– Ask Cheryl – Is a Honeymoon Registry Tacky?

Dear Cheryl,

My daughter was considering her wedding registry options. She asked me if including a honeymoon registry was tacky. What do you think?


Hi Jerri,

Before electronic transfers became the norm, many wedding guests enjoyed giving cash or a check as a wedding gift, hoping the couple could use it on their honeymoon. Now that checks are almost extinct, some guests are looking for a safe and elegant replacement.

A honeymoon registry is a great way to offer your guests the opportunity to gift cash and feel like they have given you a valuable and meaningful gift. So including a honeymoon registry for her guests is not tacky.

Wedding gifts are not one-size-fits-all, and guests love options. Experience gifts rank high as gifts guests like to give. So your daughter can feel comfortable creating her honeymoon registry. And to ensure she has gift options for all her guests, she should also have a registry that offers more traditional wedding gifts.

Sara Margulis, Honeyfund CEO and co-founder, recommends that couples have both a Honeyfund and traditional registry. “It’s always good to have choices for those who prefer to give a physical gift. Let’s face it; you could probably use a few houseware upgrades! A small traditional registry at your favorite department store will do the trick, in addition to your Honeyfund, of course.”

Interestingly, a question I often receive from couples is, “How can I ask for cash if I don’t want things?”

While there is no proper way to ask for cash or any other gifts (please see my article Top 6 Wedding Faux Pas Couples Should Avoid), a honeymoon registry like Honeyfund offers guests the option to contribute any amount to the wedding or honeymoon experience. So please tell your daughter she can confidently include a honeymoon regIstry in her registry options. 

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