– Ask Cheryl – Is it OK to Ask a Couple if a Wedding Gift Was Received?

If you’re wondering whether a wedding gift was received, is it ok to reach out and ask the couple? Read on to find out!

Dear Cheryl,

I took a gift to the wedding and had a gift from Amazon sent to the house. Today we received a gracious thank you for the gift we took to the wedding, but no mention of the gift that was shipped. How can I tactfully find out if the gift we sent was received? I do not have an email address. Thank you for your help.


Is it OK to Ask a Couple if a Wedding Gift Was Received?

Hi Marsha,

In today’s world of porch pirates and misplaced deliveries, we have good reason to worry about undelivered wedding gifts. Since you received a thank you note for one gift; it could just be an oversight.

However, now is the perfect time to reach out and ask if they received the second gift. You can say, “I received your lovely thank you note for the gift we brought to your wedding. Another gift was shipped directly to you from Amazon, and we just want to ensure you received it.”

In my article, “When Should You Expect to Get a Thank You Note?” I stated that there is no reason you should feel hesitant to ask the giftee if they received your gift. Simply frame your inquiry in the context of “I’m worried that you didn’t receive it.” Also, they would want to know if you sent a gift they didn’t receive.

To find their email address, check their wedding website or contact one of their family members. If that doesn’t yield results, Direct Message (DM) them on Facebook or Instagram. If that’s not an option, use the old-fashioned snail-mail method. Write them a note and include your email address and phone number.

Before reaching out, I suggest checking your order on Amazon to see if the package was delivered. We all know a delivery confirmation is not a guarantee it was received, but it could give you information to include in your correspondence.

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