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When I was pregnant with my first baby, I was overwhelmed by so many baby products and didn’t know what I would actually need for my baby. After entirely too much online research, I created my registry and added every single “must-have baby item” I’d read about. Two babies later, I know that you definitely DON’T need every must-have item you see online.

One of my “registry fails” was fancy and expensive silicone bottles that were supposed to be the best for breastfed babies. After multiple attempts, my baby refused to use the bottles. Ironically, she would only drink from a cheap, basic bottle. Through trial and error, I learned which baby registry items did and did not work for us.

Every mom and baby is unique, so just because an item doesn’t work for one mom doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. I narrowed it down to the eight most common fails our Real Moms shared. I found these super helpful, especially if you want to save money!

wipes warmer

#1 Wipes Warmer

“My son did not care whether the wipe was warm or room temperature, so it seems to be an unnecessary addition to a registry.”  – Real Mom Carolina

Many moms considered the Wipe Warmer a registry fail, especially those who live in warmer states. I agree that a wipe warmer is a luxury item, not a necessity. Is it nice? Maybe? Babies eventually get used to quick diaper changes at night but feel disturbed no matter how warm the wipe is. You can’t travel with a wipe warmer in your diaper bag, so why bother getting your baby used to a warm wipe?

Bumbo Floor Seat

#2 Bumbo Floor Seat

Another very popular baby item that many moms told me to bypass is the Bumbo floor seat. And I agree! If you have a chunky baby like mine, their sweet thighs will make it difficult to get in and out of the seat. I had to pull open each leg section to squeeze my son’s legs out. Real Moms Rachel G and Lindsay agreed that it’s not suitable for chunky babies and added that the lifespan should be longer for its high price tag.

diaper genie

#3 Diaper Genie

The Diaper Genie is one of those items that you either love or hate. Real Mom Emilie said that her biggest issue was the stench after a couple of days of dirty diapers, even though it was not full enough to waste the bag space and throw it out early.

I know moms who love their diaper genie. However, I don’t think it masks the smell very well. Save money and use a small garbage can with a lid and garbage bag.

bottle sterilizer

#4 Bottle Sterilizer

“Save your money and counter space by skipping the bottle sterilizer on your registry.” – Real Mom

The Bottle Sterilizer is a great product, especially for exclusively bottle-fed babies. Its major drawback is that it’s another appliance that occupies your countertop space. You may already have bottle racks, baby food makers, and all the other baby items spread around your kitchen, so adding this item is unnecessary. Putting bottles in the top rack of the dishwasher does the same trick.

bottle warmer

#5 Bottle warmer

“The most effective way to defrost and warm up a frozen bag of breastmilk or bottles is by using a bowl or mug filled with warm water.” – Real Mom Sami

Another unnecessary item that takes up space on your countertop is the Bottle Warmer. Each warmer only works with specified bottles and does not work with frozen bagged breast milk. My daughter was so picky about which bottle she used that I had to return the warmer I was gifted and get a new one that fit her preferred bottle. Additionally, bottle warmers don’t save much time over using a bowl of hot water to heat your milk.

button snap baby pjs

#6 Button Snap Pajamas

Skip the snap buttons and register for gowns and zippers! If you can look past the cuteness of snap pajamas, you’ll realize that they are a nuisance! You may think I’m being dramatic, but trying to snap and unsnap pajamas can be a struggle when your baby needs their diaper changed at 2 am while you’re half awake.

Those midnight changes must be as quick and easy as possible to get you and your baby back to sleep.

Real mom Chelsea said, “Before I had my first baby, I bought SO many snap pajamas. After our first few nights home, I quickly realized that they were super inconvenient during our midnight feeds and changes.”

baby mittens

#7 Baby Hand Mittens

As moms, we want to do all we can to protect our sweet newborn’s face, however, skip registering for baby hand mittens. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies only wear mittens for weather purposes and only while supervised. Instead, look for newborn baby pajamas that come with built-in, fold-over mittens.

Real mom Chelsea said, “It’s hard enough looking for missing socks when they fall off, let alone mittens as well.”

Abundance of newborn clothes

#8 Abundance of newborn clothes

I remember thinking the smaller the outfit, the cuter, and I just could not resist! Come to find out, for the first few weeks of her life, my newborn only wore pajamas, sleep gowns, and onesies. Newborns outgrow their clothes SO FAST. Needless to say, most of my daughter’s newborn clothes were worn once or not at all.

All of our Real Moms stated, “This did not work for my baby,” but agreed that just because it did not work for them does not mean it won’t work for others. I don’t like clutter, so if there is a baby item I don’t need, I skip it!

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