Why Your Child Needs a Birthday Registry

It’s 2023, and we are simplifying things for Mom! 🙌 Gift giving has never been easier than with birthday registries!

These are the days of attending back-to-back birthday parties on weekends. Preparing for the chaos of getting the family out the door, plus adding the task of buying a gift, can be too complicated. Taking a few minutes to create a birthday registry can make this process easy for everyone!

The Birthday Registry

Big-name stores like Target and Amazon and universal registry providers like MyRegistry now allow parents to create shareable birthday registries. Simply set up your child’s registry now, and let them add to their “wish list” throughout the year. 

When the time for their birthday, a holiday, or a momentous occasion comes up, friends and family won’t have to think twice about what their favorite little ones would like. There will be no duplicate gifts and no tears! Let’s think… give the “perfect gift”…or a gift card? 😏 Who’s going to be “Aunt of the Year” now?!?

The Convenience! 

When my son turned three a few weeks ago, almost every mom in his class asked me what he was “into” and what he “needed.” I was even asked, “What should I not get him?“! 😅 

It was overwhelming being put on the spot. Sure, I know he loves airplanes and trucks, and he dressed as Spiderman last Halloween, but I had to stop and take an inventory of our playroom to come up with a great answer for what we were “lacking.” (Truthfully, when are we ever “lacking” when it comes to toys?!!)

So my son and I spent the next afternoon in the toy aisle at Target. I just watched him and laughed while he explored all the options. I quickly discovered that my son was drawn to the ball aisle and that I did not want any noisy, gigantic “monster trucks.” And I also realized that we don’t own any Legos.

Right then and there, I added the toys we liked to my son’s gift registry. I was able to add the exact colors and sizes we wanted, and I will have access to the gift receipt, so I don’t have to stress out if we lose it. Oh, and there was one toy he liked that was half off for Prime Day, so I added it to his Amazon registry instead! When we got home, I sent all my friends to RegistryFinder.com, where they could easily find the birthday registries we set up.  

Keep it organized 

On his birthday, everyone graciously brought my son presents. He opened most of them the following morning when he woke up. There were toys everywhere. And cards everywhere. I would normally be upset not knowing which gift came from who, but luckily, everything is tracked on my account. In fact, Amazon sent me a reminder email to send out my thank you cards! My son got all the gifts he wanted, but I was really the one with the gift! No returns and no exchanges! 👏 

Our out-of-town family loved my son’s registry the most, as they could easily look through the gift ideas and ship them to us for free. (Most retailers ship for free!) My father-in-law even added gift wrapping to his Amazon purchase! What a win!

Easy for everyone 

Birthday registries are not just for the littles. My husband is the most challenging person to purchase for, so I also set him up with an Amazon registry. Now, when he comes across things he’s interested in, he can easily add them to his list. As an added bonus, retailer gift guides are endless, which makes it simple for him to come up with items.

Searching birthday registries through RegistryFinder.com also makes the process super simple for the gift giver. Whether it’s an acquaintance who may have difficulty choosing something you don’t already own, a close friend who wants to keep the gift a surprise, or even grandparents trying to buy for multiple people during the holidays, these registries are a no-brainer! Help them out and let them skip those stressful mall trips!

Best Places to Register for Birthdays


Unlimited inventory and unmatched selection make Amazon an excellent choice for your birthday registry. Gift-wrap options and free 2-day shipping for Prime members are the cherry on top! Additionally, the extensive customer reviews and extended return windows will give you and your friends the confidence to shop here. 

Just remember to adjust your registry to a “public” setting so it’s easily searchable through RegsitryFinder.com.

Photo of “Target Mom,” Sandy a la Mode


It’s hard to beat the convenience of Target. When I took my son to the store, we were able to get a hands-on feel for each product and be sure we knew what he wanted. Plus, it’s easy to return in-store and exchange for other items at the same time! Similarly to Amazon, Target has endless inventory and options, which is why it also tops our list. Customer service is also a big deal to us, and Target has proven to take care of its customers!


MyRegistry is a unique option for registering, as you aren’t confined to one retailer. You can add millions of items from any retailer, saving all your selections in one place, on one registry! Or, use the MyRegistry app and scan items from any store with their barcode reader. 

The endless options include cash gifts, experiences, and various attraction memberships, making this universal registry a popular choice for adults and kids alike!

Trends that turn timeless

In our world of gift registries and online shopping, the birthday registry is a new idea that will be a forever commodity! Jump on board and use the registry for your child’s next birthday. Set the precedent in your community; your friends and family will thank you! Convenient, organized, and easy- birthday registries are here to stay and make your Mom experience a little more seamless. 

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