The Best DIY Baby Shower Ideas

If you’re hosting a baby shower in the near future and you love to do-it-yourself, you’ve come to the right place! We’re collected some of the best DIY Baby Shower ideas that will add a special touch to your next party!

DIY Decorations

DIY Baby Shower Ideas- Dot Garland
Source: Glorious Treats Blog

Dot Garland

This quick and effortless dot garland can be customized to match your shower colors. You can cut the circles yourself, or save some time and purchase cardstock circles in a variety of sizes from an Etsy store or your local craft store.


DIY Baby Shower Ideas: Pinwheels
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Pinwheels take you back to your childhood, right? And that’s why they make the perfect accessory at a baby shower. They’re super easy to make (get your kids involved!) and can be used as a cake topper, garland, or part of a centerpiece– all while adding a bit of whimsy to your event!


DIY Baby Shower Ideas: Button Monogram
Source: DelightfullyDetailed Blog and iHeartNaptime Blog

Button Letters

You know that new baby is going to be cute as a button, so why not decorate with a few buttons? We like both the BABY letters and monogram, but there’s an extra bonus with the monogram- it can be hung in the baby’s room and cherished for years to come!


DIY Baby Shower Ideas: Diaper Bouquet
Source: Nancy’s Faith Blog and Like Mom and Apple Pie Blog

Onesie & Diaper Bouquets

We’ve all seen the baby shower-favorite diaper cake. They’re cute and practical, but we thought we’d bring you something a bit different, but still adorable. Check out these bouquets. One is made from onesies and one is made from diapers. Both are made using the same method and would a lovely baby shower centerpiece.


DIY Baby Shower Ideas: Cupcake Bouquet
Source: 52 Kitchen Adventures Blog

Cupcake Bouquet

If you prefer that your centerpieces be eaten instead of worn, consider making this cupcake bouquet. You can easily order cupcakes from your local bakery if you’d like to skip the baking step!


DIY Party Favors

DIY Baby Shower Ideas: Nail Polish Party Favors
Source: Catch My Party Blog

Nail Polish

Probably the easiest of all the DIY ideas on this list, but most of the ladies I know love nail polish so it makes a great shower favor. Just add a matching tag and they’re ready to go.


DIY Baby Shower Ideas: Homemade Sugar Scrub Party Favor
Source: Bespangled Jewelry Blog

Homemade Sugar Scrub

This little treat is a spa-in-a-jar! We love this raspberry lemon recipe for a summer baby shower. It comes together quickly and can be multiplied easily depending on the number of guests. You can also customize your scrub to match your party or even the season. Here’s a great link with 25 homemade sugar scrubs!


Best DIY Baby Shower Ideas | Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Party Favors
Sources: The Little Umbrella Blog

Chocolate Caramel Pretzels

This sweet and salty combination is to-die-for. Here is the step-by-step recipe, but basically you dip pretzels in caramel and then chocolate and then sprinkle with your favorite topping. They’re downright delicious and probably won’t make it all the way home with your guests!

We have some other great ideas on our DIY Baby Shower Pinterest board. Also, check out some of our recent blog posts, if you’re looking for baby shower games or recipes!

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