Make It Easy This Year – Create a Holiday Wish List

Make it easy for family and friends to get your children’s dream gifts this holiday season with the Holiday Wish List at Toys”R”Us.



‘Tis the season to give… And while we try to stay sincere to the notion that “it’s the thought that counts,” we can all think back on a bad gift we were given with good intentions.

We flash back to our youth of crushed dreams as we opened a beautifully wrapped box under the tree, just to find yet another disappointing set of flannel pajamas, when our hearts were set on getting a GI Joe, Barbie, or Easy Bake Oven.

While these might be our memories, we don’t have to pass the tradition on to our kids. Toys”R”Us is streamlining the gift giving process with their Holiday Wish List.

Have you considered making a Holiday Wish List with your child this year?

Holiday gift registries are becoming more and more popular.  And while some people grumble at the trend as an act of entitlement and bad manners, others say it’s a convenience that deeply eases the stress of holiday shopping.  With families being scattered, people’s work commitments increasing and free time decreasing, consumers are looking for ways to streamline the shopping process.  For more and more people, a holiday wish list is the perfect solution.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should create a Holiday Wish List:

#5 – It drastically cuts down on shopping time.

#4 – It makes grandma and grandpa superstar gift-givers.

#3 – It can quickly and efficiently be distributed to multiple people.

#2 – It prevents the hassle of returns.

And the #1 reason…

The smile on your child’s face when they get the gifts they really want this holiday season.

Here’s what you need to know about the Holiday Wish List at Toys”R”Us:

Toys”R”Us is one of the most popular shopping destinations for families with children.  Parents can work with their kids to create a tailored “wish list” based on the child’s age, interests, and skills.  The Toys”R”Us Wish List can be created and accessed online or at any of their 877 brick and mortar stores, which is important for some non-tech-savvy grandparents.

In addition, now is the perfect time to create and share your Toys”R”Us Holiday Wish List. If you create a Wish List from now until November 27, Toys”R”Us will give you a $10 gift card, as soon as purchases of $100 or more are made from your Wish List.

Make it easy this year, take the guesswork out of giving and start at Toys”R”Us by creating your child’s Holiday Wish List! Click here to get started.

Your friends and family can also find your child’s Wish List year round at  Give a gift you know they’ll love…. Find any gift registry at



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