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You researched them, interviewed them, compared them to the other options, and finally, made your choice: I’m not talking about your fiance, I’m talking about your vendors! From the florist to the coordinator, the photographer to the DJ, you’ve got a dedicated team working behind the scenes to make your wedding vision come to life. So when it’s all over, what’s the best way to express your appreciation?

In this month’s edition of Ask a Real Bride, I’m wondering how couples have thanked their wedding vendors, and hearing from industry insiders about what “thank-you’s” meant the most! Read on for their tips to graciously express your thanks.

The Four Best Ways to Say “Thank You:”

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A Handwritten Note

“I am always so touched when brides write me thank you notes! I keep a box of them.” –Sarah Hanna, artist

There is nothing more meaningful than expressing your gratitude in writing, and this small investment of your time will impact your vendors for years to come.

And if you’re thinking, “Not another thank-you note!” I’ve got you covered with tips and tricks for getting all your notes done–check out this guide to thank-you notes!

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Consider Adding a Tip or Gift

A note is priceless, but a few industry professionals shared that a tip or gift is much appreciated as well. If you feel that you’ve bonded and connected with a particular vendor in the course of wedding planning, you might feel confident choosing a personal gift for them. But a cash tip seems to be a clear winner for best “gift!”

“One of my brides sent me a 4×6” painting that the groom did! The meaning was precious!” -Jenny Dansby of Threefold Events

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Image courtesy of Threefold Events

“I’ve received some heartfelt letters along with cash tips that are so appreciated! I’ve also had wine and flowers sent.” -Lauren Miller, Lauren Louise Collective

“Wrote a handwritten thank-you, gave a tip, and a sweet treat!” -Grace T.

I love Grace’s combination of the note, tip, and a treat–one idea is to give your vendors a favor from your wedding, especially if it’s edible! Another idea from my thoughtful mom: at the time of our wedding, my mom brought plastic floral sleeves and bundled up a few arrangements for our photographer, DJ, and the venue’s coordinator to take home and enjoy.

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Social Media Shout-Out

“I tagged any of the vendors we used as a shout out to ‘thank them’ on social media,”- Grace T.

The best advertising is word-of-mouth, and what better way to spread the word about your pro’s than tagging them on your social media accounts! These shout-outs are opportunities for them to continue building their brand, so be generous with the @’s.

Leave a Review

One of my wedding industry pals remarked, “The best thank you is a 5 star review!” It’s true–in the age of the internet, there is nothing better than leaving a detailed, glowing review for the vendors that truly “wow’d” you! I suggest asking your vendors which websites they find the most valuable to them, and leave your reviews there. You also might offer to email them a testimonial they could use on their website.

Don’t Forget!

After the rush of the wedding, it can be all too easy to settle into married life and move on from your wedding day. Before you leave your wedding in the rear view mirror, make sure you take the time to thank the people who made it all possible. Your vendors will be so grateful!

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