Everything You Need to Know About an Amazon Wedding Registry

Amazon has made our 21st Century lives easier than we ever dreamed possible. Not only can you find almost anything your heart desires all in one place, you can also have that necessary item delivered to your home within a day or two. (Or even the same day!) The perks of Amazon are endless: low prices, fast and free shipping, easy returns, the list goes on. That’s why they’re a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a wedding registry location.

Amazon Wedding Registry

Registering at Amazon is also like giving a gift to your wedding guests. It’s going to be super simple for you and your partner to select favorites and add them to your registry, and it will be even easier for guests to choose something they know you’ll love. They don’t have to worry about shopping in-store or taking the gift with them to the wedding, and they can trust that Amazon will take care of them, yet again.

We’ve gathered all you need to know for starting your Amazon wedding registry. So grab your glass of wine and slip into your comfiest pj’s because there’s no need to go far!

In this blog post discover:

  1. How to create your Amazon Wedding Registry
  2. Amazon Registry Perks
  3. Lists, Categories, and Gifts to get you started
All you, one registry - Amazon Wedding Registry


  1. Get your registry started from the comfort of your own home by going to amazon.com/wedding.
  2. Choose “Create Your Registry” at the top of the page.
  3. Fill in all the necessary details like your names, wedding date and shipping address. (Don’t worry, your guests won’t see your address- Amazon will let them know their gift is being shipped to the address you provided.) You can also leave a personalized note for your guests!
  4. Start adding items to your new registry simply by searching for items and choosing the “Add to Registry” button on the right side of the page.

Registry Perks

  1. UNIVERSAL  REGISTRY – Probably the best perk of Amazon’s wedding registry is their Universal Registry option. Simply download their browser extension and add things to your registry as you come across them online!
  2. COMPLETION DISCOUNT – After your wedding, Prime members get a one-time discount of 20% when you complete your registry. Non-members receive a 10% discount.
  3. EASY RETURNS – You have up to 180 days to return gifts.
  4. PACKAGE X-RAY – You can keep all your gifts in order and accounted for by using the Package X-Ray. Use the camera icon in the Amazon app to quickly discover what’s inside all those Amazon boxes stacking up on your front porch.
  5. THANK YOU MANAGER – As if Amazon wasn’t already the king of making your life easier, they will also keep a detailed list of gifts and gift-givers so you never miss a thank-you note.
  6. AMAZING BRANDS – Select brands like All-Clad, Cuisinart, and Riedel offer gifts when guests complete purchases with them on your registry. Check out a full list of the wonderful gifts that could be yours!
  7. ADD EXPERIENCES – Amazon also allows you to add “Experience Gifting” to your registry. You can register for Airbnb or Hotels.com gift cards for future trips or choose a pizza making class or scuba diving lesson for your honeymoon adventure.
  8. GUEST PERKS -The perks aren’t just for the couple. Gift-givers get to enjoy free shipping on orders over $25 and they have the option of group gifting, which allows multiple people to give toward the same gift on your registry.
Wedding Registry Checklist

With as many options as Amazon has, it can be overwhelming to begin adding items to your registry. Need some direction? First, check out our Wedding Registry Checklist, then head to the Amazon Wedding Registry homepage and see what other couples love for their registries! You can also scroll through Amazon’s list of popular wedding gifts, which showcases a little bit of everything Amazon has to offer, and registry favorites, which are divided up by category. For a more specific approach (and a fun way to start adding pieces to your registry), shop by style and brand also found on Amazon’s Registry homepage.

We picked out a few pieces we loved from some of Amazon’s brands and styles to get you started:

Heart of the Home

Nothing will make your house feel more like home than a hot cup of coffee. This double-wall stainless steel french press makes a delicious cup and keeps it hot!

A cast iron enameled dutch oven is a timeless kitchen staple. This off-white color, Meringue, is my favorite, but there are 11 colors to choose from. A LeCreuset dutch oven is a big-ticket item, but it’s one of those things that you’ll use for many years to come.

Start a sweet breakfast tradition with your new spouse. Register for a waffle maker and turn Sunday mornings into Waffle mornings!

Eclectic Entertaining

Make sure you’re ready for all your guests with this 16 piece tumbler and rocks glass set. The dimpled sides are both aesthetically unique and easy to grip.

Studies are starting to show that millennials prefer to enjoy their cocktails within the comfort of their own home. This bar book will come in handy when you want to do just that and mix up a few drinks at a dinner party.

Every great entertainer needs an ice bucket, and when it can double as an eclectic decor piece, that’s just a bonus.

Comfy Cozy

A soft throw blanket will bring your couch to the next level of coziness. This cute tasseled blanket comes in twenty-five different colors.

I’m of the mind that you can never have too many throw pillows on the couch; my fiance is of the “less is more” mentality. So whether you and your future spouse agree on the perfect number of pillows or not, register for some throw pillow inserts and this pair of adorable pillow covers to get your collection started. 

These tufted accent chairs will add a level of elegance to any living room or any bedroom. Add a side table and a funky lamp to elevate the space even more.

Outdoor Elements

One of the perks of registering with Amazon is getting to step outside the bounds of a traditional kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom registry.

Register for a pair of camping chairs, and you may find yourself using them for more than the obvious camping trips. They can also be taken to sporting events, concerts, or over to the cul de sac for a few drinks with your neighbors.

Don’t forget to add a barbeque grill and grill tools to your registry. They will become a summer staple in your house, and you’ll be glad to have quality pieces like these!

Loosen up with some fun and games! A cornhole set would be a great gift to enjoy together and with some friends!

Wedding registries made easy

If you think Amazon has made wedding registries easy, then you’ll love what we’ve done at RegistryFinder.com.  All our best wedding planning tips, tricks, registry FAQs, and etiquette advice can be found at our GiveIt Blog. Plus, your guests will love our registry search engine that allows them to locate and shop all your registries in one spot.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. The ideas are ours, but we may be compensated if you make a purchase by clicking on one of the links. Thanks for your support!

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