What does the term bridal registry mean and does anyone even use it anymore?

The term “Bridal Registry” has a long history that first started in 1924 when the department store, Marshall Fields of Chicago, Illinois, created a service for brides and their families to pick their desired china, silver, and crystal patterns. Those were the days when brides were young and lived at home until they got married. This gift registry tool was created to make sure the couple received the necessary items to set up their new household and entertain as a married couple.

For most people the name Bridal Registry has all but been replaced by the term Wedding Registry. These terms are basically synonymous. Most people today would use wedding registry or wedding gift registry; although you would be surprised at how many still use the term “Bridal” in front of registry. It is a custom that just hasn’t died out. In fact, there are over 240,000 searches on Google each month for the phrase “Bridal Registry.”

Today, the purpose of the bridal or wedding registry is to make the wedding gift process easier for the couple getting married as well as and the gift giver. Buying wedding gifts from a gift registry allows the gift giver to be sure that they are purchasing something the couple wants and needs, eliminating duplication and the need for returns. Some may feel that buying from a gift registry is impersonal, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can still pick out something that is personal and significant to your relationship with the couple. The purpose of giving a wedding gift is to show your love and support of the marriage. Isn’t giving a gift they can really use the best way to do that?

Finding their online gift registry is also now much easier. RegistryFinder.com provides a FREE bridal registry search service that allows you to find all their bridal shower registries online with just a few simple clicks.

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