Ask Cheryl: Should You Give Yourself a Baby Shower?

In this week’s post, our reader wants to know if it’s OK for a mom-to-be to give herself a baby shower.


When is it proper to give yourself a baby shower for a future baby, complete with a baby gift list (registry)? Seems a little gauche to me.


Happy pregnant woman is sitting with presents at a baby shower.

Hi Larry,

Thank you for writing. Actually, it is never appropriate to give yourself a baby shower. A shower by its nature is a gift-giving event, so it’s considered rude to host a shower for oneself. It’s best to wait until a friend or extended family member offers to do so. And while there are some exceptions, it also not considered good etiquette for an immediate family member to host a baby shower. A more removed family member, such as a cousin or aunt might be more acceptable. Showers (baby or wedding) are optional events, not a requirement.

Even if there is no baby shower, it’s fine to create a gift registry for any baby. Friends and family will want to give baby gifts. Although not absolutely necessary, it can be helpful to gift givers if there is a baby registry.

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