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The baby boom of the 1950’s and 60’s brought about the evolution of the modern baby shower. The traditions you know and (possibly) love were developed during this time and include the mom-to-be being “showered” with gifts for her new bundle of joy. Today, as many women work outside the home and men have taken a more hands-on role in parenting, the tradition of the baby shower has continued to evolve. While some still prefer the traditional “girls-only” shower, one of the more popular shower variations is the co-ed baby shower, where both men and women are invited to join in the celebration. The co-ed shower not only shows a change in tradition, but also a change in our culture, as fathers have become more involved in all aspects of parenting.


Of course, the first order of business is to consult with the parents-to-be to see if they are interested in having a co-ed shower. If everyone involved likes this idea, and wants to include male family and friends in the party, plan an event that will be fun for both women and men attending. Family showers, which include children in the fun, are also becoming popular! A co-ed baby shower will still have many of the same elements as a women-only event: food, drinks, games, opening gifts and cake. However, you will need to make a few changes and adjustments to cater to men’s tastes.

There may be some men who feel uncomfortable or apprehensive about going to a baby shower, so make your party sound appealing! You might consider recruiting a male co-host as it will help balance out the ideas. Make your invitations attractive and welcoming to both genders. Avoid making your invitation or shower theme too “girly” as it may scare away some of your male invitees.


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Traditional baby shower food (e.g. tea sandwiches and petit fours) just won’t work for a co-ed baby shower. Think about the guys and beef up your menu! You can select a theme for the food such as BBQ or Mexican. If you want to stick to finger foods then opt for heartier options like sliders, mini sandwiches, or kebabs, which can help widen the appeal. Decide whether you want to serve adult beverages and if so, have cocktails, beer, or wine available. Click the photos below to see some of our favorite recipes!

Babies in a Blanket Recipe

For an easy baby shower twist on traditional pigs in a blanket, wrap the crescent rolls to close at the bottom to resemble a diaper and use a tooth pick to apply black food coloring for the eyes.

Babies in a Blanket_0001_thumb[8]



Baby Taco Bites Recipe

These oh-so-easy taco bites are filled with chicken, tomatoes, cheese, corn and sour cream. The flavorful chicken in this recipe is made ahead in the crockpot. The rave reviews you will receive will be worth the extra step.

taco bites

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Hawaiian BBQ Sliders

These sweet and savory “junior” size hamburgers pack a lot of flavor for your guests. You can choose to do a Hawaiian theme slider or a number of other slider ideas from pork to chicken and even seafood.

Aloha Burgers:

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Entertainment can be a fun part of a baby shower, but finding games and activities that appeal to both men and women can be a little tricky. Think about your crowd as you’re planning games. You could pair up couples or play guys vs. gals. Some of the traditional baby shower games such as the baby food guessing game, the dirty diaper guessing game, and don’t say “baby” game will take a new twist now that there are men involved. If your crowd is more laid back, plan a fun craft or meaningful activity instead of games. Check out these shower activities that would be great for a mixed (kids too!) group.

Guess Who Baby Game

Add a note to your along with the invitations and ask each guest to email or bring a baby photo of themselves. Hang the photos up during the shower and have guests match up the baby pictures to people in the room. The guest with the most correct guesses wins!

guess who baby game


Blindfolded Feed the Baby Game

Parenting requires cooperation and teamwork. What better way to test this concept than with a game of “Blind-folded Feed the Baby”! In this game, couples compete against each other in an effort to clock the best time in feeding their “baby” a jar of baby food.

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Name that Story Book

Download this cute printable or create your own to include books that your guests might be more familiar with. Your young guests will love this game because they’ll probably win!

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Don’t Drop the Baby

Are you hosting a backyard shower this summer? This game will have everyone laughing and cooled-off at the same time. Called “Don’t Drop the Baby”, couples team up and toss a water balloon back and forth until it drops. The last team with an un-popped balloon wins. This is a great game for kids as well!

DIY Shower Activities

Other activities that you can have don’t necessarily have to be games. Set up a onesie or bib decorating station for guests to create a cute (and useful!) item for the baby. Or you can have each guest sign and write a message on a decoration for the baby’s room, such as a large wooden initial.


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One important part of a baby shower is, of course, opening gifts. Mom-to-be may have already created a baby registry, but be sure to include the dad-to-be! Ask him to add a few items to the registry that he would like for his new little one. And don’t forget to refer your guests to!

haar shower collage

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This co-ed baby shower included both friends and family. Guests participated in fun backyard games as well as a few traditional baby shower games. The “Little Slugger” theme was carried through the party with pennant banners, baseball cupcakes, peanuts on the tables, and even Cracker Jacks as party favors!

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