Top 10 Home Décor Items to Add to Your Wedding Gift Registry

Today, we’ve teamed up with Macy’s to bring you Ten Home Décor Items for Your Wedding Gift Registry. Your guests will be happy to fill your home with stylish accessories handpicked by you. And you’ll love having gorgeous new home accessories!

Top 10 Home Décor Items to Add to Your Wedding Gift Registry from Macy’s |

When it comes to your wedding gift registry, you’ve probably included small appliances, bath towels, kitchen gadgets, and dinnerware, right? But did you think about home décor? These items may be less popular on a bridal registry, but no less important. You may even have everything you need, so this is a great time to spruce up the décor in your new home. Don’t leave these 10 home décor items off of your bridal registry!

P.S. These are just a few of my own style picks for home accessories, but Macy’s has designs to fit every couple. If you’re not sure what you like, check out our recent blog “What’s Your Registry Style? Take Macy’s Home Decorating Quiz!

  1. Mirrors | Add some pizazz and cover large walls with a fabulous mirror.
  2. Storage and Organization | A large wicker basket is the perfect place for throw blankets or to keep by your front door for shoes.
  3. Lamps and Lighting | Think through your home- do you need lamps on your bedroom side tables? Or how about a floor lamp in the family room?
  4. Wall Art | Let your personalities shine through with Wall Art that matches you as a couple!
  5. Tabletop and Wall Frames | You’ll need a place to display all of your beautiful wedding photos.
  6. Throw Pillows | Pillows are an easy way to add a pop of color to your couch.
  7. Decorative Vases and Bowls | Both of these look lovely on your coffee or dining table. They’re also perfect for a bouquet of flowers or some fresh fruit!
  8. Giant Clock | A fun and easy way to fill up wall space- and it’s useful too!
  9. Rug | Bold geometrics or bright colors will quickly add style to any room.
  10. Candles and Candleholders | Excellent for everyday décor or setting the table on special occasions.


Top 10 Home Décor Items to Add to Your Wedding Gift Registry | Wall art, rugs, lamps, vases, clocks, pillows and more!

Some of these items may seem like really big gifts for one of your wedding guests to purchase. Don’t let that discourage you from including them on your registry. You may not receive your 8 x 10 rug or that awesome mirror, but you can always use your registry completion discount to purchase it after your wedding. Macy’s also has a really great program called the Dream Fund– which allows guests to contribute to a Macy’s gift card on your registry that can be used towards anything you’d like. Be sure to check it out!

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