Vintage-Inspired Gifts to Add to Your Wedding Registry

If you love all things vintage and retro-inspired, make sure you add these items to your wedding registry.

Vintage-Inspired Gifts to Add to Your Wedding Registry

As the years go by, the list of what is considered “vintage” becomes longer and longer — which is great for any of us who can’t get enough of the style! More often than not, vintage items hold plenty of personality, timelessness, and nostalgia that you just can’t imitate in newer products.

That is, unless you’ve got a keen eye and a love of scouring the internet for modern vintage must-haves. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the digging and sorting to come up with a gorgeous assortment of vintage-inspired gifts your wedding registry needs.

Don’t worry — you won’t find any outdated appliances or squeaky old parts in this list — you can rest assured that every item below is the high-quality, high-performing product you’ve been searching for. Keep reading to find everything from dishes and bakeware to a whole host of electronics you never knew existed.

Baking Dishes

A must-have on any wedding registry, a baking dish is also a fantastic way to show off your personality. Because they tend to come out for dessert or other special occasions, a vintage-inspired baking dish like this Corningware Cornflower classic option or Staub’s classic 2-piece set can add a pop of fun to your tablescape.

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Registry Items | Country Estate Ramekin
Don’t forget to add ramekins and mixing bowls to your vintage-inspired wedding registry!

Country Estate Ramekin

Just looking at this beautiful ceramic ramekin practically transports you to another time and place. Then again, it’s so much better because it’s made from modern materials making it safe for the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer — making it a must-have addition to your vintage-inspired wedding registry.

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Registry Items | Amber Beehive Vase
From hairdos to vases, the beehive is a signature vintage style that always makes a statement.

Amber Beehive Vase

From its funky beehive shape to the honey-amber coloring of the glass, this vase has vintage written all over it. It will easily find a home in plenty of vignettes, from your dining room table to your entryway — making it a wedding registry staple you shouldn’t live without!


Sometimes a simple change of glassware can transport you to a completely new place — or time. From retro beaded Italian cocktail glasses to elegant ribbed glasses, there’s plenty of fun to be had mixing and matching your way to a vintage-inspired cocktail hour.

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Registry Items |  Vintage French Green Canning Jar
If you’re a fan of canning, then you’ll love these vintage canning jars to add to your wedding registry.

Vintage French Green Canning Jar

Harkening back to the days of picking, boiling, and canning fresh produce for storage over colder months, these vintage French canning jars make the task so much prettier to look at. Whether you’re using them to preserve your own ingredients or employing them as makeshift vases, you can’t go wrong adding a set to your wedding registry.

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Registry Items | Vintage-Inspired Pepper Mill
More pepper? What about a vintage-inspired pepper mill to go with it?

Vintage-Inspired Pepper Mill

Now it’s your turn to say, “More pepper?” and mill to your heart’s content. This vintage-inspired pepper mill is made from a 100-year old design, meaning you can enjoy it for years and years to come. Not to mention, this wedding registry must-have adds a subtle but elegant statement to any table spread.

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Registry Items | Vintage-Style Glass Juicer
When life gives you lemons, use your vintage-inspired glass juicer to make lemonade!

Vintage-Style Glass Juicer

This juicer just screams good old-fashioned summertime fun. Made to squeeze all the fresh juice from ripe citrus, this juicer also sports a built-in pouring spout that doubles as a seed-catcher so you get a smooth sip in every glass. Choose from fun, vintage-inspired colors to match your personal style.

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Registry Items | Farmhouse Kitchen Scale
If you’re in need of a kitchen scale, might we recommend this vintage-inspired farmhouse option?

Farmhouse Kitchen Scale

Bring some old-fashioned precision to your baking with a vintage-inspired farmhouse scale you’ll want to leave out on the counter all the time. The large-faced dial measures kilograms, grams, pounds, and ounces, and the stainless steel bowl on top makes measuring bulky ingredients — and cleaning them up — a breeze.

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Registry Items | Wall Clock
Take a break from wall art and add a fun, vintage-inspired wall clock to your wedding registry.

Wall Clock

Digital clocks are all around us — on the microwave, the stove, on our phones and computers — that an old-fashioned analog clock can really make a statement. With clean lines and a bold frame, this clock comes in black or white and seamlessly fits in most every interior styles.

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Registry Items | Jadeite Glass Candlesticks
Jade is a classic vintage material that never goes out of style — a must for any vintage lover’s wedding registry.

Jadeite Glass Candlesticks

These candlesticks have been made by the same family for generations, making them a truly vintage-inspired addition to any wedding registry. Pair them with fun, colorful candles to make an eye-popping centerpiece, or let them stand out with neutrals. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Registry Items | Hurricane Lamp
Who knew a hurricane lamp could be so romantic? Add it to your wedding registry!

Hurricane Lamp

Look forward to romantic dinners lit by the light of a vintage-inspired hurricane lamp. Inspired by old nautical seascapes, this is a one-of-a-kind wedding registry addition with tons of character. Set on a disposable fuel base, the glass chimney fits on top to envelop your table in a soft glow.

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Registry Items | Botanic Garden 25-Piece Dinnerware Set
Put some flower power into your wedding registry with a vintage-inspired dinnerware set.

Botanic Garden 25-Piece Dinnerware Set

It doesn’t get much more classic vintage than this botanic dinnerware set! Made of sturdy yet delicate china, the floral pattern is a welcome addition to any table for any meal. Complete with dinner and salad plates, soup and side dishes, glasses, and coasters — it has everything you need for years of memorable meals together.

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Registry Items | Retro Iron
If you’re going to iron, you may as well add a fun, retro iron to your vintage-inspired wedding registry.

Retro Iron

The beauty of living in 2021 is that we can have all the technological advancements of our time while sticking to the aesthetics we love from the past. This retro iron will seamlessly fit in with your vintage-inspired decor and will stand up to the most stubborn of wrinkles.

Smeg Products

Let’s be honest — if you really love vintage-inspired appliances, Smeg should be all over your wedding registry. From blenders and coffee makers to toasters and knife sets, you can easily deck out your entire kitchen with this fun, bubbly, and colorful collection.


Whether you use them to water your plants, serve water, or display fresh-cut flowers, a big-bellied pitcher is a great addition to any wedding registry. If you’re a fan of shabby chic vintage, go for the burnished silver. For a more subtle nod to the vintage look, this white porcelain pitcher will blend in with a variety of dining styles.

Vintage-inspired Items

As you can see, there are plenty of vintage-inspired items to represent your style and love for the classics. You’ll get the best of both worlds: the style and quality of generations past blended with the performance and technology of today.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. The ideas are ours, but we may be compensated if you make a purchase by clicking on one of the links. Thanks for your support!

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