It’s an honor to be invited to a bridal shower. These invitations are usually reserved for those who are closest to the bride and her family. It can be a wonderfully fun event that allows some quality time with the bride in a setting more intimate than the wedding. A bridal shower is simply a gift-giving party, and its name stems from the fact that the attendees will be showering the bride with gifts to help with the start of her new life.

Here are a few guidelines for proper bridal shower gift etiquette:

  • Everyone who attends the shower is expected to bring a bridal shower gift. If for any reason you are not able to attend, you are not expected to send a gift, although if you are very close to the bride, you may choose to do so.
  • Bridal showers sometimes have themes such as lingerie or cooking, depending on what the bride needs. If there is a theme, it will be clearly communicated on the invitation. A bride-to-be will usually create a bridal gift registry before the shower, making your gift selection process easier and more convenient.
  • Those who are invited to the bridal shower should always be invited to the wedding. If you are invited to both, you will need to buy a bridal shower gift and a wedding gift.
  • Typically, less money is spent on the shower gift compared to the wedding gift.

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