Wedding Etiquette: What Is The Rule About Inviting Co-Workers?

Wedding Etiquette: What Is The Rule About Inviting Co-Workers?Planning a wedding can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. This is especially true when it comes to creating (and editing) the guest list. How do you decide which co-workers to invite?

Unfortunately, there are no set rules; so we have outlined some guidelines below to help you make your decisions.

  1. If you are close friends with any of your co-workers, then it’s a given that they will make the list.
  2. If anyone from the office is invited, then it’s a good idea to invite your boss or supervisor.
  3. Another kind gesture is to invite your assistant or someone who works extra hard for you.

Beyond that, it’s a bit more difficult. Here are some other factors that can help guide your decisions.

  1. The size of your office.  If you work for a large corporation or department, chances are you won’t be able to invite everyone, nor will all of your co-workers expect to be invited.
  2. The budget of your wedding.  Once you determine the per person cost, you may realize you won’t be able to afford to invite a large number of co-workers without blowing your budget.
  3. The culture in your office. You need to determine whether you will be comfortable being yourself, or drinking and dancing among your co-workers.
  4. Your fiancé’s office guest list.  Your fiancé will most likely want or need to invite a group of colleagues too, and that will have an impact on your budget and decisions.
  5. The location of your reception. Depending on the location, you may have restrictions on the number of guests you can invite.

Common sense and good judgment will go a long way. Ultimately, it all depends on your wedding and your workplace. If you’re feeling indecisive, ask yourself this, “Will this person still be a friend after I leave this job?”  If you consider the person a great professional resource or picture them playing baby naming games at your future baby shower, invite them.

When at work, try to keep discussions about your wedding to a minimum. This will cut down on talking about it with people who aren’t invited. If the conversation does come up, make sure you verbalize that the guest list is limited due to venue, budget, etc. Almost everyone will understand that. After you tie the knot, you and your spouse can consider hosting an informal party for friends, family, and co-workers, showing thankfulness for their support.

Quick Etiquette Reminder: While it’s perfectly acceptable to invite guests to the reception and not the ceremony, all guests invited to the wedding ceremony should also be invited to the reception.


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