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Cute and Cuddly Baby Halloween Costumes

Cute and Cuddly Baby Halloween Costumes

I’ll be honest: before I had kids, Halloween was one of my least favorite “holidays.” But now that I have a cute little one to dress up, it’s become to one of my favorite days of the year! And moms and dads, you should know: your baby’s 1st Halloween might be your only chance to…read more

Co-ed Halloween Wedding Shower Drink Ideas

Co-ed Halloween Wedding Shower Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you relish in any opportunity to throw a theme party, and you know that this upcoming change of season invites a host of possibilities. A Halloween-themed co-ed wedding shower is your golden ticket to a truly unique and fun party. Since everything is seasonal, you’ll find festive decorative elements without…read more

Beat the Freshman 15 with delicious smoothies

How to Beat the Freshmen Fifteen

We’ve all heard the horror stories of the famed “Freshmen Fifteen”. It’s the tale of too much late-night pizza or dining hall goodness, too much time cramming and stressing over that history final and not enough time spent in the gym. So how can you escape this seemingly unavoidable pitfall? All it takes is a…read more

Nursery Trends | Neutral Nursery | buybuy Baby nursery

#TrendWatch: The Neutral Nursery

You don’t need pink or blue to create a nursery that shines —check out our favorite neutral looks from buybuyBaby, pottery barn kids, Land of Nod, and Target! If you’re expecting, chances are you’re eagerly anticipating the ultrasound that reveals whether you’re having a little boy or girl (unless you’re part of the throwback trend…read more

Personalized Gifts for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Personalized Gifts for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Your wedding party does so much more than stand next to you at the altar on your wedding day. From bridesmaids answering your 3am panicked phone calls and planning your memorable bachelorette party to groomsmen making it to the venue with tuxes in tow, they make sure that the months, days and hours leading up…read more

Teach Your Baby to Self-Feed | Baby Hacks for New Parents

12 Awesome Baby Hacks for New Parents

Being a new mom or dad is hard work. You’re charged with caring for a tiny human, but not given official training or a user’s guide. Sometimes your little one is awake and happy. Sometimes he screams uncontrollably or wants to party at 2am. Occasionally, she throws her food or has a bad cold. You…read more

Maid of Honor Guide

Maid of Honor Guide

Last year, I went to 12 weddings between the months of March and September. I’ve been in 7 weddings, 5 of them after I took my own walk down the aisle. I grew up in a family that should really start their own business as wedding planners, florists, caterers and stationers. So I feel like…read more

Wedding Reception Traditions: Toss the seating chart!

Wedding Traditions: Which Ones to Keep and Which Ones to Toss

You won’t find them in an etiquette book, and they aren’t hard and fast rules, but here are a few wedding traditions I think you should keep and a few you can safely toss. Invitations Keep: Paper Invitations delivered by mail In our digital age, some brides and grooms may be tempted to invite guests…read more

Waiting to Find out Baby’s Gender | Little Lady or Little Man? | Team Green

#Trendwatch: Waiting to Find Out Baby’s Gender

Five reasons why you may want to wait until delivery day to find out your baby’s gender! If Newton were alive in 2017, his laws of nature may have included: “Every trendy action has an equal and opposite old-school reaction.” Like record players, Polaroid cameras, and French presses, it seems like the latest trends are…read more

Say Goodbye to Bridezilla: 10 Ways to be a Great Bride |

Say Goodbye to Bridezilla: 10 Ways to be a Great Bride

You may feel her coming on, and you may think she’s unavoidable, but I’m here to tell you that Bridezilla does not have to make an appearance during wedding planning! I know firsthand how difficult and stressful planning a wedding can be. You’re juggling work, family, and friends while planning the biggest, most-perfect day of…read more

Amazon Music | Why You Need Amazon Prime in College

Why You Need Amazon Prime in College

When Amazon bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion a few weeks ago, it pretty much confirmed that they’re ready to take over the world. Of course, that was a fact I already knew for certain when I was in college. In the tiny one-stoplight town where I went to school, the closest anything-mart was a…read more

AskCheryl: How Late Can I Send a Baby Gift?

AskCheryl: How Late Can I Send a Baby Gift?

Today’s reader is embarrassed because she is late in sending a baby gift. We’ve all been there – maybe we forgot, procrastinated, or had a very good reason. Read on for my advice to her. How long after a baby’s birth can we send a newborn gift? We intended to do so and even bought…read more

My Stylist @ Macy’s | Wedding Prep

Make a Date with My Stylist @ Macy’s!

It’s no secret that we’re a little obsessed with Macy’s here at From selecting the perfect place setting for your registry to finding your mom’s dream mother-of-the-bride dress, Macy’s is a one-stop shop for brides and wedding guests seeking all things wedding related. Just when you thought Macy’s couldn’t get any more magical… In…read more

AskCheryl: Snub or Oversight? Bridal Shower Invitation Confusion

Today’s question comes from a mom that is wondering how to handle the fact that she received an invitation to her niece’s bridal shower, but daughter didn’t. Snub or oversight? Hi Cheryl, I recently received a Bridal shower invitation to my niece’s shower, addressed only to me. I have an adult daughter (college age) living at…read more

Top 10 Things You Really Need for a 2nd Baby

The Things You Really Need for your 2nd Baby

Congratulations- you’re expanding your family! Your sweet, new baby is going to come storming into your life and steal your heart…and your sleep! All joking aside, you will be amazed at how easily your love grows to include this little one and before you know it, you’ll feel like your 2nd child has always been…read more