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In the year 2022, we have access to more information than ever before. The ability to research and know more about what’s in the products we use daily has shifted so much of our focus to going green. Especially with little ones around, it’s so important to know what’s in the things we use on a daily basis and what is–and isn’t–worth going green for. 

going green for baby
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We checked in with our resident experts, the Real Moms in our lives, and asked them to recommend their favorite green products–for babies and moms alike. 

Going Green For Babies

cloth diapers
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Cloth Diapers

The ultimate in going green is choosing reusable, cloth diapers. Real Mom Haley G. says they are her favorite product! While cloth diapers require more of an upfront cost, many moms find them to be more affordable than disposable diapers in the long run. 

Going Green | Disposable Diapers

Biodegradable Disposable Diapers

Do you want to be green, but you also want the convenience of a disposable diaper? Enter Dyper. Their plant-based sustainable diapers are biodegradable and, to take it one step further, compostable if you return the soiled ones to them. Plus they’re free of chlorine, latex and other harsh chemicals. You can even set up a subscription so you never forget to grab more!

Hello Bello Products
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Hello Bello Products

Real Mom Jordan E. recommends Hello Bello’s products for going green. Many of their balms, lotions and soaps are available fragrance free (a bonus for babies with sensitive skin!). And, since so many of their products are sold at Walmart, they are super accessible! Jordan E. says the Everywhere Balm, Premium Baby Lotion, Shampoo/Body Wash and diapers are on the list of things she uses the most with her son.

BumbleRide Indie Stroller
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BumbleRide Indie Stroller

BumbleRide boasts chemical free fabrics in all their strollers and great care for the environmental impact their company is making. The stroller is free of fire retardants and harmful chemicals. It employs 28 plastic water bottles for every stroller to create 100% recycled polyester fabric. In addition, the Indie jogging stroller is lightweight, compact and easy to open and close as compared to other jogging strollers.

Snuggle Me Organic Baby Lounger
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Snuggle Me Organic Baby Lounger

When anyone asks me for my #1 baby gear item, my first response is some kind of baby lounger. Arriving home from the hospital, the thing I needed most was a soft, cozy space to lay our newborn on the first floor of our house. The SnuggleMe Organic Baby Lounger is covered in soft, 100% organic cotton that keeps baby snuggly and cozy.

Glass Bottles
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Philips Avent Glass Bottles

An easy way to go green in the baby days? Choose glass bottles over plastic ones. This starter pack from Avent offers multiple bottle and nipple sizes. Additionally, the unique Airflex vent technology is designed to reduce colic and discomfort in babies. And don’t worry–the glass is pharmaceutical grade, meaning it can be cooled or heated without any fear of shattering glass.

A Few More Favorites

There were a few more stand out favorites recommended by our Real Moms. If you’re looking for a green diaper cream, search no further than Badger Zinc Oxide Diaper Cream. For messy stained clothes (what mom doesn’t have a pile of those every day after feeding their littles?!), Real Mom Jordan E. says the ultimate best is Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Treater spray. It’s non-toxic, but powerful, and their bottle says it best: a parental essential!

Going Green for Moms

Cocokind Skincare
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Cocokind Skincare

When I was pregnant with our daughter last year, my skin started acting up. I was getting more breakouts than normal and patches of dry redness, especially around my nose and mouth. A friend, Real Mom Bree G., recommended Cocokind to me and I’ve never looked back. I recommend or gift to all new moms the Cocokind Turmeric Spot Treatment, perfect for targeting breakouts and pesky redness. Their Tumeric Tonic is also a great lightweight spot treatment option for wearing underneath makeup.  It’s another product line that’s easy to track down because most of their bestsellers are just waiting for you on your next Target run.

A Few More Favorites

Real Mom Jordan E. is one of my close friends and is my go-to when it comes to non-toxic, green living.  She sent me a list of the rest of her favorite mom essentials that are green and great quality! Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter is great for breastfeeding moms who need relief. It’s safe, free of lanolin, petroleum and parabens, and can be used anywhere on the body.

Young Living Thieves Hand Sanitizer is a staple for Real Moms going green. Keep it in the diaper bag and use it going in and out of anywhere around town.

Have a few moments of quiet and looking for an organic way to relax? The Creme Shop Hydrogel Under Eye Masks are moisturizing, nourishing and completely vegan and paraben free. 

favorite green products
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Register for green products

If a few (or more!) of these green products have caught your eye, you can add them to your registry right now! Still need to start your baby registry? So many of our favorite retailers offer online registries that you can begin with just a few clicks. Need more ideas on where to begin? Check out our baby registry checklist

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