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The morning of your wedding is a special time: the months of anticipation and planning are finally coming together, and it’s time to soak it all in and enjoy! The best part of the morning is sharing it with your best girls, and one way to make them feel special is to coordinate your bridesmaids’ getting-ready outfits.

Recently, a follower of our @askarealbride Instagram account posed this question:

“Can we talk about getting-ready outfits? I want something that’s not ‘overplayed,’ but I’m struggling!”

As always, the Real Brides of Instagram delivered! Hundreds of brides shared what their bridesmaids are wearing to get ready, and I’ve collected the most popular responses below. Scroll through to find outfit ideas your girls will love!

Getting-Ready Outfit Reminders:

  1. Skip anything that says, “Bridesmaid.” This way, your girls can enjoy the outfit beyond your wedding day! As one real bride shared, “The goal is re-wear!”
  2. Getting-ready outfits are the perfect present from the bride. Consider making this part of your gift to your girls.
  3. Keep your girls’ comfort level in mind. You want everyone to feel confident and beautiful.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the looks!

Bridesmaid Getting Ready Outfit Idea #1: Pajamas

Everyone’s top drawer can use a new pair of pajamas, and these are all practical as well: buttons mean everyone’s hair or makeup will remain in place when it’s time to get dressed! Whether you choose to go with neutrals, classic styling, feathers, or satin, your bridesmaids will love this cute and comfy choice!

A real bride shares:

“One of my bridesmaids calls the satin PJ’s from my wedding day her, ‘hotel pajamas!’ I love that she’s still enjoying them!”

Bridesmaid Getting Ready Outfit Idea #2: Lounge Sets

So many brides told me they’re going with a more trendy look for getting ready: loungesets were some of the most popular answers! 

A real bride shares:

“I’m getting my girls cute loungewear in colors they’ll actually wear again! I want a comfy and casual vibe.”

This round-up (all from Amazon) includes outfits that will work for either warm or cold weather, with buttons or zippers that will make getting undressed easy, too.

Bridesmaid Getting Ready Outfit Idea #3: Button-Downs

If you like a more tailored, preppy look, crisp button-downs may be the perfect getting-ready outfit for you and your girls! Go with an oversized length that your girls can wear as a cover-up later, or add a monogram for a personal touch. If you’re outdoorsy or getting married near the water, a fishing shirt is a unique idea too!

Bridesmaid Getting Ready Outfit Idea #4: Flannels

Another popular answer from Real Brides: flannels! I love this idea for a winter wedding.

A real bride shares:

“I’m asking my girls to wear black leggings and a white tank, and then I’ll give them a new flannel as a gift from me!”

Bridesmaid Getting Ready Outfit Idea #5: Robes

You really can’t go wrong with a comfortable robe. Just make sure the hemline is long enough to make everyone feel comfortable being photographed!

Bridesmaid Getting Ready Outfit Idea #5: No Matching Outfits!

If the idea of coordinating one more thing feels overwhelming, please don’t feel pressured to buy anything at all!

A real bride shares:

“Nope. Keep it simple. You’ve already asked and spent a lot. So have your bridesmaids.”

If you’d still like to have some coordination without any cost, a real bridesmaid suggests asking your girls to wear something they already have in the same color scheme.

She says:

“My friend asked us all to wear neutrals! Nobody had to buy anything, but we were still coordinated.”

The bottom line: No matter what you wear, enjoy this time together!

Keep the focus where it belongs: on creating lifelong memories with your favorite people!

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