– Ask Cheryl – The Best Way to Give a Cash Wedding Gift

While online shopping has made purchasing wedding gifts easier than ever, some guests (and couples) still prefer cash. What’s the best way to send the money? Read on!

Dear Cheryl,

Is it permissible to include money in the wedding card on the day of the ceremony? I’d like to contribute toward the honeymoon fund, but prefer to do so via a wedding card with cash on the day of the wedding instead of giving online to the honeymoon registry.


Hi Jackie,

From an etiquette point of view, it’s absolutely fine to give cash to a couple getting married and include your gift in a congratulatory card. Wedding registries are intended to be a suggestion, not a mandate.

It’s also fine to give the gift on the day of the wedding. However, I would recommend that you think about mailing the card and gift before the wedding. If you want to contribute to their honeymoon fund, then sending beforehand helps the couple know how much they will have to spend. Another concern I have with giving cash at the wedding is that your card may get misplaced in the flurry of wedding activity. Whether you choose to send the card ahead of time or take it to the wedding, I also strongly recommend a check instead of cash.

I hope this was helpful and you enjoy the wedding!

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