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When I had my first baby our community of friends and family blessed us radically with amazing gifts. From new clothes and diapers to meals and books, we got it all in the span of our son’s first few weeks of life. Like I’ve said before, I’m in the season of life where it feels like everyone around us is also having kids so I took lots of notes on the best gifts we received.

Best Baby Gifts You’ve Received
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We can all think of the obvious and very necessary gifts (mostly the ones I mentioned above), but I also loved the gifts I never would’ve thought to buy myself or that were especially thoughtful or memorable. 

Best Practical Baby Gifts
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I asked our Real Moms (and honestly, all gift givers) to share the best baby gifts they received. And from the practical to the precious, there’s something for any baby on your list. 

Best Practical Baby Gifts

As a first time mom, I was so grateful for the moms who’d walked ahead of me and already had kids. They supplied us with the things we never would’ve known we needed. And other Real Moms have shared similar experiences in gift giving and receiving.

mini fridge
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Real Mom Mariah D. said the best baby gift she received was a mini fridge for her bedroom. She exclusively pumped for her daughter’s first few months of life and being able to store milk in the middle of the night without having to make several trips up and downstairs was a luxury afforded by the mini fridge.

Bonus: store cold water bottles and any snacks that need refrigeration in here too for those middle of the night feedings or pumping sessions that leave you parched and ravenous.

Real Mom Ashton S. shared that an electric baby nail file was her favorite baby gift. My best friend (and new mom of twins!) Abigail C. couldn’t agree more with this gift. If you’ve been a mom for more than a week, chances are you’ve looked at your baby’s razor sharp nails (usually right after they’ve clawed you during a nursing session or scratched at their own sweet face) and wondered how in the world you can trim them down.

At the hospital with our newborn son, the nurses warned against any nail clipping so we tried several different kinds of manual nail filed, to no avail. Enter the electric nail file. It comes with multiple pads for different stages of growth and it works quickly and quietly so you can file while baby sleeps or eats.

Best Baby Gifts | Ikea Dishes

Real Mom Carrie D. said Ikea dishes for kids have been the gift that’s stayed with their family the longest. Even though her babies are now 11 and 13, they still use these dishes! They’re fun, durable and might not be something that’s thought of for a registry or a gift.

If you’re a mom like me, you didn’t even think about snack cups or sippy cups or kid sized plates and utensils until it was almost too late and your baby was ready to delve into the world of real food! Gifting these favorites is a great way to take something off of a new parent’s plate.

Diaper Caddy Organizer Image via Amazon

Fill a basket with baby essentials that moms can keep in their cars for any baby emergency that may arrive on the road. Pick up a cute basket like this one and stock it with extra diapers, wipes, bibs, burp cloths, a change of clothes, a small toy, hand sanitizer and a snack for mom!  It’s already wrapped and it’s something that mom might not have already thought of.

The best advice I ever got when it came to gifting for babies was to choose clothes in a few different sizes. I rarely buy newborn size clothes for friends and family who’ve just had babies and instead opt for larger sizes. I was so grateful for those who chose to do the same for us when we had our son.

As he grew out of those tinier sizes, I was so glad I already had 6-9 month or 9-12 month clothes waiting to be worn in his closet!  As a bonus, consider adding these size divider hangers  as a way for Mom to stay organized with all those clothing sizes.

Most Precious Baby Gifts

Not every gift has to have a practical purpose–it can simply be something with sentimental value that you love! We love these suggestions from our Real Moms who gift the precious and sweet things moms love.

Best Baby Gifts | Lei Lei by Sweet Lei

Real Mom Brigitte F. loves gifting Lei Leis by Sweet Lei. They’re more than a lovey or a blanket–it attaches to baby’s pacifier and comes in the sweetest and coziest patterns for boys and girls. I love a gift that is both unique and practical, like this one. The blanket is big enough to cover baby in their stroller or car seat but it doesn’t run the risk of falling out because of its place attached to the pacifier.

Best Baby Gifts | Baby Book

Before my son was born, my mom gifted me with a simple baby book. It was the best gift for me because it wasn’t too involved or overcomplicated. It was something I could keep up with even when I was a sleep deprived newborn mom and I know it will be a keepsake for years to come.

When you’re going to see a new baby or looking for something to add to a shower gift, I always suggest a book. I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many books in your child’s collection and they add even more color and fun to a baby’s nursery. 

The books I loved receiving most were the ones friends said were their kids’ favorites.  We were gifted with so many Sandra Boynton board books that have now become our son’s favorite bedtime reads.  For one of my baby showers, my coworkers gifted me with a copy of Dr. Seuss’ Oh The Places You’ll Go that they’d all signed with love and well wishes for our new baby.

baby onesie
Image via Sami Moss

I always think a personalized gift is a precious way to go the extra mile. One of my coworkers gifted us with handmade monogrammed burp cloths that matched our son’s nursery. And one of my sisters-in-law screen printed this perfect onesie with our son’s birth stats. You can find similar products on Etsy.

My mother-in-law, who raised 7 boys, kept a handful of their most special clothes to pass on to all of us daughters-in-law when we had sons of our own. We’ve got a pair of my husband’s Osh-Kosh overalls and an adorable Christmas sweater he wore as a toddler in our son’s clothing collection and they spark the sweetest memories! 

Fun Gifts/Toys

So your newborn baby probably won’t be playing with toys for a little while, but when they’re ready you’ll be so glad for the friends who gifted you with fun gifts like these.

Best Baby Gifts | Baby Einstein Mirror + Art Cards

My mom sent us this Baby Einstein set of mirror and art cards when our son was still tiny. Little did we know how much he’d love staring at himself in a mirror. This became our go to toy, perfect for tummy time entertainment and trips in the car seat. As he got older, he loved holding the cards and flipping them over.

Now it’s one of my go to gifts for new baby friends, something I know they’ll love!

Best Baby Gifts | Gund Flappy Stuffed Elephant

You can never go wrong with a stuffed animal as a gift. This one from Gund is especially sweet with extra soft fabric and interactive features like singing, peek-a-boo and flapping ears. It’s sure to be a treasured lovey for years to come!

Best Baby Gifts | Boon Bath Tubes

Tubby time has become a beloved part of our bedtime ritual over the last few months. Any toys fit for the bath are guaranteed to be favorites for our son. I love this set of Boon Bath Tubes because you can keep adding on it over time. The more tubes, the more fun! 

There’s lots of opportunity for imaginative play when you combine these with some of Boon’s other great bath toys, like the cogs building set or the stacking boat fleet set (our personal favorites!).

best baby gift ideas
Image via Mom.com

Moms will always be thankful when you choose something off their registry. Even if the baby shower has already passed and you’re looking for a gift to bring a brand new baby, we always think it’s a great idea to peruse the baby registry for what might still be left to purchase.  RegistryFinder.com makes registry shopping even easier; you can find all of mom’s registries in one convenient place. 

Looking for more tips from our Real Moms?  Check out our GiveIt Blog!  Tis the season for all the gift ideas for moms, babies and toddlers and we’ve got you covered!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. The ideas are ours, but we may be compensated if you make a purchase by clicking on one of the links. Thanks for your support!

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