The Best STEM Toys for Kids

Your kids will have a blast learning the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering, and math with these amazing toys!

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages

Today, we hear the term “STEM” thrown around a lot—especially in regard to early education—and for good reason. Mastering the STEM topics (science, technology, engineering, and math) is fundamental to childhood learning that enables kids to tackle complex topics and helps them to understand not only technical concepts but the world around them.

With so many great STEM toys out there, it can be hard to determine which ones will help your child reach their respective milestones, or even figure out which toys are STEM-friendly. To help you sort through all the possibilities, we’ve combed through the best of the best educational toys that are downright fun to play with.

Starting with toddlers under 3 years old all the way up to age 12, take a look at our top picks below!

Intro to STEM toys for children under 3 years old

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Grippies (18 months+)
Foster your toddler’s creative thinking skills and give them a STEM foundation with this 20-piece buildable set.


STEM toys don’t have to be complex to be educational! Made from kid-friendly plastic, the Grippies 20-piece set will introduce your toddler to basic math concepts as they build colorful structures.

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Magna Tiles
It’s never too early to start learning! These colorful building tiles are a perfect STEM introduction for your toddler.

Magna Tiles

The sky’s the limit! These magnetic building tiles stick together to create anything your toddler thinks up. Kids can learn colors, shapes, creativity, and more STEM fundamentals while having tons of fun. Build together to foster collaboration, and when the fun’s over, pack them away for easy storage.

STEM Toys for 3-5 year olds

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Early Engineering Set
Kids ages 3 and up will love learning the basics of engineering playing four interactive games in this complete engineering set.

Early Engineering Set

Your little engineer will have hours of fun playing with this 4-in-1 engineering set. Boost their creativity with a variety of games like Tumble Trax, Candy Construction, Create-A-Maze, and Gears! Gears! Gears!

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot
This kid-friendly robot will inspire your little STEM learner to think big with coding fun!

Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot

This fun, interactive robot operates via special codes and commands input by your child age 3 and up. By inputting the right codes, they’re learning the same skills as professional engineers in a fun, colorful format.

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | SumBlox Math Building Blocks
No matter which way you stack them, these number building blocks always add up—a great STEM activity for kids!

SumBlox Math Building Blocks

Math doesn’t get more hands-on than this! These math building blocks let kids see how the numbers stack up. The blocks graduate in size as the numbers go up, so no matter how you stack them, they always add up!

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Little Tikes STEM Junior Wonder Lab
Offering kids a total of 20 engaging, hands-on experiments, this junior STEM lab is just the toy to spark their curiosity.

Little Tikes STEM Junior Wonder Lab

Any kid age 3 or older will love discovering their inner scientist with this laboratory set that includes everything they need to conduct real science experiments. With 20 engaging ways to learn, the possibilities are endless!

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Kids First Coding & Robotics
Your kids don’t need a computer to learn coding—this STEM-friendly coding and robotics set will get them started!

Kids First Coding & Robotics

It’s never too early to learn to code, and with this Coding & Robotics kit, your child will be able to build on the skills they learn from pre-K through second grade. Six interactive storylines will carry them through 30 hands-on projects that bring their ideas to life.

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | STEM Programmable Mouse
This STEM Programmable Mouse puts kids in control by teaching them to code their own commands.

STEM Programmable Robot Mouse

Got a little coder on your hands? Introduce them to basic concepts that they can use to program Jack, building a path with the included coding cards and colorful buttons. They’ll have hours of fun learning computer commands with this fun little mouse!

STEM Toys for 6-8 year olds

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit
Connect the Harry Potter Coding Kit to any of your internet-enabled devices and let your kids experience the magic of STEM learning!

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

What kid doesn’t want a magic wand? This Harry Potter-themed coding kit includes everything your child needs to program this realistic replica to perform custom commands. They’ll love creating music and art and playing games in the world of Hogwarts.

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Kano Computer Kit
Kids aged 6 and older can start building their own computer from scratch with this hands-on kit that will empower them to explore all things tech!

Kano Computer Kit

For kids who want to understand how everything works, this Computer Kit is a no-brainer. It comes with everything they need to build their own computer from the ground up, teaching them important engineering skills for a tech-dependent future.

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Geckobot
Build a robot that walks up a wall! The Geckobot is the STEM-friendly toy your kids will love assembling in a variety of configurations.


This award-winning STEM toy is as fun as it looks! Equipped with an air-suction system that enables it to climb walls, it’ll teach your child about air pressure and mechanical physics. Build it, then turn it into something new—with 6 configurations to build, there’s no end to the fun!

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Bath Bomb Lab
Kids will have a blast making custom bath bombs in their very own lab!

Bath Bomb Lab

Nothing says “science” quite like a laboratory experiment! Your kids will learn to think like a scientist as they master the basics of chemical reactions to combine ingredients and make their very own bath bombs. The best part? It’ll smell really good while they’re hard at work!

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Buildings & Bridges
From pyramids to houses to bridges, there’s plenty to learn about the world of physics!

Buildings & Bridges

We drive over and under bridges all our lives—but how do they support us? Kids can learn the mechanics of bridges and buildings through hands-on modeling projects. Build 9 working models with step-by-step instructions to further your child’s interest in STEM topics.

STEM Toys for 9-12 year olds

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Super Chemistry Set
Kids can conduct experiments on just about anything they can think of when they dive into science with this Super Chemistry Set.

Super Chemistry Set

Make soaps, a volcano, and even a boat! No matter what they decide to create, your kids will love learning science fundamentals. With 120 experiments waiting to be conducted, there are plenty of ways to engage their curiosity.

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Sci-Fi Slime Science Kit
Slime gets educational in this sci-fi inspired kit—inspire your child’s inner scientist and see what they create!

Sci-Fi Slime Science Kit

This isn’t your ordinary slime lab. From slime that changes colors when it touches your skin to magnet-activated slime, this kit will help your kids turn the magic of science into a reality. Who knew slime could be so educational?

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Electricity: Master Lab
Electricity powers just about everything we do—kids can explore the mechanics behind electrical currents with this STEM-geared lab set.

Electricity: Master Lab

There’s never been a safer way for kids to discover how electrical currents power the devices we use in our everyday lives. This master lab offers over 100 experiments that illustrate the physical effects of electric technology.

STEM Toys for Children of All Ages | Smithsonian Magic Rocks Kit
Your child will feel like a real scientist as they grow magic rocks to fill their underwater garden.

Smithsonian Magic Rocks Kit

Your kids will be able to see the chemical reactions instantly in this Smithsonian Magic Rocks Kit. Combine a variety of chemicals and ingredients to grow crystals up to four inches tall, then decorate the terrarium to turn it into a tiny galaxy.

Getting Your Kids Started with STEM

There’s no perfect toy that will engage your child the best or teach them the most useful STEM concepts. The trick is finding a toy or activity that aligns with their interests and genuinely piques their curiosity—the rest is up to them! Hopefully, this round-up of awesome STEM toys for kids of all ages will inspire you and your children to learn something new.

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