Why All Your Friends Wish You’d Register at Amazon

Wedding guests, you know the drill: your friend announces her engagement, you get the wedding invitation in the mail, and you look up her wedding registry (by visiting RegistryFinder.com, of course).

Then it’s off to the store’s website where you promptly filter the results to only see what’s left on the registry, sorted by price from lowest to highest so you can easily find a gift that fits your budget (there’s two little tricks for you, in case you weren’t doing that already!)

The perfect gift now sits in your cart—but wait. First, you have to create a store account and input all of your payment info. And now you realize the item is back ordered. And shipping is the cost of a gourmet sandwich. And you’re pretty sure you saw an email in your inbox for a coupon, but wait—it doesn’t apply to this item. And now you’re wondering if you should wait for a different promotion so you can buy it a discount.

Can you tell I do a lot of registry shopping?

This is why I do a little happy dance when I see that my bride friends choose to register at Amazon: an Amazon wedding registry makes the gift-giving process so easy!

Why All Your Friends Wish You'd Register at Amazon

Brides, take note: Your friends are secretly hoping you’ll register at Amazon. Allow me to explain why:

Reason #1: We’re Already Obsessed with Amazon

I’d be willing to bet that the majority of your friends have Amazon Prime and use Alexa as a personal assistant. That means that when you create your Amazon wedding registry, I can order your gift in a snap (or click).

I’m already on my Amazon app practically every day, so I love when I can buy my friends a gift without having to input my payment and address information at a new website (and start receiving their promotional emails). Amazon is already part of my life, so buying a wedding gift doesn’t feel like an extra chore!

Why All Your Friends Wish You'd Register at Amazon

Reason #2: No Coupons, Exclusions, or Order Minimums

I just don’t have time to play games with coupons, promo codes, seasonal sales, friends and family discounts, doorbusters, holiday steals and deals, and “spend X amount to qualify for free shipping.” It’s exhausting!

With Amazon, you don’t have to play the coupon game—they’ll let you know if there’s been a recent drop or increase in the price. And if you’re already paying for Prime, the shipping is free on thousands of items! Your guests can even filter your registry so they only see the gifts that are eligible for Prime. So simple!

Why All Your Friends Wish You'd Register at AmazonReason #3: We Can Trust We’re Getting You Something Great

I shop around a lot, and Amazon blows away the competition when it comes to the number of customer reviews on products. Even before you click on a particular item, Amazon clearly displays how many reviewers have weighed in, and the average number of stars the item has earned.

I’d like to personally hug the dear people who log in to Amazon and dutifully detail every aspect of their experiences because their guidance gives me confidence that I’m buying a gift my friends will use and enjoy!

Amazon Wedding Registry Benefits and Perks

Reason #4: We Can Easily Track Your Gift

There’s nothing worse than sending a gift and wondering if it was actually received. When I buy from Amazon, I can simply log in to my account to check when the package is shipped and delivered—no more waiting for a thank-you note to give me peace of mind that the gift was delivered (although I still love getting those thank-you notes!)

Amazon Wedding RegistryBut don’t just do it for us—you’ll find there’s plenty of reasons for couples to choose an Amazon Wedding Registry:

First of all, there are literally millions of items on Amazon. You’re sure to find everything you need all in one place and from the brands you love, like Cuisinart, Dyson, and Lenox, plus designers like Nambe, Michael C. Fina, and Ethan Allen. Browse registry favorites or shop by style, allowing 16 curated collections with names like, “California Casual,” and “Modern Farmhouse” to help you hone in on pieces that express your personal style statement. Amazon also carries home and garden tools, sports and outdoor equipment, smart home gadgets and other out-of-the-box items that would make great additions to your registry.

In addition to a fabulous selection of products, there’s lots of perks: a fast and free shipping, a completion discount, and bonus gifts, just to name a few. Amazon is also a universal registry, so if you find a great item on another website, you can easily add it to your Amazon registry! Read about all the Amazon Registry benefits and discounts here.

Why All Your Friends Wish You'd Registry at AmazonReady to start your Amazon Registry?

The process couldn’t be easier! Head over to Amazon to begin building the registry of your dreams—and your friends’ dreams too!

Why All Your Friends Wish You'd Register at Amazon | Wedding and Baby Gift Registry

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