A New Mom’s Guide to Diaper Bags

I have always been a purse kind of girl. I love all shapes, sizes, and brands of whichever trendy purse is in style. This made me most excited to register my diaper bag first. Even after receiving the diaper bag from my registry, I kept buying new ones because I felt like something about mine was always missing. Either it was too bulky and didn’t fit in my stroller, or it didn’t have enough compartments and was just a big mess on the inside. So, the real question still remains, what qualities does the perfect diaper bag need to have?

Here are a few things to consider when registering your diaper bag:

  1. Who will be carrying your diaper bag? Will it be mom or dad or even both?
  2. Are you a minimalist, or will you want to pack up your whole nursery?
  3. Do you want to combine your purse with your diaper bag needing space for your necessities as well as the baby’s?
  4. How long will you use your diaper bag, and will you need it for multiple kids?
  5. Are you planning on nursing, bottle feeding, or pumping on the go? Will you need to pack formula and the room for insulation?
  6. Does the bag aesthetic matter to you? Will you want over the shoulder, backpack, tote, maybe a fanny pack, etc.?

We’ve researched, asked other moms, and personally tried a few of the most recommended and popular diaper bags. 

Ruvalino backpack diaper bag

For the cost-efficient family

With five stars and over thirty thousand reviews on Amazon, the Ruvalino backpack diaper bag is all it’s cracked up to be. This bag has two big zipper sections that have 16 pockets on the inside. It is extremely spacious and holds all your baby’s essentials. As an added bonus, the front zipper has an insulated bottle pocket that can hold most baby bottles. The icing on the cake is its unbeatable price point.

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag

For the chic mom

For the moms that love a good statement piece, this diaper bag is gorgeous. The Freshly Picked bag looks more chic and designer than your typical diaper bag and is made with top-of-the-line materials. This bag is perfect for the minimalist mom that doesn’t like a cluttered diaper bag. It has eight pockets, one on the inside being insulated, and the front flap is magnetic, making it extremely accessible.

SKIP_HOP Forma Backpack

For the mom that needs order

Rated a best seller from Buy Buy Baby, this Skip Hop lightweight and quilted backpack is an organized mom’s dream. The exterior is a wipeable material and easy to keep clean. A huge selling point of this bag is that it comes with special packing cubes to keep all your necessities compartmentalized and with easy access. The main section is extremely spacious, with a huge zippered opening. It fits the bulkiest of snacks, extra outfits, and burp cloths.

eddie bauer

For the dad carrying the bag

This Eddie Bauer diaper backpack is a backpack any dad would be proud to have strapped on his shoulder. With more of a gender-neutral vibe, this bag has the space for traveling with your baby or just a normal everyday outing. It has twelve pockets, with one being insulted for your bottles and another being a perfect spot for easy wipe access. This bag comes with an attachable changing pad to make diaper changes on the go a breeze. The straps on this bag are padded and adjustable making them very comfortable, along with stroller loops to hang as well.

Petunia pickle bottom

For the mom that wants it all

For moms who love a trendy crossbody, the Petunia Pickle Bottom is a great diaper bag option. It is both a crossbody bag but it also has straps to carry it like a backpack. Some of its favorite features are its zip-out changing station and a wide opening for easy access to its very spacious main compartment. It has metal feet to keep its 100% polyurethane material clean.


For the mom that wants a bag to stand the test of time

What I love most about the Fawn Diaper bag is how little it actually looks like a traditional diaper bag. It has a long crossbody strap or a backpack option. This bag makes momming easy with its wide round opening, a total of twelve pockets, and soft faux leather that is easy to keep clean. You can use this bag through the baby stages and long after, as it can even fit a laptop or tablet in it. Fawn also makes a matching accessories bundle as an additional purchase to make this bag even better.

Mommore breast pump bag diaper tote

For the boss mom on the go

For the pumping or working mama, this Mommore diaper bag is a game changer. This bag makes pumping on the go a breeze with its side zippered pockets made specifically for pumps like the spectra, Medela, Advent, and so many more. The other pocket is great for holding all of the pumping accessories. Beyond the pump pockets, it has three insulated pockets and even a place to hold your laptop or tablet. The beauty of it all is that you would never know that it was a diaper bag because of its chic look.

For the mom who lives in organized chaos

If you’re used to a trendy tote as your purse of choice, this Ju Ju Be Super Be Tote would be an easy transition to a diaper bag. This bag is completely washable with a stain-resistant material, is lightweight, and has tons of pockets inside and out. For those who love to toss in and grab later, this bag has space to store all your chaos beautifully. As an additional bonus, it comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns.

diaper bag for fashionable mom

For the Fashionista Mom

Don’t love the look of a diaper bag? Are you sad about the thought of not using your favorite purse anymore? Get excited because Totesavvy has created the perfect diaper bag insert, so Moms no longer have to lose their own personal style. This insert has 6 pockets, is made of lightweight and wipeable material, and even includes a changing mat. You can use it with any handbag you love and quickly transform it into the perfect diaper bag.

Kibou fanny pack

For the theme park mom

The fanny pack trend is back and is the perfect addition for the mom on the go. If you want to be really minimalistic, the Kibou fanny pack is the diaper bag for you. Although it may seem small, this little pouch can hold a diaper, wipes, and travel-size creams in the large compartment, along with your phone, cash, and cards in the front pocket. As a bonus, there is a detachable changing pad and side hook to clip for easy access to your keys or even a paci.

Diaper Bag Accessories

Munchkin changing pad

Skip Hop’s portable changing clutch makes diaper changes quick and efficient. The clutch is small enough to fit into your diaper bag. However, it opens up a full changing pad with a big zippered pocket that can hold at least 4 diapers, wipes, and cream. It is perfect for keeping in your car or just grabbing instead of the whole diaper bag for a quick change.

charm pod by Itsy Ritsy.

One of my favorite diaper bag accessories is the charm pod by Itsy Ritsy. Not only is it cute and comes in a variety of colors and patterns, but it’s also perfect for easy access to your baby’s pacifier. If your baby is not a fan of the paci, it is great for your car keys, chapstick, or any smaller baby items you use often.

The Bebe Au Lait bottle bag

The bottle bag is a must for our pumping mamas or formula mamas. The Bebe Au Lait bottle bag is great for fitting two 8-ounce bottles or sippy cups. Whether you want to keep your drinks cold or warm, this bag is the perfect size to avoid spilling or taking up too much room in your diaper bag. Even after your bottle days are done, it makes a great back for your toddler’s lunches and snacks!

The bag you need

Don’t make the same mistake I did and have a closet full of unused diaper bags; know the mom you are and the bag you need. Whichever style diaper bag you feel suits you most, we recommend going to Target, BuyBuy Baby, or any local baby store to try, wear, zip, and feel for yourself which you love the most. Once you’ve picked your perfect diaper bag, don’t forget to direct your friends and family to RegistryFinder.com, where they can find all your registries in one spot.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. We may be compensated if you make a purchase by clicking on one of the links. Thanks for your support!

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