– Wedding Etiquette Question – What Costs Should the Bride Cover for Her Bridesmaids?

October 23, 2018

Being asked to be a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding is exciting. But when the questions of travel, lodging, the bachelorette party and the wedding day itself arise, the bridesmaid may wonder, “Am I supposed to pay for that?” Money conversations are always awkward, but before you say yes to the honor of being a […]

– The Maid of Honor Knows – Bridal Shower Themes That Are Actually Fun

August 7, 2018

Planning a bridal shower should be as easy as possible. One way to make it easier? Come up with a theme to help give the décor, food, drinks, favors, and invitations some direction. That said, with so many themes to choose from (some of which are so overdone), picking one that’s just right for your […]

– Ask Cheryl – Should Guests be Invited to Multiple Bridal Showers?

July 24, 2018

While it may seem like “anything goes,” these days when it comes to wedding etiquette, there are a few firm rules about guest lists and gift obligations. Dear Cheryl, My daughter has already had one shower which included me, her sisters, her bridesmaids and their mothers. Now she is having another shower given by an […]

Discover Macy’s Wedding Shop

June 14, 2018

I have a confession: I wish someone had told me just how much detail is involved in wedding planning before I’d gotten engaged. I was blissfully unaware of just how many decisions I’d have to make—both large and small—for not just myself but for my family, my wedding party, and my future husband. Now that […]

– #TrendWatch – Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

March 23, 2018

We’re really into neutral bridesmaid dresses—and we think you’ll love toned-down trend too! Check out these three reasons to choose a neutral bridesmaid dress. As a ten-time bridesmaid, I think I’ve worn every color of the rainbow for my many walks down the aisle, from dark brown to deep plum, and bright teal to light […]

Bridal Party Duties You Didn’t Expect

March 14, 2018

It’s an honor to be asked to be a part of someone’s wedding! It’s a sign from the bride that you’re one of the most important people in her life, and because of that, she wants nothing more than to make you a part of her big day. And as much fun as her wedding […]

– Bridesmaid Budgeting – How to Plan for Wedding Season

March 12, 2018

As a real-life version of the classic bridesmaid tale, 27 Dresses, there is one thing about being in a wedding that I know for sure: it always costs more than you think it will. In your first wedding, and don’t know what you’re expected to pay? Use our guide below to make sure you’re (financially) […]

– Rent the Runway – Why it’s Perfect for Wedding Season

November 2, 2017

Confession: I love the finer things in life. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not the type to flaunt flashy labels and logos, but I do believe that there is a noticeable difference in quality, feel, and fit that often justifies paying extra for clothing, bags, and shoes made by a reputable designer. So when I […]

– MyStylist at Macy’s – My Shopping Experience

October 13, 2017

We made an appointment with a Macy’s personal shopper, and it totally changed our shopping game—here’s why! Making an appointment with a personal shopper always seemed like an “out-of-my-league” luxury to me: right up there with having a personal chauffeur and chef. But as it turns out, having a personal stylist isn’t just for people […]

– Ask Cheryl – How Much to Spend on a Bridesmaid’s Gift?

March 21, 2017

When planning a wedding there are so many decisions to make. Today, our AskCheryl reader is an organized bride that isn’t sure how much to spend on gifts for her attendants. Hi Cheryl! I have an etiquette question regarding the cost of wedding party gifts (I also read your article on the topic). We were planning on paying […]

Over-Budget Bridezilla Wants Her Friends to Help Pay for $10K Dress

June 22, 2016

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– AskCheryl – 1st Time Bridesmaid Asks, “Who Pays for the Bachelorette Party?”

February 16, 2016

Hello Cheryl, I came across your article on the Huffington Post about bridesmaid etiquette and I have a few additional questions. My best friend is having a destination wedding and asked me to be a bridesmaid. I generally do not like the idea of travelling internationally for a wedding, but I agreed to go and […]

– The Dress Matters – Duties of a Bridesmaid

July 6, 2015

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