Simple Baby Food Recipes from a Professional NYC Chef

Who do you think is the pickier dinner guest: an A-list celebrity, or a 6-month old? Moms know the baby is probably tougher to please.

That’s why I’m turning to New York City Chef Diana Seabrooke for her tried-and-true baby recipes: not only has she created meals for Kate Winslet, Blake Lively and Mario Testino; she’s also the personal chef to her adorable one year old daughter!

That, and the fact that my daughter ate food out of jars, meant I had to look for outside help in writing this post. And now I’m totally inspired to whip up a few dishes for my next baby!

Let’s Get Cooking!

Diana is here to share her best recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—plus the tools you’ll need to cook these dishes like a pro! All of these recipes are great for little ones 6 months and up, plus they’re tasty enough for adults!

baby banana pancake recipe | Simple breakfast baby recipe

Breakfast: Banana Pancakes

Why You and Your Baby Will Love it: You and your baby will go “bananas” for this simple breakfast that’s packed with flavor and protein! There are only four ingredients, plus lots of options to customize for your baby’s palate. Bonus: each batch makes 20 mini pancakes, and you can freeze the leftovers for another morning!

Click here for the printable recipe!

Williams Sonoma Dual Tip Pancake Pen | Baby Food Tools

Expert Tool: Williams Sonoma Dual Tip Pancake Pen

The standard tip portions out traditional round hotcakes, while the fine tip works well for filling detailed pancake molds or drawing signature shapes on the griddle—so fun for toddlers! This pancake pen holds a generous 3 cups of batter and is easy to clean when you’re done! Williams Sonoma, $14.95

Veggie Pasta baby food recipe | Simple lunch baby recipe

Lunch: Veggie Pasta

Why You and Your Baby Will Love it: Your baby might not eat avocado, broccoli, and parsley on their own, but combine those ingredients with Parmesan cheese and pour over macaroni, and you’re sure to please your tiny taste-tester!

Click here for the printable recipe!

Cuisinart 3-cup mini prep plus food processor | Baby food tools

Expert Tool: Cuisinart 3-Cup Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

Don’t worry about registering for a special “baby” food processor: this compact, yet powerful Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Processor features a three-cup bowl so it can handle plenty of food preparations, for grown ups and kids alike! Williams-Sonoma or Amazon $39.99

baby salmon recipe | Simple dinner  baby recipe

Dinner: Roasted Wild Salmon with Apples and Sweet Potato

Why You and Your Baby Will Love It: You’ll both fall for this autumn-inspired dish, as it combines nutrient-rich wild salmon and with apples and sweet potatoes, and roasts all in one dish!  This is perfect for babies 10 months and up.

Click here for the printable recipe!

Sur La Table Amco Dial-a-Slice apple slicer | Baby food tools

Expert Tool: Sur La Table Amco Dial-a-Slice Apple Slicer

Removing the apple core doesn’t have to be a chore thanks to this handy tool! Twist the base to create either 8 or 16 slices, place on top of the apple, and push down. You’ll be thankful you got one when you find yourself make an apple pie or slicing apples for after-school snacks in the future!

Bon Apetit!

Our team here at RegistryFinder is all about helping you get ready for baby, whether that means creating a delicious meal for them, or finding just the right products and tips for parenthood! Check out our recent posts on creating a neutral nursery, planning the perfect babymoon, and our favorite baby hacks for new parents!

Meet the Mom Behind The Meals

Diana Seabrooke began her culinary journey in 2009 cooking for high profile photo shoots in New York City. As a self-taught Chef, Diana has had the privilege of creating and serving A-List celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Blake Lively and Mario Testino. In 2013 Diana Elise Inc. and Canoe Studios began a catering company and has hosted prestigious events for Rolls Royce, Facebook, Aston Martin and The Players Tribune. Diana’s team also works for Michelin Star restaurants throughout the city. You can find her these days cooking less in her team’s kitchen and more at home for her 12 month old, Hailey, who eats everything this Professional Chef/Mom cooks her.

Disclosure: This post contains a few affiliate links. The ideas are ours, but we may be compensated if you make a purchase by clicking on one of the links. Thanks for your support!

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