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Dear Cheryl,

I live in California and I’m going to be in a wedding for a friend that’s getting married in Vermont. Since I’m spending close to $1000 on everything for the wedding, am I required to give a gift? I’m already spending so much that I don’t know how much I’d be able to spend on a gift. Any advice as to what to do?

Thank you,

Bridesmaid asks, Since I'm Spending so Much on the Wedding, am I Required to Give a Gift?

Dear Nicole,

Thank you for writing. Unfortunately your problem is common; being an attendant in a wedding can get expensive. No one is ever “required” to give a gift. However, from an etiquette point of view, it is a long-standing tradition to give a wedding gift as symbol of your love and support of the couple getting married. The fact that you are a bridesmaid and must travel to the wedding does not really change the fact that you should give a wedding gift. However, as you stated, it will change how much you can afford to spend on a gift.

Some couples that have weddings requiring significant travel costs will tell their attendants not to purchase a wedding gift. If your friend does not do this, then try to give something you can afford, even if it’s only a small gift. Another option is to organize a group gift from all or some of the other attendants. This could help you give something meaningful, while sharing the costs. You could also wait a few months and then send a wedding gift after your budget has recovered a bit. If you absolutely can’t afford a wedding gift, I’m sure your friend will understand. The most important thing is that you are there to share her special day.

Most sincerely,

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