– Ask Cheryl – Should I Send a Wedding Gift to My Former Niece?

Wedding etiquette can get a little tricky when there is a divorce in the family. Being a “former” extended family member might mean you are excluded from the wedding guest list; but is it obligatory or even ok to send a gift?

Dear Cheryl,

I am divorced, but a niece from his side is getting married. Of course, my ex-husband and his wife are going to the wedding, but I was not invited. We are her godparents. Should I still send a gift?

Should I Send a Wedding Gift to My Former Niece?

Hi Pam,

Thanks for writing!

Traditional etiquette tells us that you do not send a gift if you are not invited to the wedding. It is also traditional in our culture to show love and support of a couple getting married with a wedding gift.

Gifting is a personal choice; and in this situation, whatever you choose to do will be the right thing.  If you feel close to your niece and feel you want to send a gift, then go right ahead. If you feel it will be awkward, or you are uncomfortable, then don’t. You could also send a nice letter or card to express your well wishes.

Divorce doesn’t necessarily mean the end of relationships with extended family, but it does often make it more difficult; and it’s understandable that she would not be able to invite you to the wedding. In summary, you are not obligated to send a gift, but are certainly free to do so if you wish.

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