Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage

When you’re getting married for a second time, your needs are different. You’re at a different stage in life than you were on your first wedding day, and you likely already have many of the typical items on a first-time couple’s registry. It’s a whole new ballgame, and it might be hard to come up with gifts for your own registry.

Take some time to think about the things you enjoy as a couple. What stands out? Maybe some of your older, more loved items need replacing or upgrading. Maybe you’ve discovered a new passion together and need a few accessories to take it to the next level. Below, we’ve come up with ideas for couples with all sorts of hobbies and interests to bring into their new chapter.

For the couple who loves to travel

Airbnb gift card
With Airbnb, you can find your home away from home no matter where you are in the world. Image via Airbnb

Airbnb gift card

While hotels are great for their convenience, there’s nothing like living like a local when you travel. I love the variety of rentals available on Airbnb, and with the ability to talk directly to hosts, it’s easy to coordinate a place that’s got everything you’re looking for. Adding an Airbnb gift card to your registry allows you to apply the prepaid credit toward your next trip.

Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage | Suitcase set
Roll into newlywed bliss with new matching suitcases on your wedding registry.

Suitcase set

I’m all about convenience when I’m traveling, and matching suitcases mean you only have to remember what one of them looks like to find both of them. You’ll look super chic, sleek, and coordinated with these expandable aluminum Samsonite rollers that come in three convenient sizes.

For the couple that keeps a full social calendar

Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage | Event tickets
Put monetary wedding gifts toward a fun and memorable event you can enjoy together.

Event tickets

If you love concerts, comedy shows, or festivals, consider applying a portion of your Honeyfund or other monetary gifts toward event tickets. Even if you’re not sure exactly how you plan to use it, your guests will love knowing that their gift has gone toward a memorable experience you get to share as newlyweds.

Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage | Uber gift card
Taking an Uber means you’ll get to your next event safely and without worrying about parking. Image via Uber

Uber gift card

Events are always a fun outing, but sometimes the hassle of getting there, finding parking, and finding the car when it’s all over can make it more work than we’d like. When I take an Uber, I know I’m getting to my destination without having to worry. You can add an Uber gift card to your wedding registry and give your guests a chance to be part of your next night out.

For the wine aficionados

Colorful wine glasses
Make a toast to your nuptials with a set of fun and festive wine glasses on your wedding registry.

Colorful wine glasses

Sure, you might have a perfectly fine set of wine glasses sitting on your shelves — but what about a set of hand blown, colorful wine glasses? Kick your collection up a few notches with a pop of color. Whether you’re a fan of a single jewel tone or plan to mix and match your set, these glasses will make a statement on your table.

Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage | Electric wine aerator
A wine aerator can make any bottle taste even better, which makes it a great wedding gift for a second marriage.

Electric wine aerator

When you let your wine breathe, you open up even more flavors and aromas. But that process can be time-consuming, and you want to drink your wine, like…now. This electric wine aerator dispenses the perfectly oxygenated pour with every wine. Just set your preference, press the button, and enjoy!

For the blended family

Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage | Food storage set
A glass food storage set is convenient for cooking, cleaning, and storage all in one place.

Food storage set

With more mouths to feed, you’re going to need a lot more food storage. This 20-piece Pyrex set comes in a variety of sizes, and they’re all on the substantial side. We’re talking one to four cups of food in each container — yeah, it’s a good one. With this trusted brand, you know you’re getting quality glassware that will stand the test of time, just like your marriage.

Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage | Dish set
Expanding your family through a blended marriage? You’ll need a few more place settings on the table!

Dish set

Having a built-in meal partner is truly one of the greatest gifts of marriage. And, with a bigger family, you’ll need more dishes to set the table. Crate & Barrel has a great selection of sets that come in a wide variety of colors and designs, giving you the opportunity to establish your own family style.

For the cooking couple

Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage | Smart thermometer
Looking for a thermometer for your wedding registry? This smart thermometer will make sure your meats are always cooked to perfection.

Smart thermometer

Sure, any thermometer can gauge your food’s temperature, but this iOS- and Android-compatible smart thermometer connects to your home’s WiFi to measure and relay temperature, progress, and cook time remaining. It’ll even tell you when it’s time to flip your protein and how long to let it rest!

Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage | Ninja 5-in-1 air fryer
If you want an air fryer that does it all, add a Ninja 5-in-1 air fryer to your wedding registry.

Ninja 5-in-1 air fryer

Is it possible to level up your kitchen abilities with a single appliance? The Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 air fryer with dual zone technology does a pretty good job. With two independent baskets, you can bake, air fry, roast, reheat, and dehydrate anything you can think of — on both sides at the same time!

For the book lovers

Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage | Kindle Paperwhite readers
Couples that read together stay together, right? Add a set of Kindle Paperwhites to your wedding registry, just to be safe.

Kindle Paperwhite readers

Who thought we would live in a time when we would actually want a screen display to be more like paper? Well, if you’re a reader, you’re probably thinking: Me. And my soon to be husband/wife. Lucky for you, the Kindle Paperwhite exists, making it possible to read in any light setting. (As in, no more bright lights at 2 a.m. when you’re in the middle of a page-turner.)

Wedding Gifts for a Second Marriage | Cozy oversized blanket
You’ll never need an excuse to cuddle when you’ve got a cozy blanket on your wedding registry!

Cozy oversized blanket

There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book — except for curling up into a cozy blanket with a good book and your partner. This plush, oversized Ugg throw is guaranteed to be soft, ensuring you hours of comfort while you flip through your latest favorites together.

Ready to Register?

Your second marriage won’t be like your first, so why should your wedding registry be any different? You’ve got new passions to discover and new memories to make together, and the things you bring into your new chapter will make them even more special.

We’ve made it easy to get started–hop over to our Ultimate Registry Guide for answers to FAQ’s, a quick comparison sheet of the best places to register, and a checklist to get you started!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. The ideas are ours, but we may be compensated if you make a purchase by clicking on one of the links. Thanks for your support!

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