Tips + Outfit Inspo for Your Winter Engagement Photo Shoot

When I got engaged, my first priority was nailing down a wedding date. The second priority? Figuring out our engagement photos. From the location to the time of day to the outfits, everything had to be perfect — and I know I was no exception as a modern bride.


Tips + Outfit Inspo for Your Winter Engagement Photo Shoot
‘Tis the season for cozy couple photo shoots — find your perfect engagement look with these fun, romantic styles. Image via Sheena Shahangian Photography

These days, an engagement photo session can hold almost as much importance as the big day itself, since it’s basically your first opportunity to present yourself to friends and family as an “adult” couple. The way you look — as individuals and together — is a big part of how you’ll be perceived, so it’s no surprise that many couples (read: brides) feel pressure to find the perfect wardrobe.

For a winter engagement shoot, it’s all about working with the elements, embracing the chill, and showing off your personality as a couple. From outfit ideas to tips for staying warm, we’ve compiled a variety of romantic wintertime looks to inspire your session. Keep reading to put your perfect look together!


What’s cozier than bundling up in a big blanket as a couple? Consider bringing a fuzzy throw blanket as a prop for your winter engagement shoot.
What’s cozier than bundling up in a big blanket as a couple? Consider bringing a fuzzy throw blanket as a prop for your winter engagement shoot. Image via Alison Conklin Photography

Tip 1: Bring a Blanket

When it’s cold outside, baby, there’s no shame in incorporating a blanket into your winter engagement photos. If you go with a patterned blanket like this classic wool Pendleton throw, keep the rest of your color palette simple with muted colors and earth tones.


Recreate her look: Faux fur pom pom beanie // Faux leather leggings // Cable knit sweater // Black pumps

Recreate his look: Chukka boots // Dockers chino pants // Crew neck sweater


Take your winter engagement photos from casual to formal with a simple outfit change!
Take your winter engagement photos from casual to formal with a simple outfit change! Images via Brooke Bakken Photography

Tip 2: Bring a Second Outfit

The beauty of taking winter photos in the snow is that while your backdrop doesn’t change too much, your clothes can! A good rule of thumb is to bring one casual and one formal outfit each, and be sure to aim for colors that will pop against the white snow, like reds and blacks.


Recreate her looks: Wedge booties // Thermal leggings // Plaid sweater // Maxi wrap dress

Recreate his looks: Flannel button-down // Slim fit straight jeans // Leather boots // Black v-neck sweater


embrace the cold
Sometimes, braving the elements is worth the photos — your winter engagement shoot is the perfect occasion! Images via Brooke Bakken Photography (left) & Sheena Shahangian Photography (right)

Tip 3: Don’t Be Afraid to Embrace the Cold

When it comes time to brave the chill, it typically means that the bride-to-be winds up baring more skin while her soon-to-be husband stays warm in slacks and a button down. But trust us, the stunning photos will be worth it. Our top tip? Pack a parka to shrug off when it’s time to say cheese!


Recreate her look (left): Split shoulder gown

Recreate her look (right): Halter maxi dress


elegant winter engagement photo shoot
Don’t let a little snow stop you from dressing up to the nines for your winter engagement photoshoot! Images via Christine Marie Photography (left) & Emily Delamater Photography (right)

Your engagement photos are your time to shine, so don’t shy away from a more formal look if that’s what you’ve envisioned. Don’t feel pressure for both of you to go all-out elegant, as long as your groom-to-be feels comfortable and complements your look, you’re good to go!


Recreate their look (left): V-neck velvet gown // Guess platform sandals // Slim fit suit // Calvin Klein dress shoes

Recreate their look (right): Tulle skirt // Duck booties // Cashmere cardigan // Hooded trucker jacket // Plaid flannel shirt // Sperry waterproof boots


winter engagement shoot
There’s nothing wrong with letting your love shine the brightest in your winter engagement shoot and keeping your clothes on the casual side. Images via Golden Hour Studios (left) & Peter Gubernat Photography (right)

Tip 5: Or Keep Things Casual

As a Floridian, I completely understand comfort being the name of the game during a wintertime photo shoot. If you’re not quite used to the cold, you prefer to keep things casual, grab your favorite jeans, a scarf and a beanie — and embrace it!

Recreate their look (left): Asymmetrical coat // Wool peacoat

Recreate their look (right): Double-breasted peacoat // Hunter rain boots // Zip-front coat


wear a hat to your winter engagement shoot
Let’s be real, your winter engagement photo shoot will be cold — if you’re worried about keeping warm, add a hat to your accessories list! Images via Joanna Monger Photography (left) & Megan Simpson Photography (right)

Tip 6: Wear a Hat

There are plenty of ways to tastefully incorporate headwear into your winter engagement photos. A fun pair of beanies can add a pop of color to your winter wonderland backdrop, while a chic fedora can really pull a look together with a more formal look.


Recreate their look (left): Textured beanie

Recreate her look (right): Wide brim fedora // High-low dress // Frye booties // Duster cardigan


A Few More Tips

  • Bring chapstick to keep your lips from getting wind-burned out in the cold.
  • Moisturize your skin a little extra in the days leading up to your shoot to protect your complexion.
  • Expect the unexpected — you never know what can happen, especially in the snow!
  • Wear layers. Even a thin camisole and a pair of tights underneath your clothes can make a big temperature difference.
  • Have fun!

Your engagement shoot is a big deal, and when you’re working with the elements, it can feel like the pressure is on. Hopefully, you can rest easy knowing you have the perfect outfit picked out for your upcoming session with our helpful tips and inspiration. Be sure to check out our blog for even more tips for your engagement shoot — and how to share your photos on social media — on the blog!

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