10 Cute Ideas for Announcing Your Pregnancy on Social Media

One of the toughest parts about finding out you’re expecting is keeping the  news “hush-hush.” At least, that was a challenge for me! I wanted to shout it from the rooftops as soon as I knew a little one was on the way!

Our modern version of “shouting it from the rooftops” is hitting “post” on a social media pregnancy announcement.

When’s the right time to post? Before going social, you might want to consider:

  • Timing: Most couples tend to wait until after their first trimester (around the 12-week mark) to officially share their big news with the world. This is totally a personal preference, but good to know and consider. 
  • Your VIPs: Before creating your social media announcement, consider sharing the news offline with your inner circle. Grandparents, siblings, and best friends will want to receive the news personally before seeing it pop up in their newsfeeds!
  • Your Employer: If your co-workers follow you on social media, you might want to meet with your boss before you hit “post!” 

Ready to plan one of the most exciting posts you’ll ever make? I’ve rounded up some cute ideas to inspire you, ranging from simple to elaborate!

First Reaction
Image Courtesy of @lexxajean on Instagram

1. First Reaction

It doesn’t get simpler than this: take a selfie with your spouse and share the joy of your initial reaction to finding out you’re going to be parents!

First Baby Announcement
Image Courtesy of @claudiaramosmoreira on Instagram

2. Masterpiece Coming Soon!

If you know the gender already, grab some pink or blue paint for this artful announcement AND gender reveal! Siblings will have fun getting in on the paint party, too.

Family Hands Reveal
Image Courtesy of @georgiabardoel on Instagram

3. Family Announcement

Speaking of siblings, here’s a “hands-on” idea for the whole family: make a sweet reel of all the hands in your family revealing your soon-to-be little one on the way! Get the entire family involved. Click on this link to see this reveal in action. If I were to have a fourth baby, I would personally choose this one!

Including Your Furry Best Friend
Image Courtesy of Minimalist Mama

4. Including Your Furry Best Friend

If your pet is currently “the only child,” let them share the big news! 

A new “addition”
Image Courtesy of BrightStarKids.com

5. A new “addition”(or two):

Who knew math could be so exciting? Keep your announcement simple yet still creative with this idea. Whether you have one or two on the way, this idea adds up to a whole lot of excitement!

Image Courtesy of Hunter Premo

6. Baby’s First Photo

Sharing your baby’s first picture is a classic way to announce your family is growing. There are many different ways you can pose with this picture, so make it personal to you.

All I want for Christmas
Image Courtesy of @karlierae on Instagram

7. Letter Board Post

If you are nearing the holidays, take advantage of this magical time of year to share your special news! Use a fun felt board to make everyone’s season brighter with the news of your family growing. You can even include a sonogram picture! Once the baby arrives, use the letterboard for monthly photos.

Shopping spree
Image Courtesy of @destinymonizphotography on Instagram

8. Add to Cart!

Plan a fun date night and snap a photo of your first baby shopping spree! Fill up your cart with diapers, bottles, and wipes to let everyone know you are getting ready to have a baby!

Cute caption ideas:

“Full cart; fuller hearts!” Baby (insert last name) coming (insert due date)!

“Shopping Spree for 3!”

 “Diapers and onesies and wipes, oh my!”

“Our Target runs will look a little different in 9 months!”

“Expecting a new little shopping partner (insert due date).”

sibling announcement
Image Courtesy of Minimalist Mam

9. Another little “Onesie” on the way:

Siblings add such cuteness to your big news! They truly bring so much joy on this journey, and making them the highlight of your announcement captures these precious moments of seeing the excitement through their eyes.  Use this onesie for the announcement now, and use it in a newborn photo shoot once the baby arrives!

Tie Breaker
Image Courtesy of Just SImply Mom

10. Tie-Breaker Coming Soon

Everyone loves a little suspense! If you already have 2, you know how tough it can be to get that perfect picture where BOTH children are looking and smiling. With this idea, you don’t have to worry about that! Choose a scenic location and a board, and this makes for an adorable photo op. 

Let The Planning Begin!

Once you’ve officially announced on social media, the real planning begins!  The RegistryFinder GiveIt blog has so many resources for baby showers, creating baby registries, setting up baby’s nursery, and much more! We even have an Ask A Real Mom series where we poll our readers and followers to get the latest advice and tips from real moms like you! May your baby announcement be the start of creating special memories to share with loved ones!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. The ideas are ours, but we may be compensated if you make a purchase by clicking on one of the links. Thanks for your support!


Featured Image courtesy of Etsy Seller PebbleandPetal

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