– #TrendWatch – 10 New Ideas for Announcing Your Pregnancy on Social Media

For those who post pictures of their meals, outfits, and all of life’s little moments, sharing something as life-changing as your pregnancy may seem like a no-brainer. But if you’re not the type to post all of the details of your life on the Internet, you may wonder if an online pregnancy announcement is for you.

Pregnancy Announcement with Siblings | Pregnancy Announcement third baby on social media

Why Announce Your Pregnancy on Social Media?

A fun Facebook or Instagram announcement is a great way to share your joy with a large number of people who you might not get the chance to “bump” into to show off your “bump” in real life. Also, I found that sharing my pregnancy online helped me reconnect with old high school and college friends. Many of us had lost touch over the years, but were suddenly expecting at the same time! Sharing the pregnancy and baby stage of life together rekindled a few old friendships, and was a definite perk of going public with the news.

When to Share the Big News

Traditionally, many couples choose to wait until after the first trimester (around the 12 week mark) to announce publicly. While you may choose to share with family and friends before that point, I would hold off on posting online until you’ve crossed into your second trimester.

On to the Fun Part: 10 Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas!

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement with Santa
My cousin Caroline captioned her Christmas pregnancy announcement by saying: “We told Santa we wanted a baby for Christmas!”
  1. “Not-so-Secret Santa”

Since it’s holiday season, I had to put this one first on the list! Head to the mall and recreate this photo-op: just think, next year, you’ll have a little one to place on Santa’s lap!

Bun in the Oven Pregnancy Announcement | Baking Pregnancy Announcement

  1. Bun in the Oven

Whether you enjoy spending time in the kitchen or not, here’s a fun way to say that something’s cooking!

 One more fish in the sea Pregnancy Announcement

  1. One More Fish in the Sea

Let the world know you’ve got a baby onboard!

Diving Pregnancy Announcement | Pregnancy Announcement with Fins

  1. Diving into Parenthood

In keeping with the nautical theme, if you and your partner are into water sports, this is a “fin-tastic” idea!

Fortune Cookie Pregnancy Announcement

  1. Good Fortune

Here’s a sweet way to share your family’s good fortune!

Football Pregnancy Announcement

  1. Tiebreaker

Are you huge football fans? Let everyone know you’re adding a new player to the roster!

 Starbucks Pregnancy Announcement

  1. A Baby is Brewing

If you look closely, there’s a Starbucks cup for every member of the family, including a little one marked for, “Baby!”

Family Formula Pregnancy Announcement

  1. New Addition

Something’s not adding up—until you notice that mom counts for 2!

This couple kept adding to the formula for their next pregnancies–watch the numbers grow!

Family Formula Pregnancy Announcement Baby 2 Formula Pregnancy Announcement Baby 3

Sibling Getting Promoted Pregnancy Announcement

  1. Getting Promoted!

He might not be climbing the corporate ladder just yet, but he’s definitely moving up in the world!

Easter Egg Pregnancy Announcement

  1. About to Hatch

Perfect for Easter, this is an “egg-cellent” way to say that you’re making room in your nest for one more!

Feeling Inspired? Before You Click “Share”…

  • Make sure you’ve told the VIPs in your life in-person! Your parents, in-laws, siblings, and your employer should hear the news from you, not their newsfeed.
  • Do you have a close friend struggling to get pregnant or who has recently suffered a miscarriage? Reach out personally before posting your good news online. A quick conversation or phone call lets them know that you’re sensitive to their feelings as they long for a turn to share good news of their own.

We want to see your Pregnancy Announcements!

If you tried one of the ideas above, or have a new idea to share, use the hashtag #rfbabynews so we can see your big announcement!

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10 New Ideas for Sharing Your Pregnancy on Social Media

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