5 Things Your Vendors Wish You Knew

In the months leading up to your wedding, your wedding vendors will become part of your inner circle. You’ll spend hours talking, texting, and emailing, working together to execute every detail of your day. Your vendors aren’t just people you hire–they can become a source of incredible support and friendship or a source of stress and regret.

So how can brides be sure to choose the right vendors and build a bond that will result in a gorgeous, enjoyable wedding? I turned to an expert to give us some insight.

Hannah schumm
Image from Weddings by Hannah

Meet Hannah Schumm of Weddings by Hannah. Hannah is an award-winning Wedding Planner in Kansas City with over 15 years of planning experience. Her niche is helping brides achieve wedding day perfection through her professionalism, passion, and tireless work ethic.

Whether you’ve assembled your vendor team already or are just getting started, Hannah shares what your vendors are actually thinking when they read your inquiry form, open your emails, and chat with you on Zoom. Read on for her tips and insights!

1. “Don’t choose your vendors solely on pictures and social media content.”

It’s easy to be seduced by a vendor’s visually stunning online presence, but a well-designed website and beautiful Instagram feed don’t tell the whole story.

Hannah says, “Imagery can be seductive. Before you hire the vendor, make sure you understand their process, communication style, and how they actually function.”

A pretty picture can’t tell you how well the vendor communicates, how they handle pressure, or if they have any real-world experience dealing with the timelines, stress, or complications.

Read vendor reviews, ask questions about their experience and process, and make sure you “click” on a personal level, too. Months down the road, you’ll be thankful you did some digging into how they actually function!

wedding budget

2. “Be transparent about your budget”

Talking about money can feel awkward, and some couples hesitate to share a max budget with their vendors for fear that they’ll automatically be charged that number, or be pressured to spend beyond that number. But being transparent right away can allow you to find the right fit faster.

Hannah says, “Be transparent about what you’re willing to spend. Be realistic with us. The more info we get, the better. And remember: we want to know your budget so that we can help you, not hurt you.”

That’s a perfect segue to our next point:

3. “We’re on the same team”

You and your vendors have the same goal: creating a beautiful wedding day. But often, clients will feel they have to fight for what they want, negotiate every quoted price down, or try out hacks and tricks to get more for less. Instead of game-playing, remember that you and your vendor are on the same side.

Hannah reminds us, “In the wedding industry, we all love what we do. We aren’t trying to nickel and dime you. We’re all small, mostly women-owned businesses. We aren’t inflating numbers. Our fees reflect our attention and time.”

If your vendors tell you something isn’t possible or is going to cost you more, trust their expertise and remember why you chose them in the first place: they’re good at what they do!

wedding tables

4. “Focus on your guests’ experience”

Hannah shares, “It’s easy to make a wedding look good, but actually making it flow and function is an art!”

Your vendors see your wedding as so much more than a photo op: it’s an hours-long event, and they want your guests to be comfortable, have fun, and enjoy every aspect. So trust your vendors when they tell you it’s worth it to hire extra bar tenders, A/C your outdoor tent, or upgrade your menu.

You can also trust your vendors’ timelines. They’ve got lots of experience with how long it takes to take bridal portraits, execute a Plan B because of weather, move guests from the cocktail hour to reception, and circulate the room to greet everyone. Following their guidance will ensure that your wedding day flows seamlessly and your guests talk about your wedding for years to come!

5. “We’re people too!”

In the lead-up to the wedding, remember that your vendors have lives and families and are juggling other clients, too! After-hours emails, texts, and DM’s won’t be answered instantly, and it might be a better idea to keep a running list of talking points for your next meeting so no detail gets lost and all your vendors are on the same page.

On the wedding day itself, remember that your vendors need to be served a vendor meal and given an opportunity to sit down and eat it. Talk to your planner, photographer, and any other vendors who will be working the event about what the best time for this is.

After the wedding day, be sure to express your gratitude to the team who made it all happen! Tips and gifts are always at the client’s discretion, and the most priceless gift of all is a handwritten, heartfelt note. For more ideas on how to thank your vendors, check out this post.

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