While the very first gift registry was the bridal registry introduced in 1924 by the Marshall Field Department Store, it was Target that brought gift registries into the modern age. In 1995 Target introduced Club Wedd™, a self-service wedding gift registry center where the details of a registry were entered and accessed at an in-store electronic kiosk. With the growth of the Internet and online shopping, gift registries have become even more accessible, for both those who register and gift-givers alike. Most retailers offer the ability to create, manage, access, and purchase from online gift registries on their websites.

As times have changed, gift registries have evolved. For many years gift registries were used solely for wedding gifts. They are now commonly used for baby gifts and there is a growing trend toward creating gift registries for other popular events where gifts are traditionally given. We are currently seeing a growth in the creation of gift registries for birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations.

Gift Registries serve as a convenience for both the recipient and the gift-giver. Additionally, when gifts are purchased, the store handling the gift registry will record the purchase, preventing duplicates and eliminating the need to return unwanted items.

Finding the perfect gift for any occasion has never been easier. RegistryFinder.com gives you the capability to do a gift registry search online using our unique gift registry search engine. With just a few clicks, the gift you select can be on its way to the intended recipient.

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