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“Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh. Babies will need warmth, bundle and be on your way!” Everyone knows that traveling with a baby is no easy task. However, my husband and I decided to brave Colorado with our very active eight month old during the prime of winter months. 

We threw every winter necessity we could think of into our very overpacked suitcase. We had all the jackets, mittens, and boots to last the trip. And though I thought I packed all the right things, our daughter had wet knees from crawling in the snow, chapped cheeks from the windy evenings, and I was ALWAYS in search of her boots that kept falling off. Overall, the trip was a huge success full of fun memories, but I do wish I had done more research on what were the best items to pack a baby in cold temperatures. 

Learn from my experience and be prepared for those winter months…or trips to see snow!! After tons of trial and error, I’m here with the best items to have for your baby this winter!

Products Your Baby Needs This Winter

Problem: Cold Winter Nights

Cold Winter Nights

Solution #1: Halo Fleece Sleepsack

A parent’s first instinct when the weather drops is to place a warm blanket on top of their baby while they are sleeping. However, the AAP recommends that there should be nothing in a baby’s crib besides the mattress. Enter the fleece sleep sack! They are a wearable blanket that zips on and off, yet still provides cozy comfort and warmth for your baby. For newborn babies, Halo has also created a swaddle fleece sleepsack. This version keeps their little arms tucked in like a traditional swaddle, but still provides the same warmth and leg freedom like the original. 

Halo Fleece Sleepsack

Solution #2: Flannel Crib Sheets

When the temperature starts dipping, that should be your cue to replace your baby’s cotton sheets to a set of flannel sheets. Flannel sheets will not affect your baby’s sleep, but it is a simple way to keep them extra warm during the cold nights. Trend Lab has a great line of crib sheets in over 15 different patterns for both boys, girls, and neutrals. 

Problem: Keeping Baby Warm on The Go

Car Seat Covers

Solution: Car Seat Covers 

Did you know that as a general rule, it’s not safe to put a baby wearing bulky clothing into a car seat? Not only is it not safe, but if you’re driving a far distance with the jacket on, your baby could potentially overheat. These car seat covers are an easier and safer way to stay warm! Not only is this great for keeping your little one warm in the car, it’s perfect while you stroll.

Problem: Snow and Rain Getting Baby Wet and Cranky

Stroller Cover

Solution: Stroller Cover

In addition to the carseat cover, if the weather also includes rain or extreme winds, having a stroller cover is a must. With this universal weather shield you won’t need to worry about a wet, cranky baby while you are out and about. It works like a wind breaker and keeps your baby warm and dry. You will be able to go all over town even if it is drizzling or snowing and not have to worry about your baby getting wet. Not only is this a great item to have in the winter, but it is a bonus during rainy spring weather.  

Problem: Changing Diapers in a Cold House

Wipe Warmer

Solution: Wipe Warmer

Changing your baby’s diaper in the middle of the night is already a struggle, add in cold nights and your little one may be really uncomfortable. It’s easy to keep your little one’s sweet cheeks warm using the Munchkin wipe warmer. Instead of being rudely awakened by having their bare bum cleaned with a cold wet wipe, the wipe warmer prevents them from the startling effects of the cold wipe. 

Problem: Dryness in your home


Solution: Humidifier

Whenever we visited my grandmother in Canada during the winter months, the first thing she would do is turn on the furnace so that we were all kept cozy and warm. However, as wonderful as a furnace can be, it creates an extremely dry heated air. 

Dry air has low humidity and absorbs all the moisture in your home making it an unhealthy environment. A warm-mist humidifier produces refreshing and soothing moisture to properly maintain the right humidity level in your child’s room, which is beneficial for both preventing dry skin and keeping your baby’s airways healthy. As an added bonus, this 2-in-1 warm and cold mist humidifier is perfect for winter months and anytime your baby is congested. 

Problem: Chapped Cheeks and Dry Skin

diaper cream

Solution: Aquaphor Baby Ointment

Take care of those sweet cheeks, button nose, and soft lips when the temperatures start to drop; your baby’s face can be extremely sensitive to getting wind burned and chapped from the cold temperatures. Aquaphor baby ointment is the best treatment for dry and irritated baby skin.  Aquaphor even comes in small travel sizes making it a crucial diaper bag necessity. 

Problem: Cold Hands and Feet

Fleece Baby Bunting

Solution #1: Fleece Baby Bunting

A fleece baby bunting is probably the most efficient and adorable way to keep your baby warm all winter. Amazon has a sweet selection of baby buntings that comes in multiple colors for both boys and girls….and even fun costume styles. One of the best parts of this sweet teddy bear look is the foldover mittens and feet which alleviates keeping track of gloves and socks. The fleece bunting is a practical choice over a puffy jacket when it comes to car seat safety while still allowing for baby wearing. We recommend getting a big enough size that you can add 1-2 layers underneath.

warm baby

Solution #2: Winter Hat and Booties

The most important thing in keeping your baby comfortable is making sure their head is kept warm. When searching for a winter hat for your baby, take into consideration one lined with fleece or wool and make sure it is able to cover your baby’s ears. In addition to the hat, keeping their little toes warm is super important. My little one is a wiggle worm so socks never stayed on her feet and her boots kept falling off. However, these booties have a velcro fastener on the ankle that prevents them from falling off. They are easy to get on and also have little grippies on the bottom of the soles so that your little crawler or new walker can wear them and not slip and slide on the tile or wooden floors. 

Let it snow

Now that you know the products your baby needs this winter, “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” All of these winter must-haves are available on Amazon, Target, and buybuyBABY! Each store offers registry completion discounts, along with many essential products you will need for your little bundles of joy. 

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