Fall In Love With These 6 Autumn Themed Baby Showers

“It’s the first day of autumn! A time of hot chocolatey mornings, and toasty marshmallow evenings, and, best of all, leaping into leaves!” -Winnie The Pooh, Pooh’s Grand Adventure.  

I think we can all agree that there is something magical about Autumn. Whether it’s cozy fireside conversations with the ones you love or apple-picking mornings that turn into baking delicious treats in the evening, Autumn is a beautiful doorway to the holiday season. And what better time of year to celebrate one of the most beautiful seasons of life… Motherhood! 

If you are planning a shower for a loved one or just searching for some fall inspiration, we have you covered with 6 Autumn inspired baby shower themes that you are sure to fall in love with!

A Little Pumpkin Is On The Way Baby Shower
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1.A Little Pumpkin Is On The Way

A Little Pumpkin Is On The Way is the quintessential theme for the harvest season.  One of the many reasons why I adore this theme is because of how many variations there are. If you are drawn to a more boho style, as pictured in the invitation above or love the traditional pumpkins and hay bales, you can personalize this theme to fit your guest of honor’s style.

signing pumpkin
Image courtesy of Something Turquoise

If you are searching for a unique yet on-theme guest book, purchase an artificial pumpkin to have your guests sign, which will serve as the perfect addition to her fall decor in the future. 

Little Boo Is Almost Due
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2.  Little Boo Is Almost Due

For all our Halloween lovers out there, A Little Boo Is Almost Due is the perfect baby shower theme for you! This theme would be a fun way to spend Halloween morning before the evening festivities begin. I am a big advocate for adding a personal touch to the decor of your event, and what better way to personalize this theme than with photos of the soon-to-be parents as children dressed in Halloween costumes!

Apple Of My Eye Baby Shower
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3.  The Apple Of My Eye

This Apple Of My Eye theme encompasses all the cozy aspects of the harvest season.  With an adorable Apple Cider bar where you can add your own twist to various apple-flavored desserts, this theme is an easy way to incorporate that warm Autumn feeling into your special day!

Falling In Love With Baby  Shower
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4.  Falling In Love With Baby

A more subtle take on an Autumn inspired baby shower is this Falling In Love With Baby theme. Whether it’s florals in the Autumn color pallet or brass candles and wood accents, there are endless possibilities if you decide on this theme. At a recent baby shower, I hung twine and a few special pieces of baby clothing, adding a sentimental touch to our decor. The guests loved imagining what the little one would look like in these outfits once he arrived! To stay on theme, hang up sweaters, boots, and/or beanies to give that cozy Autumn feel.

Adding S’More Love To Our Family Baby Shower Theme
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5.  Adding S’More Love To Our Family

Many of my fondest memories are sitting around a campfire with my loved ones roasting marshmallows, which makes the Adding S’more Love To Our Family a perfect addition to our list. Whether this is your guest of honor’s first child or she is welcoming a second or third child into her family, this theme brings all the cozy campfire elements together.  You can opt for fondue-style dining or a gorgeous charcuterie board but don’t forget the adorable s’more kit pictured above as a thank-you to your guests!

A Baby Is brewing theme
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6. Baby is Brewing

Contrary to popular belief, a baby shower doesn’t have to be just a celebration of mommy-to-be! Co-ed baby showers are a fun way to amplify the party while celebrating a couple’s journey into parenthood. With this unique A Baby Is Brewing theme, you can include the gentleman in various games and local brews. If alcohol is not your forte, substitute the beers for a pot of coffee and you’re all set!

Autumn Themed Baby Showers

L.M. Montgomery said it best, “I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” RegistryFinder believes that your motherhood season should be exciting and enjoyable!  If you’re looking for tips in creating your registry or unique baby shower games, check out the Give It blog for more resources.  

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