the website, and to display at the reception, etc.”

“We wanted to send a picture with our save the date so my distant relatives could see what my fiance looks like!”

“We used our engagement photos to make a guest book! Guests left a note in the margins.”

If you’re interested in the photo guest book idea, Shutterfly is the perfect place to get started!

Real Bride: Carolyn Wilson
Real Bride: Carolyn Wilson
Photography: Noreen Turner Photography, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4. Capture the moment!

Engagement photos are a priceless keepsake of this special season in your life. 12 years and 3 kids later, I am so thankful for ours: I look so young, so free, and so rested!

Our real brides say:

“We wanted to capture this moment and have lovely, relaxed images to use and display!”

“We really wanted pictures of us in a casual environment, laughing and loving authentically- not as posed or formal as our wedding portrait will be!”

“We took our engagement photos to celebrate, share, and document this exciting point in our lives!”

“This is such a sweet, short time–we want to remember it!”

“We plan to display our engagement photos in our future home. It’s going to be so nice to have professional photos that aren’t wedding pictures!”

“[Engagement photos] are a socially acceptable way to showcase how amazing and in love you are!”

“How often are you encouraged to take professional photos? Do it!”

Are you ready to say “yes” to an engagement shoot?

Talk to your photographer and get inspired by these engagement photos from Real Brides!

Real Bride: Amanda Loudon

Photography: Angelika Krug Photography, Orlando, Florida

Real Bride: Kendall Bailey

Photography: Hello Blue Photo, Newport Beach, California

Real Bride: Holly L.

Photography: Sam Lesser Photography, Long Island, New York

Real Bride: Elizabeth Michele

Photography: Yvonne Goll Photograhy, San Luis Obispo, California

Real Bride: Caroline Cusick

Photography: Trice McNeal Photography, Las Vegas, Nevada

Real Bride: Ebony Alexander

Photography: Prime Visuals, New York, New York

Real Bride: Hannah Sherman

Photography: Ariel K Photography, Salt Lake City, Utah

Real Bride: Lauren Netzel

Photography: The Holtes, Lake Tahoe

Real Bride: Melissa Mooney

Photography: Eyerman Photography, Port St. Lucie, Florida

Real Bride: Bora Durrsi

Photography: Pattengale Photography, Southern California

Real Bride: Caitlin Ferreira

Photography: Artifact Images, New Hampshire

Real Bride: Rebecca Freeman

Photography: Kaytlin Lane Photography, Roanoke, Virginia

Real Bride: Danielle Kirrane

Photography: Rebecca Crosby, Charlottesville, North Carolina

Real Bride: Sarah Picard

Photography: Hanah Glass Photography, New England

Real Bride: SJ Roth

Photography: Kir Tuben Photography, Washington, D.C.

Real Bride: Jess Alves

Photography: Bruno Moreira, Lisbon, Portugal

Real Bride: Alicia Neely

Photography: Mary Bowman, Charlotte, North Carolina

Real Bride: Lauren Miller

Photography: Ali & Paul Co., Washington, D.C.

Featured Image Credit: Real Bride: Kendall Bailey // Photography: Hello Blue Photo, Newport Beach, California

Thank you, Real Brides!

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