– Ask Cheryl – Is it Too Late to Celebrate Coworker’s Wedding?

The “workplace shower” is a fairly modern practice that doesn’t always follow the traditional rules of wedding etiquette—and that’s ok!

Dear Cheryl,

My coworker got married two weeks ago. She didn’t invite me or anyone else from the office, and I completely understand given the high costs of weddings. Our coworkers never organized a shower due to scheduling, so I thought of possibly organizing a small celebration now (I don’t think I would call it wedding shower since the wedding has already occurred).

Do you think it is too late for a party – just a cake and a small gift? Or will the intentions be appreciated?


Too Late to Celebrate Coworker's Wedding?"

Hi Erin,

It would be very nice to celebrate your coworker’s wedding, even after the event has occurred. I don’t think it’s too late and I’m sure your thoughtfulness would be appreciated. You mentioned a party. Were you thinking of something done in the workplace or at another location?

I agree that you should not call it a shower. I recommend that you talk with your coworkers to see if they are interested. If you decide to go ahead, I suggest a small party at the office – as you mentioned with a cake and gift. Take up a collection and get something left on her registry or possibly a gift card to her favorite store. Let me know how it goes.

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