Everything You Need for an Organized Nursery

After you have a baby, the last thing you want to worry about is organization. Luckily, you can plan ahead and prepare your nursery before your baby arrives — saving you time, effort, and much-needed brainpower as you progress through the newborn, infant, and toddler stages.

Whether you’re trying to maximize the space in a small nursery or are looking for new ways to keep everything in its place, buybuyBABY has everything you need to stay organized. From the ultimate diaper changing station to clothing storage hacks, we’ve got you covered!

Organized Nursery | Storage bins
Storage bins are always a good idea, but they can come in especially handy for organizing your baby’s clothes!

All the bins

There’s something so satisfying about a set of coordinated storage bins to keep all of your baby’s clothes organized. Sort everything by age group, and keep them somewhere handy like the nursery closet. Then, when your baby grows out of one size and into another, you can swap the old for the new. Place the too-small clothes in a convenient spot to either keep them for a future baby, give to a friend, or donate.

Label everything

So, this isn’t so much an actual product as it is a tip — but I promise it’s a good one! Grab a labeler (or even some masking tape and a permanent marker) and label drawers and other storage areas so it’s obvious where everything goes. You might think this isn’t necessary now, but you’ll see the value on your first sleep-deprived day. It’ll also make it easy for anyone who’s watching the baby to know where things go when you’re not there.

Organized Nursery | Changing table caddy
Changing a dirty diaper already has the potential to make a mess — keep everything within arm’s reach with a storage caddy.

Changing table caddy

When it’s time to change baby’s diaper, it’s all hands on deck — literally. Keep everything you need handy and in one convenient spot with a changing table caddy that has a compartment for all your go-tos; think diapers, rash cream, wipes, and lotion. Or, if you don’t have surface space to spare, you can opt for an organizer that hangs off the side of your changing station that’s just as handy!

Organized Nursery | Floating shelves
Lacking floor space in your nursery? Hanging shelves and cubbies means easy access to everything you need on a regular basis.

Hang your storage

Give toys, books, and other small items a home off the floor and keep your nursery clutter-free and easy to navigate with a set of floating shelves. For even more wall-friendly storage, you can add a cubby station with hooks to your nursery shopping list. Looking for lots of pockets made of soft material? A 4-pocket hanging wall organizer is just the thing!

Organized Nursery | Furniture with built-in storage
Add furniture that serves double duty for even more organization in your nursery!

Furniture with built-in storage

Did you know that you can maximize your nursery storage space through strategic furniture selections? From cribs with built-in trundle drawers to an ottoman that doubles as a storage cube, there are plenty of ways to squeeze even more organization solutions into your nursery. Use them to keep extra diapers, blankets, or toys out of the way.

Organized Nursery | Nursing station
A nightstand is the perfect place to keep your necessities within reach when you’re nursing or rocking baby to sleep

Nursing station

Nightstands are good for more than sitting by the bed — consider adding one to your nursery shopping list to serve as a handy nursing station. Keep in mind that you’ll be pretty much immobile while nursing, especially if it leads into nap time. Use the surface as a space to put a book, water bottle, phone, and anything else you might want to keep within reach. After all, your needs are just as important as your baby’s!

Organized Nursery | Slim hangers
Save space and keep all your baby’s clothes organized by size with a no-fail closet system.

Slim hangers

While some new moms opt to keep most of their baby’s clothes in a dresser or in some other system, others may prefer to hang them in the closet (some even take the doors off for the ultimate convenience). If that’s your plan, maximize your space with slim hangers sized for tiny clothes. You can even take it a step further with organizers that keep your items sorted by size — the ultimate no-brainer!

Organized Nursery | Drawer organizers
How do you keep all your baby’s clothes organized in their dresser? With expandable drawer organizers!

Drawer organizers

For clothes that are going into drawers, keep them in their designated areas with the help of expandable drawer organizers. These sturdy dividers allow you to easily sort everything from socks and onesies to pajamas and t-shirts with ultimate ease. And, they’re flexible enough to fit any drawer from 11 to 17 inches.

Organized Nursery | Hanging shoe organizer
Shoe organizers aren’t just good for storing footwear — use them to keep your baby’s blankets and bedding organized and easy to find.

Hanging shoe organizers for blankets

Who doesn’t love a good storage hack? Remember those hanging shoe organizers that helped you save space in your own closet? You can use a similar solution from Buy Buy Baby to hang in your nursery closet to hold all your spare baby blankets and sheet sets. One of the biggest perks is that you won’t have to dig through piles and risk unfolding everything in the process just to find a single blanket!

Time to shop

Now that you have your nursery shopping list ready, it’s time to shop! You can find all your organization essentials and so much more at buybuyBABY. Plus, when you create your baby registry through buybuyBABY, you’ll enjoy perks like a 15% completion discount, free goody bag, and free shipping on all your registry items.

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