Why Gift Registries and Online Shopping Have Become So Popular

Why Gift Registries and Online Shopping Have Become So Popular

Creating gift registries for all occasions has become increasingly popular. Some say that we have become a more greedy society, that we are trying to dictate our gifts, and that gift registries are just bad manners; but I don’t agree.

I propose that gift registries have grown in popularity because everything in our world has become more technology driven. A side effect of technology is that we have come to expect our lives to continually grow more and more efficient. There is also pressure on all of us to do things in the newest and most timely way possible. Have you ever had the feeling that you’re just not cool because you’re not using the latest technology? Have you experienced the eye-roll of a co-worker, or worse, your child, because you weren’t using the latest app or didn’t know there was a better or faster way to accomplish a task? We love our technology and have been conditioned to accept that it improves all facets of our lives, and this naturally includes gift giving.

Past inefficiencies in the gifting arena, such as duplicate gifts and having to return the sheets that Aunt Gladys gave you because they don’t even fit the size bed you own — we now can’t imagine because we live in a world where technology helps us avoid these time consuming inconveniences. Creating a gift registry allows your gift givers to purchase online in a few minutes, have it shipped directly to you, avoid duplicate purchases, and know it’s something you want and can use. What is more efficient than that? It just makes sense for all parties involved. It may seem impersonal to some, but to most of us, it’s just plain sensible.

So, now that we’ve established that creating a gift registry is not greedy, but a product of trying to be more efficient, I would also propose that it’s actually thoughtful. I find letting others know what you want to be considerate. Some people have the time to peruse many stores and ship a gift, but I don’t. Some people don’t care if the gift has to be returned, but I do. In a world where most people are pressed for time, being able to go online and quickly make a confident gift purchase makes me feel – what’s that word? – efficient.

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