Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Equip any outdoor lover with the gear they need for a great time in nature with these gifts at every price point.

Couple hikers camping and drinking in mountains

I love any excuse to get outside — here in South Florida, that usually means hitting the beach, kayaking through mangroves, or gardening in the backyard with my husband. In fact, our honeymoon was actually a hiking trip through Utah’s national parks. (You can explore even more U.S. honeymoon destinations in this blog post.) As you can probably guess, we registered for quite a few outdoor-related gifts when we got married.

Sound familiar? Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast yourself or you know a couple who can’t get enough adventure in their life, there are so many great gifts out there to fuel your time in the great outdoors. Get inspired for your own registry or find the perfect item to celebrate another couple with these gifts we love.

To help you navigate, we’ve grouped items by price point so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Every item is available through Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, where you can easily build or find a wedding registry full of outdoor essentials. Get free 2-day shipping, curbside pickup, and the guaranteed lowest prices on everything in the store. What could be better?

Outdoor Enthusiast Gifts $25 and Under

Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast | Portable Mosquito Repeller
Keep the great outdoors bug-free with a handy, portable mosquito repeller!

Portable Mosquito Repeller

Mosquitos can ruin even the best day outdoors. This portable repeller surrounds you with an invisible barrier that’s scentless, silent, and DEET-free. Each cartridge lasts 12 hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy a mosquito-free outdoor adventure.

Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast | Day Hiker First Aid Kit
Staying safe is the name of the game for any outdoor enthusiast, so a first aid kit is a must-have.

Day Hiker First Aid Kit

The only thing worse than mosquito bites is getting injured on an adventure. From sprains and blisters to cuts and scrapes, this kit includes everything you need to stay safe outside. Plus, the portable design makes it easy to stow away.

Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast | Quick-Dry Towel
You never know what the elements will bring when you’re spending time in nature, so keep an absorbent, quick-drying towel on hand.

Quick-Dry Towel

Who knows where adventure might lead you? If there’s a chance of getting wet, make sure you’ve got a quick-drying towel on hand in the car or in your adventure bag so you don’t have to forgo jumping into that insanely blue water — wherever it might be.

Outdoor Enthusiast Gifts From $26–$50

Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast | Hammock
From the backyard to the campground, a hammock is every outdoor enthusiast’s reward for a day of adventure.


Who says enjoying the outdoors needs to involve exertion? One of my favorite ways to spend time outside is in a hammock with a good book. This classic design easily hangs between trees or posts and sports a comfortable cotton rope design you won’t want to get up from.

Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast | Bird Feeder
A bird feeder is a fun way to share your outdoor space with your feathery neighbors.

Bird Feeder

One of the best parts of spending time outside is the wildlife — even in your own backyard! This birdhouse-style feeder is a great way to guarantee regular visits from the feathery, winged creatures in your neighborhood.

Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast | LifeStraw Universal Water Bottle Adapter Kit
Never worry about going without water — as long as you’ve got your LifeStraw adapter, hydration is always within reach.

LifeStraw Universal Water Bottle Adapter Kit

LifeStraw filters make natural water sources safe to drink from with a 2-stage design that uses a carbon filter to eliminate impurities and dangerous bacteria. This adapter easily fits onto most water bottles so you’ll always have a safe sip within reach no matter where you wind up.

Outdoor Enthusiast Gifts From $51–$100

Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast | Propane Camping Stove
Elevate your camping culinary skills with a propane stove from Bass Pro Shops.

Propane Camping Stove

Say goodbye to sad hiking dinners and elevate your trail cooking with a portable propane camping stove. This model makes cooking in the wilderness a breeze — with adjustable heat and easy clean-up, you might find yourself going on more adventures just so you can use it.

Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast | Cornhole Game Set
Outdoor enthusiasts young and old always love friendly backyard competition — and cornhole is no exception!

Cornhole Game Set

From backyard barbecues to parking lot tailgates, cornhole is a universal crowd-pleaser that guarantees a fun time. The durable set comes with eight bean bags and collapsible boards for easy portability.

Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast | CamelBak Hydration Pack
CamelBak’s lightweight water-storing backpack is a game-changer for long days outside.

CamelBack Hydration Pack

If you’re looking for a gift that any outdoor enthusiast will appreciate, the CamelBak Rogue Light Hydration Pack is a home run. Featuring a 7-liter reservoir, reflective safety detailing, and a pocket for keys and small valuables, this pack literally has your back.

Outdoor Enthusiast Gifts From $101–$200

Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast | Pop-Up Canopy
Create instant shelter anywhere with a pop-up canopy that’s perfect for picnics, beach trips, and more outdoor fun.

Pop-Up Canopy

I love spending time in the sun as much as anyone else, but sometimes it can be downright sweltering to sit in direct sunlight. A collapsible canopy easily folds up for easy storage and transport, giving you more chances to enjoy the sunny outdoors without melting completely.

Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast | 10x Binoculars
Give any outdoor enthusiast a new perspective with a pair of high-powered binoculars.

10x Binoculars

Speaking of taking in the beauty of the great outdoors, a good set of binoculars are an asset to anyone who enjoys an adventure. This pair magnifies up to ten times and features one of the widest views available, meaning you can enjoy even more of the places you love.

Outdoor Enthusiast Gifts Over $200

Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast | Kayak
A kayak is a fun way to get close to the great outdoors — and a perfect gift for anyone who lives by the water!


Sure, boats are great — but there’s something special about being able to navigate the narrow rivers and spots that can only be accessed by kayak. This sit-on-top model is equipped with storage trays and cup holders, as well as a paddle rest for when you want to take it all in.

Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast | Stand-Up Paddleboard
Get an adventure and a workout in when you’ve got a stand-up paddleboard on hand.

Stand-Up Paddleboard

Paddleboarding is another fun water activity that secretly doubles as a workout! Get out on calm waters while you listen to your favorite tunes through the integrated universal device mount. This model also features a recessed tail-kick design that makes sharp turns easy to navigate.

Gifts We Love for the Outdoor Enthusiast | SUV Tent
An SUV tent is worth the splurge when you’re gifting a true outdoor enthusiast!

SUV Tent

I’ve spent a fair share of nights attempting to sleep in the car before a days-long hiking trip — and let me tell you, I preferred sleeping on the ground in the days to follow. Save yourself the discomfort and add an SUV-mounted tent to your outdoor supply list. You (and your back) won’t regret it.

Find something special to celebrate an adventurous couple

Whether you’re browsing for yourself, looking for a gift for an outdoor enthusiast in your life, or want to find something special to celebrate an adventurous couple, any of these gifts above are guaranteed to scratch that itch for adventure. As always, happy gifting!

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