– Ask Cheryl – What is the Best Way to Share Wedding Registry Information?

During Covid, there were unique challenges to wedding planning. Big events gave way to smaller ceremonies and postponed receptions. Can you share wedding registry information with family and friends who may want to send a gift, even without a formal wedding invitation?

Hi Cheryl,

If you are getting married in one state and having a reception 4 months later in another state (due to Covid), when should you send gift registry information?


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Hi Gale,

Covid has been wreaking havoc on wedding gatherings, leaving many confused about gifting. I have a straightforward answer to your question. Create your gift registries as you normally would. Have it (or them) as complete as possible and ready for gift buyers a few months before your wedding date. The reason is that many friends or family members will know about the wedding day and may choose to send you a gift even if they can’t be invited to the ceremony.

I’m unsure what you mean by “…when should you send gift registry information?” In case you are not aware, gifts and gift registries should never be mentioned in any wedding invitations, reception invitations, or any other wedding correspondence.

Even though you are having a separate wedding and reception, I recommend creating a wedding website. You can include all the details about the wedding and the reception and your gift registries there. Guests have learned to look to the wedding website for all wedding-related information.

If you’re having a very small ceremony due to Covid restrictions and won’t be sending out many wedding invitations, you can include the wedding website URL on or with your reception invitations.

Traditional wedding etiquette only “requires” a gift from those invited to the wedding, but I know many are ignoring that and sending gifts anyway. Those you would have invited understand that big ceremonies just can’t happen right now.

If you are planning to send a Save-the-Date card for your reception, you can include your wedding website info on that as well. A good guideline when including your wedding website is to make it about wedding details and information, never about gifts. If you have concerns about friends and family finding your registry — don’t worry — they can use RegistryFinder.com, search your name online, or ask someone close to you. They will find a way.

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