12 Awesome Baby Hacks for New Parents

Being a new mom or dad is hard work. You’re charged with caring for a tiny human, but not given official training or a user’s guide. Sometimes your little one is awake and happy. Sometimes he screams uncontrollably or wants to party at 2am. Occasionally, she throws her food or has a bad cold. You never know what you’re going to get, but thankfully, they’re cute 100% of the time, right?!?

Today, I’m sharing my real-life experiences with you- the little tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way with my own three children. Read on to find my favorite baby hacks and the awesome little gadgets that will make your life easier!

Tips and Tricks for teething babies | Baby Hacks for New Moms from RegistryFinder.com

1. Soothe Swollen Gums with Frozen Fruit

Teething is a painful process…for both mom and baby! Fill this silicone feeder with frozen fruits and veggies (or plain ice) and let your little one go to town.

2. Cut Your Baby’s Food with Scissors

Pizza, pb&j, chicken, or bananas…trust me, using scissors to cut food into tiny pieces is 100 times easier and quicker than using a knife and fork.

Parent Like a Pro- Baby Hacks for New Parents | RegistryFinder.com

3. Use a Brush to Apply Diaper Rash Cream

Don’t get your hands covered in goopy, sticky white stuff. Use this silicone brush to easily apply cream to your baby’s cute little hiney.

Baby Hacks for New Dad | RegistryFinder.com

4. Use a Tiny Bottle to Give Meds

Babies are cranky when they’re sick. Try getting them to open their mouth when you come at them with a syringe full of Tylenol- it’s not happening. Keep this teeny, tiny bottle on hand for easy-peasy dispensing.

Baby Hacks for New Parents- Help for Sick Kids! | Registryfinder.com

5. Suck Their Snot

Yes, you read that right…and you’ll need the Nose Frida to do it! Babies aren’t good at breathing through their mouths so they’ll be extra grouchy if they’re congested. To really clear their nose, use a few drops of saline drops in each nostril and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, get your Frida and get to work!

6. Quiet Your Doors

You never want to wake a sleeping baby, right? Well, you need this latch cover so that you can silently sneak in their room to stare at their precious face while they sleep! (This would also be great when that sweet baby gets a bit older and starts slamming doors!)

Baby Hacks for New Parents | RegistryFinder.com

7. Cut their Nails While They Sleep

I used to dread cutting my son’s nails because I was worried I’d clip his delicate skin. Then, someone told me to do it while he sleeps! So easy! These awesome clippers have a little “spyhole” to see the exact spot you’re cutting.

Tips and Tricks for Sick Babies | Baby Hacks for New Parents from RegistryFinder.com

8. Don’t Take Their Temperature the Old-Fashioned Way

Thermometers have come a long way since I was a child! This ear thermometer has a 1-second accurate read and sends results to an app on your smartphone which also give you real-time expert medical guidance.

Baby Hacks for New Parents | RegistryFinder.com

9. Dam Your Big Tub for the Perfect Baby Bath

Save time, energy, water and space. Yes, the eco-friendly Baby Dam will help you do all those things. And it’s much easier to store than a bulky baby bathtub.

Parent Like a Pro- Baby Hacks for New Parents | RegistryFinder.com

10. Change Crib Sheets in a Snap

I’m petite and changing crib sheets is a pain. So now, I layer- first, a waterproof mattress pad liner and then a sheet. Then I repeat and keep layering until my supply of sheets and pads runs out. (This is also great for middle-of-the-night messes. Just pull off the soiled layer and you’ll be back to sleep in no time!)

Tips and tricks for feeding your baby | Baby Hacks for New Parents

11. Teach Your Baby to Self-Feed

Baby food pouches are a genius invention, and I’ve spent much of my life savings on them. However, there is a period in a baby’s life (around 6-12 months old) where these pouches can make a huge mess. That’s why I love these pouch toppers! It allows even the tiniest tots to self-feed and keeps them clean!

Baby Hacks for New Parents | RegistryFinder.com

12. Keep Their Cup Nearby

With this awesome cup catcher, keep baby’s cup clean and make sure they don’t lose their drink while you’re out and about. It’s also works perfectly for toys!

Good luck as you start the most wonderful journey of parenting! We have many helpful resources for new parents in the Baby section of our blog. Check out the Best New Products of 2017 or our Newborn Sleep Registry for great recommendations on everything you need for the newest addition to your family.

12 Baby Hacks for New Parents | RegistryFinder.com

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