Our Favorite Virtual Baby Shower Games

Hosting a virtual baby shower? Don’t forget to plan time for games! Discover our favorite virtual games to play while you celebrate.

With just about everything these days affected by COVID-19 in some way, it’s really no surprise that everyone is changing up the way they celebrate life’s special moments — and baby showers are no exception! While most of us have gotten used to social distancing protocols for everyday life, it’s not always easy to picture attending a party through a computer screen.

Luckily, we’ve put together a handy guide for throwing a virtual baby shower that doesn’t miss a detail to ensure that the host is prepared and the parents-to-be feel oh-so-special. Once you’ve chosen your video chat platform and theme and put up the decorations, make sure to set aside time in the schedule for games!

If you’re wondering how to incorporate interactive activities into a virtual shower, we’ve got you covered!

  • For hosts who prefer to keep everything digital, this Etsy presentation is ready to go with eight rounds of fun games that can easily be shared via your screen.
  • Don’t want to lose screen space? As you’re preparing to send out your invites, print out an assortment of game cards that everyone can have ready when the party starts.

Whatever method you choose, try to keep things simple so guests can focus on enjoying themselves and celebrating the mother-to-be despite the distance.

Still not convinced that it’s easy to throw a virtual shower that’s packed with fun? Well, I hate to say it, but we’re about to prove you wrong with plenty of interactive baby-themed games that will fit seamlessly into your celebration. We recommend choosing around 3-5 activities for your party — keep reading to discover our favorite virtual baby shower games!

Our Favorite Virtual Baby Shower Games

Don’t Say “Baby”

This is a virtual twist on an in-person baby shower classic! In this version, you as the host will keep a list of everyone’s names handy as you celebrate. When the party starts, tell the guests that “baby” is off-limits for the duration of the party, then keep track of whoever says the word. Whoever’s name is left last is the winner!

scavenger hunt
Image via Etsy

Scavenger Hunt

I love this game idea because it gets people moving around. Before the party, come up with a list of around 5 or so everyday items that are baby-related. Then when it’s time to play, set a 5-minute timer and have the guests scramble around their own houses to be the first to find one of everything on the list. Here are some ideas to get you started: bottle, blanket, toy, lotion, wipe (this should be especially easy right now!), spoon, book, towel, shampoo.

Name That Tune
Image via Tulamama

Name That Song

This is your chance to double as a virtual baby shower host and a DJ. Queue up a playlist of classic baby songs — Spotify has some great ones — and make sure your guests know how to use the “raise hand” feature within your chosen video chatting platform. Press “play” and call on the first person to raise their hand; whoever guesses the song right first wins a point. The first to seven wins!

Guess That Baby

Guess That Baby

Who doesn’t love a good guessing game? When you send out invites, add a note for guests to send over a baby photo of themselves with their RSVP. Collect all the photos in a file or Dropbox folder that you can easily access during the party. To play, make sure guests have a pen and paper handy, then share your screen and start scrolling through pictures. The person with the top score wins!


You can never go wrong with a classic visual game like charades, especially when you’re hosting a virtual baby shower. For this one, pick a guest to go first, keeping to a baby-related theme, as the rest of the party tries to guess. If you’ve got a larger group, it might be easier to divide guests into breakout rooms so there’s not too much of everyone yelling over one another to get the right answer.

Virtual Bingo
Image via My Free Bingo Cards

Virtual Bingo

This one requires a little creativity on your part, but the fun is well worth it! You can customize these free templates with a theme, title, and content, then download them before the party. Fill the squares with baby gifts (think bibs, diapers, bottles, onesies, teethers, pacifiers, and other common baby gifts), then have guests cover the corresponding squares as the parents-to-be open up their gifts. And there’s no surprise here: first one with BINGO wins!

A-Z Baby Names

If you want to include a group-oriented game, this is a great one. Divide guests into small groups and put them into virtual breakout rooms with instructions to come up with a list of baby names from A to Z. The first group to complete their list gets to pick the name of the baby! Just kidding — they just get bragging rights for their creativity and quick-thinking.

A note on prizes: With so much compromise due to the social distancing protocols, it’s totally understandable that prizes just don’t come with the territory when you’re a guest at a virtual baby shower. If you really want, you can send a virtual gift card — but don’t feel bad about a simple “congrats” in the winners’ thank you cards.

Before the day of the shower rolls around, set aside some time to familiarize yourself with the games you’ve selected, or even do a dry run with a friend or two just to get the hang of things. I’m not the most tech-savvy person around, so I’d absolutely be testing everything ahead of time!

There’s no reason why a virtual baby shower can’t be just as much fun as an in-person celebration. Hopefully these games will get everyone excited and laughing together as you shower the expecting parents with a truly unforgettable experience. Be sure to let guests know they can find every registry in one place on RegistryFinder.com, and don’t forget to check out our blog for tips on hosting a virtual shower from start to finish.

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